Earthchanges Diary – March 2020: Natural disasters, extreme weather, ecological events sweeping across our planet

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March 31, 2020 – 6.5 mag quake Boise, Id: An earthquake struck north of Boise Tuesday evening, with people across a large area reporting shaking. The U.S. Geological Survey reports the magnitude 6.5 temblor struck just before 6 p.m. It was centered 73 miles (118 kilometers) northeast of Meridian, near the rural mountain town of Stanley. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. More than 2 million live in the region that could feel the Idaho quake, according to the USGS, with reports of shaking coming in from as far away as Helena, Montana, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Marcus Smith, an emergency room health unit coordinator at St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center, said the hospital, about 65 miles (104 kilometers) south of the epicenter, shook but the quake didn’t interfere with the treatment of any patients. The hospital in Blaine County is on the front line of Idaho’s coronavirus outbreak, in a region with the nation’s highest per-capita rates of known COVID-19 cases outside of New York City and its surrounding counties. “It felt like a wave going through the ground, so I knew right away what it was. It just felt like waves going through the ground,” he said.  –AP

Mass Animal Deaths

March 26, 2020 – Israel: Adi Moskowitz took to Facebook to post what he called “lots of dead bats” he discovered near the Gan Leumi Park in Ramat Gan on Saturday. The ‘dead bat plague’ was also corroborated several miles away by a resident in the Pardes Katz neighborhood of Bnei Brak who caught the lifeless creature on video. Many of the bats are young and show no signs of trauma. “The phenomenon is extremely rare” explains Nora Lifshitz, founder of the Israeli Bat Society in an exclusive interview with Breaking Israel News.

00 Bats

The only explanation Lifshitz can offer is that it was the result of the cold weather of the weekend storm. However; she did admit that it was just a theory and that it’s a phenomenon she’s never heard of before. Others are blaming recently installed 5-G technology. This recent occurrence is a small example of a much larger phenomenon that is prophesied to appear as part of the all-encompassing experience at the end-of-days.  –Breaking Israel News

00 Blood River

March 25, 2020 – Blood Red River? A forklift accident Tuesday caused around 400 liters of red ink to spill into Etobicoke Creek in Mississauga, the Region of Peel says. A spokesperson said an employee at a company on Drew Road was operating a forklift when the arms went through two drums of printing ink, which spilled out of the facility and into a catch basin leading to the creek. The region added charges will not be laid as it was an accident, but the company is responsible for clean-up costs, which have not yet been determined. –The Star

March 29, 2020 – Jonesboro, Ark: A major storm moving through the central U.S. brought at least 17 reported tornadoes to parts of the central U.S., eight in Iowa, three in Arkansas, one in Missouri, four in Illinois and one in Wisconsin. In Jonesboro, Arkansas, a violent tornado did damage in the town with six reported injuries. In total there have been at least 190 reports of severe weather in the last 24 hours from the Midwest to the South to the Ohio Valley. The same powerful storm system was responsible for a 90-mph wind gust in Henderson County, Kentucky. The U.S. averages around 80 tornadoes during March with the greatest chances across the southern Gulf Coast.  –ABC News

March 18, 2020 – Salt Lake City, Utah: At approximately 7:09 AM MDT on the morning of March 18, 2020, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, with an epicenter 6 km north-northeast of Magna, Utah. It was the state’s strongest earthquake since the 1992 St. George earthquake, the first major earthquake to occur within the Salt Lake Valley since the city was built, and the only major earthquake to occur near Salt Lake City since 1962, when a 5.0 earthquake struck about 80 miles north-northeast near Richmond.

March 22, 2020 – Croatia: The Croatian capital Zagreb experienced its strongest earthquake in 140 years Sunday March 22, 2020, when a 5.3-magnitude tremor was felt in the city and across the Western Balkans. Buildings were damaged, fires broke out, and multiple people were injured, including a teenager who is reportedly in critical condition, Al Jazeera reports. While the challenge of an earthquake on its own is difficult enough, Zagreb is also dealing — like the rest of the world — with the coronavirus pandemic, which left its citizens in a state of confusion and highlighted the fact that the outbreak doesn’t prevent other crises from arising and could indeed exacerbate seemingly unrelated problems. Initially, Croatia’s Interior Minister Davor Božinović told people to remain on the streets out of concern for any aftershocks.

As lock-downs are enforced around across the globe, the world’s most densely-populated cities have become virtual ghost towns. Consequently, as humans disappear, animals are migrating into some of these empty cities in record numbers.

March 30, 2020 – Xichang China: Eighteen firefighters and one forestry guide have died while fighting a huge forest fire in south-western China. State television footage showed flames shooting into the sky from the mountains above the city of Xichang in Sichuan province, turning the sky orange. … Authorities deployed 700 firefighters to the scene.

Super massive swarms of desert locusts have swept across parts of Africa and the Middle East and consumed everything in their path – East Africa is now facing threats of famine.

March 23, 2020 – Iran: Floods from seasonal rains killed 11 people in Iran and left hundreds of people homeless. Video captured by on-lookers show houses and cars being swept away in the deluge.

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  1. Dennis E. says:

    As a special note: Cause of the virus out break, clean up in Nashville Tenn from the recent Tornnado has prohibited cleanup and if debris cannot be cleaned up, then the victims can’t rebuild which will increase homelessness, anxiety and other mental health related issues not to exclude medical issues.


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