Act 2: As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, it could push the world to the brink of madness or worse – nuclear war

112 Mad Max

Welcome to Wasteland: Rising anarchy, a struggle for survival, face masks, a resource shortage, doomsday cults, supply lines broken, healthcare facilities overrun or decimated – a world fractured by calamity and isolated by fear, where the strong preys upon the weak, and everyone is literally armed to the teeth. We’ve seen this movie before – but few of us ever thought it would become a reality in our lifetimes.

00 P Apoc Cities

We’ve awakened in a different world, one more dystopian or more post-apocalyptic. It is a world few of us now recognize. It’s disease-ridden, cold, and barren with more and more airplanes disappearing from the skies overhead. There is a scent of death in the air – a foul miasma that rode upon the East wind to invade the world’s greatest cities. In many places, highways resemble post-apocalyptic stretches of road leading into abandoned cityscapes. The sound of bustling traffic has been swallowed up by quarantines. Life has moved indoors. Panic is virulent and it’s everywhere.

It’s not Mad Max, except it really is – imports from China have dried up and U.S. stores could see empty store shelves by April.

The crowds in many public places have dissipated or disappeared altogether. People are wearing face- mask and are disdainfully looking at their closest coughing neighbor, as if they were a biological hazard. This landscape isn’t familiar. It’s not the planet Earth any of us knew. In the stores, the most basic of commonplace necessities, like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and medicines, are suddenly unavailable. No one made any dire announcements of impending shortages – these supplies just inexplicably disappeared. Ever since the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 exploded in mainland China, product supply lines have been stretched thin or stressed to the breaking point altogether.


About 80 percent of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used to make drugs in the United States come from China. China is the world’s largest manufacturer of bulk drugs and nutritional supplements. But the list of imported goods from China that are used by most of the industrialized world goes way beyond this. All those handy tools, gadgets, electronics and everything in between, from tooth brushes to cosmetics are all manufactured, packaged, and shipped from China. Some time ago, China banned the export of face masks and the raw materials needed to produce them. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Vietnam all followed suit. The world is now woefully unprepared for the spread of a pathogen that appears deadlier than the Spanish Flu of 1918.

123 Nukes

Then there’s another unthinkable scenario that could result from a worsening COVID-19 pandemic. It is something few have stopped to ponder or even think about – a nuclear war. China had to downplay the full extent of the crisis in the mainland because it fears a weakened Red Communist State would be ripe encouragement for Hong Kong or Taiwan to rebel. As the epidemic worsens, Israel could perceive Iran as an existential threat and may launch preemptive strikes on that country or vice-versa. North Korea could respond in similar fashion with its estranged southern neighbor South Korea. Nuclear subs, the long main-stay deterrent of the U.S., British, and Russian nuclear arsenals – can’t afford to risk one crew member being sick, since these crews operate in tightly-confined spaces and share a ventilation system. If any nuclear submarine was suddenly taken out of action due to an endemic outbreak of the coronavirus – it could tilt the balance of power and make a nuclear preemptive strike on a country much more likely. Even more so; countries could use low-yield nukes to create radioactive buffer zones between countries to slow the migration of vast numbers of people fleeing an epidemic. Sounds like science-fiction? It might be if Tedros Adhanom, the head of the WHO, hadn’t reiterated “we’re in uncharted territory” with the virus and no one knows which direction it could go.

00 AirC C
Coronavirus spreads to U.S. ships: U.S. Navy officials told The Daily Beast that 23 sailors onboard the USS Roosevelt tested positive for COVID-19 and that testing capabilities for the coronavirus are limited.

As the virus continues to spread and military personnel are incapacitated from infected cases, more and more strategic assets of the world’s power-players will fall prey to decommissioning. Such a dramatic tilt of power, resulting from the loss of military assets, could have far-reaching consequences in the geopolitical world. It could re-align nation states with so-called “pandemic-victor” nations or eradicate century-old alliances with the ones still in the throes of the epidemic. Nations could fall, invasions could occur, and destructive weapons could be unleashed – and opponents may be powerless to stop such aggression. The Spanish Flu of 1918 came on the heels of World War I, but this coronavirus pandemic harbors the potential of igniting a different one. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that tactical nuclear weapons could be used to neutralize an epidemic-ridden enemy or low-yield nukes could be deployed to sterilize coronavirus-infected regions on a vast scale.

It is no longer a question of stopping a global pandemic; it may soon come down to a race for survival, or essentially preventing the world from descending into the type of Mad Max war-ravaged wasteland we saw in the movies. World leaders, with the exception of China (who strategically hid the extent and virulence of the coronavirus outbreak for national security reasons), have never fully understood the implications of a pandemic capable of completely paralyzing a country. Western leaders were either indifferent, damnably dubious, or appeared to be more worried about financial markets than they were about saving their own respective countries. Now; it’s too late. The virus has spread, thousands have been infected, and healthcare systems across the globe are in grave danger of crashing under the strain of unprecedented case-loads.

Developing a vaccine now against the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak has become a national security priority for every country – and the first nation to successfully accomplish this feat will not only save its citizenry; it may very well emerge as the global leader of the next century.

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19 Responses to Act 2: As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, it could push the world to the brink of madness or worse – nuclear war

  1. soldier4yeshua says:

    I can’t understand why the scrambling and fights for Toilet Paper which obviously has been the #1 item topping their list of groceries. I have seen this in Italy, Israel, USA and some other countries.
    Just in case there is a severe shortage of food and water, then what’s the use of the Toilet Paper? pun intended.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Dennis E. says:

      not to be insensitive or rude: if the butt ain’t wiped, nothing else is right. Ask any military person out on field training maneuvers.

      Just in case there is a severe shortage of food and water, then what’s the use of the Toilet Paper? pun intended. In place of tissue to blow nose or wipe a minor spill.


      • Jonathan Hartley says:

        The toilet paper problem is one of those embarrassing issues that more or less symbolizes just how far out of whack peoples’ priorities are in the modern world. I have eight rolls in my closet. I’m not at all deeply worried about the TP shortage. How do we think people took care of the paperwork less than 100 years ago, and all the way back to the days of Cleopatra?

        What people need to be more worried about is the next great depression, World War Three, and what results in the aftermath of that.

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  2. archie1954 says:

    This horrific virus has shown us all the downside of unregulated capitalism. China has weathered its outbreak, but the US has not. American leaders cherish profit much more that they do human life. This is now being proven by the lack of interest in following medical protocol, especially where it harms the stock market. US money men are going to destroy the country and it is going to happen very, very quickly!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Jonathan Hartley says:

      Nonsense. In the first place, there is NO SUCH THING as unregulated capitalism. In the second place, the US is more heavily regulated economically than many other first world free market countries. So…. pick another villain besides your go-to example for the “evils of capitalism”. Try Hong Kong. Or Switzerland. Or Sweden. How are things going in those capitalist countries? How about Japan? Are the rich bogeymen destroying those countries too?


      • soldier4yeshua says:

        Thank you Jonathan Hartley, I had almost forgotten about the issue on the TP for which I was lashed at. Anyways, I agree with you as to how did people manage without TP 100 years ago. People are managing that same way as they did in ancient times until today in most countries of the world where instead of spending on TP they would rather buy food and / or other essential items. I don’t want to mention the countries but those folks still follow the ancient paths and use water to clean themselves which is more hygienic. Our good Creator has freely given us water and in many parts of the third world they store up rain water where water is scarce. The majority in this modern world have become too spoiled and too dependent on TPs readily available in stores and other items thus giving a reason for the witches to chuckle at us for our dependency.
        Since the crust of the earth is organic from which we humans and all life on earth are created, then all waste should go back into the ground and not in waterways, oceans and seas – that is the common sense given to us by our Creator. However, with a little research on TP, I found that:
        * TP could take anywhere between 1 and 3 years to fully decompose. It depends on tissue thickness, water and weather conditions thereby harming our planet.
        * Average person in the world use 100 Tp approx per year – times that with billions. That’s massive.
        * A lot of trees are being cut down / killed to make TP. And along with the trees goes our oxygen, and even precious wildlife. As per Nat. Geographic 27,000 trees are flushed down the toilet every day, Most of the wood is taken from virgin forests to create fresh soft pulp and turned into TP after being pumped with chemicals. These chemicals used to make TP is left to rot in our septic tank where they clog and then makes its way to a water treatment center. WTC cannot remove all the chemicals.
        * Bottom line: When our Loving Intelligent Creator created this planet, He gave us a responsibility and Instructions to care for the earth and Not to KILL the Earth – Killing is Destructive – It’s the devil’s work.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Also, this aircraft carrier was one I repeat one of two that are deployed and available to respond to any world wide threat.


    • Dennis E. says:

      Now they say, both deployed carriers are infected.


      • That’s a very bad sign


      • Joseph Repas says:

        Just had a dream a couple of days ago…..There were many long trains carrying military equipment and artillery. Saw cannons and vehicles for sure. Each train was on a viaduct or bridge. One train also contained a large statue of a soldier. All of the military equipment was in the classic army green color. None of the trains were moving. Perhaps staging?
        This would not be a big deal to me except that so many dreams that I have had over the last seven years are reaching reality now.


  4. niebo says:

    The Chinese in Hubei are feeling “spry” since the lockdown was lifted; when Jiangxi police would not let them enter 9to got back to work) . . . they rioted.


  5. niebo says:

    I REALLY screwed up that post; WRONG link: Sorry!

    Chinese from Hubei riot after the lockdown is lifted:


  6. niebo says:

    A good friend of mine was stationed on the Roosevelt in the late 90’s; he likened it to a floating city and, off-hand (and off-color), “a cruise ship for squids.” And I will venture a guess that, like any cruise ship, its cafeteria arrangement is probably its most likely vector-point.

    Disturbing facts the article describes, as far as national security.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Joseph Repas says:

    The world’s money is drying up and ironically the more that is printed the more it will dry out. Though the virus is a catalyst. Even after it finally ends it’s grim reaper experience all of the fallout from it will snow ball into a tangled mess of various crisis which like you state Alvin could very well lead to nuclear war. I find it interesting as I write this, there is an ad for a Call of Duty video game called WAR ZONE..on the side bar.. The young generation is going to soon see that this is NOT a video game, the stench of death has no reset button.
    Thank you for your service Alvin. You give us good resources to help others know what is really going on.

    Liked by 2 people

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