Italy earthquake: 6.6-magnitude tremor rocks nation’s center

October 2016ITALY A powerful 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocked central Italy on Sunday morning, injuring at least 20 people, in the strongest tremor to hit the country in more than three decades. The earthquake follows tremors last week and comes on the heels of a devastating quake in August, which killed nearly 300 people and flattened entire villages.
Residents ran onto the streets in a panic as the quake struck at 7:40 a.m. local time (2:40 a.m. ET) Sunday, and rescuers were seen soon after, helping evacuate a group of nuns from a church. They worked through aftershocks that hit every 20 minutes or so. Authorities are hopeful there may be no deaths since many residents in the region had already been evacuated to emergency camps and hotel rooms paid for by the government after the August quake and last week’s temblors, and schools had shut down in anticipation of powerful aftershocks.
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in Rome thanked rescuers and vowed to rebuild damaged villages. “Italy has many faults, but these situations bring out the best of us,” he said, adding the country would rebuild houses, churches and shops. “We will rebuild everything. We have the resources to do it.” The main road into the worst-affected area has been blocked at various points, said Curcio, the civil protection chief, and helicopters were airlifting the injured to the hospital in Foligno, around 30 kilometers to the northwest. Six aircraft were monitoring the affected regions, he added. Initial images from Sunday’s quake show devastation to some historical buildings. Many of these buildings had not been reinforced since two powerful quakes struck Wednesday.

The town center of Amatrice took another battering Sunday after most of its buildings were seriously damaged in the August quake — a lone bell tower was seen poking up among the rubble. The much-visited Basilica of San Benedetto in Norcia was leveled at its core, only its facade still somewhat intact. Central Italy is a deeply Catholic region. Many people have grown weary of the recent bout of quakes and have permanently abandoned the area. Many others, however, are refusing to leave, some sleeping in their cars that they believe offer better protection than the roofs over their heads.


The quake was felt as far north as the Alps, Curcio said, and as far south as Rome, some 90 kilometers (56 miles) away. The metro in Rome has been shut down as authorities continue to survey the area, municipal officials said. Schools in Rome will be closed Monday so buildings can be surveyed for any structural damage, according to the Rome municipality website. Several buildings have suffered minor damage from the series of earthquakes. Morgan Kasmarik, an Australian journalist on vacation in the Italian capital with a friend, said “the whole city shook” when the quake struck. “I was in bed, enjoying a Sunday lie-in, when I felt the room start to shake. Within seconds, the ground started to roll, like I was on a boat in choppy water,” she said.
“We were both quite shaken as it was the first time either of us had ever experienced an earthquake. I’m pretty keen not to repeat the experience. (But) it didn’t stop us, or the many other tourists from spilling into the streets to enjoy the beautiful day.” In central Italy, the people are accustomed to seismic events in their region, but not so many in such a short space of time. CNN International meteorologist Derek Van Dam that Sunday’s quake was Italy’s strongest in 36 years and that Wednesday’s temblors were “considered fore-shocks” ahead of Sunday’s “main earthquake.”  –CNN

TEP Radio Earth Crisis

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4 Responses to Italy earthquake: 6.6-magnitude tremor rocks nation’s center

  1. charking1946 says:

    Predicting quakes over 35 years I have to disagree with this information ..CNN International meteorologist Derek Van Dam that Sunday’s quake was Italy’s strongest in 36 years and that Wednesday’s temblors were “considered fore-shocks” ahead of Sunday’s “main earthquake.” –CNN The quake of Wednesday was in Visso, Italy the 6.6 was in Norcia and this is the location of the 6.1 on August 24th. This 6.6 was totally expected and I had posted a alert for the timing of it on the 21 and 24th. Visso is about 11 miles from Norcia and it can’t be considered a foreshock from what I was told and taught by a geologist. So Visso is due for an A/S within the next 12-72 hrs plus or minus 12 hrs. Norcia is due for an a/s between now and Tuesday midnight which could be the largest a/s or it once again could be larger, I see no evidence that is the case but I have been in contact with a man in Italy about 82 miles from Roma and he states that dogs began howling a short time before last nights quake. On the quake of the 24th a wild boar came into the city, and wells stopped working. All of these are classic precursors for a quake of at least 5.5 or greater within 12-72 hrs plus or minus 12 hrs. Physically there are 2 main symptoms for Italy. Sharp earaches in one or both ears and moderately sharp heart pains * be sure you are not having a heart episode * in 1991 the first time I predicted quake activity in Italy, I had major earaches and heart pains and had been to the doctor/specialist to find out why, nothing was found wrong. I found out later many people in Italy also were complaining of earaches and heart pains and 3 persons had died of heart attacks, but it was before the quake hit so this is why I tell you to check out your heart medically first. You get symptoms up to 3 days before the quake.


  2. Many things in our lives occur significantly in the spiritual as well as the physical sense. Most occurrences are only personally spiritual meaning that there is something in the spirit to be learned from the physical incident but sometimes large physical happenings occur that have a spiritual message for many people or even the entire human race.
    The writer of this news item is correct in stating that Italy is hugely Catholic. Is there a message here? India recently had worship sites knocked down as well[ at least partially ].
    Is God saying that the church [ in general ] has turned it’s back to Him and he is now turning His back to allow mankind to reap what mankind has sown apart from God?
    Now of course Jesus clearly stated that God allows the rain to fall upon the righteous as well as the evil and to let the sun shine upon the evil as well as the good.
    However; with all of the other signs vying for attention I must wonder.
    In Dimitri Duduman’s testimony in the 1980’s God told him USA was Sodom and Gomorrah and that it will burn…[ Revelation 18 attests to this ] but Dimitri questioned to how that could happen when He [ Jesus ] has his church here and the answer given to him was that the church had left him.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      hi jss, glad to see you here again. i always appreciate your musings and ponder right along with you… on these particular insights, i find myself thinking that if these events were divine punishments for spiritual abandonment, then this nation is FAR overdue… ‘merica is hardly the Keeper of the Truth, regardless what many of our (mainly protestant) spiritual leaders like to claim. there is much corruption within all our institutions, our church leaders are not exempt from happily applying the GOD Sticker and massive (megachurch) financial success is a terrible measure of integrity…


      • Hi Yellow Bird!
        Yes, little by little these things come by. This USA I live in is ripe for punishment and our nation is now attempting to right the ship but it may be too late for many love the evil that these elite have been found doing recently[ satanism ] and the elite may have control over the soft coup. With Hillary now released of all wrongdoing again by FBI I see the end coming soon for USA as I had known it and it may even be a revelation 18 event. Be blessed!


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