5 Responses to China officials knew of coronavirus in December, ordered cover-up and coronavirus case files destroyed, report says

  1. jklieman says:

    Thx for posting again. Appreciate the content !


  2. Judy Clarke says:

    Australia MUST be put on alert that all incoming flights be banned. That is THE ONLY way this virus can be confined and those affected kept in quarantine, but scomo wont close Australia off because it means loss of $$$$. We wont have any $$$$$ if people die of this disease or stop going to work
    As far as China not coming clean about the Coronavirus for one month, deserves to be cut off from the world. They put the entire planet in jeopardy, by not sharing their knowledge about this very virulent virus, because they had something to do with its creation, so to halt all imports and exports, will prevent further contamination and protect other countries.


    • I don’t think many would disagree with you there…

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    • Dennis E. says:

      Yes indeed, but could create a worst problem and that could be war. If they are isolated, which is still a good idea, they could strike and they have the man power and the ability to deliver WMD’s to take raw material and goods to feed they own population. The last thing they need is unrest that would threaten the continuity of The Communist Government. Also, they could give North Korea the green light to strike South Korea.

      They planned to use this Bio Weapon, The U.S. as many are beginning to believe it is, precluding an invasion in order that they could move in and the infrastructure would still be in tact. Not from the national news, but from local people.

      They dug a hole and fell in it themselves it seems and also The U.S. (Trump) stopped the Chinese Company from installing the 5G network in The U.S.

      For years, The Chinese have arrested and harassed Christians and forced them under ground. Now their president is underground and many of their citizens are locked or the doors welded on their homes and apartments.

      This is going to cool off the globalization issue as some nations reevaluate their participation in it. It would be a good idea to see what has been posted under the Development of Disease X in Ethiopia and China’s influence in that region.

      The light has been turned on.

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