4 Responses to COVID-19: How the Chinese Communist Party criminally orchestrated a global pandemic holocaust

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Yes, damage has been done and could have been much worse. However, China has dug a hole for the world, but may fall in it its self. The could be the time we see Chinese military action towards Tawain and perhaps action in Korea. Speaking about Trump being played, he would not be the first. Far better polished and career politicians such as Roosevelt (Alger Hiss) who was responsible some say for handing over eastern Europe to The Soviets after World war II thus erecting the iron curtain.

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  2. Joseph Repas says:

    I was checking out the Live Science site and found an old article from January that quoted a scientist from Singapore saying that it did not look like this new virus was anything special to worry about.
    Everyone wants to blame Trump etc. but I guarantee you China had already, purposely, sent people on flights over here with the virus to ignite the infection before anyone knew it was more than just another common flu.
    Trump shut down all flights from China and they called him a xenophobe and foolish for doing so and now they want to blame him for being slow to act.
    Also; do not forget about how much underhanded dealings our deep state politicians have had with China and how much money they have gained in selling out our country to China for a huge profit.
    This indeed was a well orchestrated plan I believe.

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