3 Responses to After quarantine, what? Unemployment, homelessness, depression, PTSD, and long-term mental health issues

  1. seballerina says:

    Am I the only one who knows it is too late for quarantine? Something about this bio weapon or whatever it is makes infected people want to spread it. It’s out and it will roll through, and he only thing quarantines will do is ruin individual lives. It won’t stop it.

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    • We are beyond containment at this point. What we need to worry about at this juncture is slowing community spread – because it can’t be stopped.


    • Dennis E. says:

      The best quarantine will be self quarantine and if if you have elderly parents, family members with a history of lung/breathing issues, now is pass the time to start building up their immune system and prepare them for self quarantine and it would be a good ida to to start developing an isolation room in home if possible. That would also mean caulking all the seals in the windows,inside/outside. Check 3m on Amazon.com for filtered filters for Hvac. Can help some.


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