Coronavirus: Spain’s death toll surpasses China’s – the new epicenter of Europe

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Spain’s death toll from the coronavirus has surpassed the official figure from China, becoming the second highest in the world. The number of deaths rose by 738 in 24 hours – a daily record – to 3,434, higher than the 683 announced in Italy. By comparison, China has officially reported 3,285 deaths, while Italy – the worst affected country – has 6,820. Spain’s rate of infection has increased by a fifth and almost 27,000 people are being treated in hospital. Madrid is the country’s worst affected region but Catalonia in the north-east has seen a rapid increase in cases.

Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo has tested positive for the virus, the government says. She was admitted to hospital on Sunday with respiratory symptoms. MPs are to vote on extending the country’s state of emergency for another two weeks until 11 April. Under the rules, people are banned from leaving home except for buying essential supplies and medicines, or for work. Globally there are 460,000 cases of the virus, with more than 20,000 deaths and more than 110,000 people having recovered, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

On Wednesday the UN said the virus was “threatening the whole of humanity” as it launched a $2bn (£1.7bn) appeal for the world’s poorest people. “Global action and solidarity are crucial. Individual country responses are not going to be enough,” UN Secretary-General António Guterres said. Figures released by the health ministry on Wednesday showed that in just 24 hours, Spain’s national death toll rose by 738. Its number of cases soared by 7,973. These are the highest figures for Spain in a single day. The country now has 47,610 confirmed cases.

Catalonia accounts for close to 10,000 of those, while the Basque Country and Andalusia both have more than 3,000 cases. But the worst-affected region is the area around the capital Madrid, which has recorded 14,597 cases. Madrid’s municipal funeral home announced on Tuesday it had stopped collecting victims of Covid-19 – the disease caused by the coronavirus – while the city’s major ice rink will be used as a temporary mortuary. On Monday, soldiers in Spain brought in to tackle the outbreak found retirement home residents abandoned and even dead in their beds. The defense ministry said that staff at some care homes had left after the coronavirus was detected.

On Wednesday local media reported that more than 20 residents who were confirmed to have the virus or had symptoms of it had died at the Fundación Santísima Virgen y San Celedonio care home in Madrid’s Chamartín district. Some 50 members of staff were in isolation.   –BBC

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7 Responses to Coronavirus: Spain’s death toll surpasses China’s – the new epicenter of Europe

  1. DJ says:

    I don’t think we can trust the numbers coming out of China. They have a population of over 1 billion people, and the U.S. has around 330 million. Now that testing has reached over 300 thousand in the U.S., the amount of cases in the U.S. is more than China, while the virus started in China. Another thing to look at with China is, since the Chinese virus, there are 21 million cell phone users less. Now it’s not rocket science, I wonder where those cell phone users went? China is not telling the truth it is obvious.

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    • Agreed. They’re death toll is very likely in the millions.

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    • Gordon S Muma says:

      For starters, it’s NOT the Chinese virus. If you wish to vilify those who are morally responsible then call it the CCP virus, or by it’s accepted name of Covid-19. That being said, I would agree with you. It does seem like a low number and the CCP is known for it’s secretive nature, but I would hope the current crisis makes for a more transparent China and the truth can be known. In the mean time and as the song stated, “don’t stand so close to me”


      • DJ says:

        How about “Wuhan virus” which is in Chi na since that’s where it began. Don’t get yourself in a huff, when I said Chinese in my thoughts it is directed to the disgusting communist gangsters that run the country and treat their people very awful. 70 years of communist control and corruption is not going to be getting transparent any time soon, that’s a pipe dream. Sociopaths just don’t let go of power, they are mentally very sick people in high places, just look at the States. The corruption there has been going on for well over a 100 years, just look at all the insanity today. Since the development of this virus, things has never looked so bleak up ahead, there is more to all of this than many realize.


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