Covid-19 could crash healthcare systems across the globe

February 9, 2020Yes, seasonal influenza has already killed 10,000 people in America and caused 180,000 hospitalizations, which is exactly why Americans should be worried about the 2019-nCoV (coronavirus) epidemic currently ravaging China. Here are 5 reasons why people should stop hiding behind the plastic-thin veneer of the influenza-is-more-worrisome- than-the-coronavirus argument: The morality rate of the seasonal influenza is about .05%, while the mortality rate for the coronavirus is currently running at about 2%. 1) If Americans are so indifferent that they don’t get vaccinated for something that has a .05% mortality rate, why would they even bother to implement preventative measures to stave off something far worse. According to the CDC, “With overall coverage at 46.8% last season, many people in America did not receive a flu shot, despite the recommendations from medical and public health experts.” 2). Americans, by large, pass on flu vaccinations annually, so they are even less likely to wear face masks in public. As a matter of fact, the CDC has advised Americans against wearing masks. 3). There are vaccinations for the seasonal influenza – there is currently no vaccination or effective treatment for the 2019-nCoV virus. 4) If the U.S. healthcare system is already taxed by seasonal influenza outbreaks, it might be fairly safe to say that the additional burden of an infectious coronavirus outbreak would break the back of the American healthcare system. There is already a global shortage of face masks and other PPE healthcare supplies. According to Healthcare Dive: “The HHS estimates that an infectious disease pandemic could infect 90 million Americans and kill as many as 1.9 million people. This kind of pandemic would put a strain on the country’s healthcare system, sicken hospital staff and stretch hospital resources to their limits and beyond.” 5). The U.S. is already running massive budget deficits and is printing money just to keep many financial institutions afloat, so how would U.S. possibly finance an epidemic outbreak on the scale of like what’s affecting China? According to a July 2018 article in The Atlantic, “A severe 1918-style flu pandemic would drain an estimated $683 billion from American coffers, according to the nonprofit Trust for America’s Health.”

                         Only a few cases close UK Medical Center

UK official won’t admit what the British phases of plans would include in dealing with large numbers of causalities from this coronavirus pandemic…incinerators and mass burials?

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35 Responses to Covid-19 could crash healthcare systems across the globe

  1. Irene C says:

    Alvin- you’re back!!! At least I hope you are. I was thinking about you and everyone on here recently. I have really missed your emails.

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  2. soldier4yeshua says:

    Thank you for this post after a very very long time, hope all is well with you in this “not so well world”. It is very sad to see so many Chinese people suffering and dying and the worst is, many nations especially the West are treating them like untouchables. I instead keep praying for them and those in other nations who are affected by this “very weird corona virus” – Indeed, it’s going to be ‘not order’ but “disorder out of chaos” just as planned. That’s what I think. Be well!!

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  3. Dianne Rose says:

    The masks that people are queued up to buy; how do these masks differ from ones that could be fabricated at home?


  4. Mark T. says:

    Afraid that Coronovirus is just a preview of much worse plagues to come. How we live will change after this pandemic.

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  5. Red says:

    Glad you’re back!


  6. ashuka1 says:

    Welcome back Alvin, hope all is well.


  7. YellowBird says:

    happy to see you again old fren, sry under the circumstances. hope all has been well for you, or as well as can be.

    a hopeful note, maybe, or not… it is possible that N-Cov has allready blown through at least the Pacific West Coast, at any rate some very extremely contagious coronavirus has swept thru here since late Nov/early Dec–same time frame, you see. large chinese communities and much international travel in Portland, Seattle, VancouverBC. most ppl say nowhere close to as rotten as the flu, just a nasty cough, aches, fatigue, short of breath, lingers for weeks. sound about right? i am sure there have been some ppls got pneumonia out of it, an 80year old relative of mine came close for a few days. it hangs on about 3 weeks, but only good & sick about a week of it.

    now, if these thoughts prove to be on target, it could be indication that the poor city of Wuhan has not one disaster ongoing… but TWO, which perhaps CCP would very much like to keep contained. wishing to spread no rumors, and making no assumptions, but perhaps something worthy to keep in mind just the same. at any rate, according to rough modelling, the rest of the world shall know by late March or early April

    Shao Ga Nai…Ganbette Kudasai


  8. kevin a says:

    This is a Very good site
    Do wish more people would post their dreams!

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  9. kevin a says:


    • YellowBird says:

      map display is from
      here is a link to the Windy community board where there is an ongoing discussion about SO hotspots, including mention of Yangluo Coal Power Plant which is only 10km from mapped point of highest emissions. Current SO levels are way below this level. High SO generated through industry as well as cremation, entirely possible & perhaps likely, that these regional levels are major contributing factor to high death rate in Wuhan. High SO causes lung dysfunction & reduces overall immunity to infection. Bad combination


  10. kevin a says:

    David DuByne Back SAFE In The USA – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW -w- Paul Cottrell and Leah Shaper -The Facts


  11. Dennis E. says:

    Well, what a surprise; a pleasant one at that that I found in my inbox this morning. Welcome back Alvin, missed you! Not only will the virus crash health care systems, it will also significantly impact the world economy—–stock up! Prices are beginning to soar!


  12. Whyte says:

    Hotdog!! Nice to see you sir
    Just in time for a pivotal moment in our history. Have we evolved or digressed? Time shall tell us all soon. 2020 big important year ahead been waiting for you.


    • thanks. Is this who I think it is…? Hotdog! Nice to hear from you. Yes, everything is going crazy this year. Thanks for the love, support, and well-wishes. May God continue to bless you every step.


      • Whyte says:

        Yes sir your loyal reader Twyla . Just finished reading The Amethyst again just last week.
        “There are legends in these times
        Whether they’re old, or they’re new
        Some are painted in a rhyme
        If it’s a lovely thought of you”

        No one hears the rhyme like you dear Alvin


      • Just finished my next book. You will love it. I will keep you posted on details. Thank you so much


      • Whyte says:

        Eckkkk!!!! For sure you know the drill however I have moved but we will work that out. So needed a visit from your star. Very eager to listen and learn from so many interesting and brilliant folks again. To much white noise out here.

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      • Okay. Thanks —- the feeling is mutual. I will update you soon. Glad the chain of communiques have been reignited as well. Thanks for the quote, btw. Thrill to know you’re still reading the books.


  13. sharilynne says:

    Alvin! I’m so glad to see that you’re back. You’re a comfort in these chaotic times. I am in agreement with YellowBird, we’ll know where we stand (or if we stand) with the virus. I’m trying to warn people, and as per usual the Normalcy bias prevails. Thank you for coming back, you were greatly missed!


    • Thank you. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful community of like-minded friends. I’ve been warning people since January 1 – and have met my share of rebukes. Take it in stride. The night is far spent and the day is at hand. Our time for warning the masses is about over. If you’re not already prepared or at least starting to – chances are you will be without a shelter when the storm winds blow mightily. See this also as reference:


      • sharilynne says:

        Thank you for the reference Alvin. I watch this channel too. His intel is spot on. I too believe our time on this planet as we know it is coming to a close. All we can do is take care of ourselves and lead by example. We all have the responsibility to fulfill our own destiny. Blessings 🙏


      • niebo says:

        Ah, you dog! I saw the Martial Law post and didn’t read down before I commented – Martenson has been as on top of this as any, and I posted yesterday’s vid there . . . and look at everybody who got here first! Yay!!

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  14. Joseph Repas says:

    Thank you Alvin! So good to hear from you again! Yes, strange things going on. It was years ago I had a dream of finding a huge container..12feet high by 24 feet wide? There was a dead body on top and I knew it was filled with more corpses. Then I saw myself in one of those Ebola suits spraying around the box. Now this! Thank you for all you do!

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  15. niebo says:

    And the worst of it is that we may NOT be getting the whole ugly truth re the numbers. This is a compilation of social-media posts from China:


  16. Dean says:

    I’m glad you’re posting again Alvin! Cheers

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