2 Responses to ‘Whom the gods would destroy – they first make mad’ – COVID-19 Hysteria goes global

  1. Dennis E. says:

    The media has not/will not be up front with the public and neither will the government. I did hear a person say on TV, that they thought this virus was meant for deployment in The U.S.A by The Chinese and what we are seeing there was supposed to be happening here; so that they could move in here. What happen it seems hat they dug a hole for us to fall in, but fell in themselves, it seems. We better Thank The Lord for that if that is true.
    Do you think the Chinese are our friends?

    Doesn’t take much for panic to ensue does it.

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  2. Irene C says:

    I was sitting here thinking the other day, I don’t know what’s worse, the COVID-19 virus or the disinformation (misinformation) spreading through social media. I recently read an article (sorry, can’t find the link) where the main message was that store shelves might start emptying out around April if this keeps on spreading. The virus really doesn’t frighten me but a full scale panic does.


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