COVID-19: CDC urges local U.S. hospitals to develop a pandemic plan

Get Ready

MILWAUKEE, WINew data from China shows the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus is on the rise. More than 60,000 people have been infected, and 1,370 have died. As those numbers continue to climb, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now urging local hospitals to get out their pandemic plans and start preparing. Doctors across the United States are using a novel coronavirus tracker created by Johns Hopkins University to prepare for a possible pandemic or outbreak. Firefighters, ambulance crews and clinic workers are on the front lines of trying to prevent an outbreak of the new coronavirus in southeast Wisconsin by isolating those who are sick.

CDC spokesman, Dr. Anne Schuchat, asked about underestimated cases, proper quarantine procedures, and the mass burning of the bodies of coronavirus victims in China (File Date: Feb 12, 2020) 

“To know what sort of exposure, what sort of travel history, what sort of symptoms we would expect,” said Dr. Ben Weston, medical director for Milwaukee County’s Office of Emergency Management, which will oversee some 3,000 ambulance workers and medical providers if there’s a pandemic. “We’re working with the airport, with the Sheriff’s Department. We work with the Milwaukee Department of Public Health for preparedness, for training, for continuity of services should there be a pandemic,” Weston said. “So what’s the next step that we should be concerned about with coronavirus?” WISN 12 News reporter Terry Sater asked. “That’s a great question. So I would say, right now, it’s really monitoring. We work with a lot of different agencies. I personally talk with medical directors throughout the country and even some internationally through a group of the larger cities that discuss these sorts of things,” Weston said.  –WISN

Taking a toll on healthcare professionals – Funeral homes swamped: – As cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus continue to climb, China has announced over 1,700 health workers have been infected with the virus and 6 have died. At home, a 15th case has been confirmed in the U.S. at a Texas military base housing evacuees from China. –Cleveland

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3 Responses to COVID-19: CDC urges local U.S. hospitals to develop a pandemic plan

  1. Linda d Monk says:

    I am so glad this news site is back.I have really missed it over the past few years and am so happy to find it is back.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    China Says Nearly 2,000 Doctors & Nurses Infected As Shortages Of Medical Supplies Persist SQ;FOR THE RECORD THIS IS A LEVEL 4 BIO-WEAPON AND MUST BE DEALT WITH IN STRICT ENCAPSULATED BIO-SUITS,BY MED PROFESSIONALS NOT N95 MASKS –From Steve Quayle’s web site.


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