Southern California on heightened alert for major earthquake

October 2016SANTA ANA, CA. – Southern California residents should remain on heightened alert until Tuesday for the increased possibility of a major earthquake, officials said. The warning by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services follows a series of small temblors deep under the Salton Sea, which is located on the 800-mile-long San Andreas fault, the Orange County Register reported Saturday. Such warnings are typically issued once or twice a year, said Kelly Huston, the deputy director of crisis communications for the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.
The latest alert was issued after 142 temblors hit starting Monday near Bombay Beach at the southern end of the fault. Those quakes ranged from a magnitude of 1.4 to 4.3, the U.S. Geological Survey said. Scientists estimate the probability of a quake with a magnitude of 7.0 or higher on the southern San Andreas Fault being triggered is as high as 1 in 100 and as low as 1 in 3,000. The average chance for such an earthquake striking on any given week is 1 in 6,000. That heightened probability will last through Tuesday.
Earthquakes along the San Andreas typically occur every 300 years, said Morgan Page, a geophysicist with the USGS. Earthquake Science Center, but the southernmost end of the fault hasn’t ruptured since 1690. “There is significant stress stored on the southern end,” Page said. Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday signed legislation to develop a statewide warning system to inform Californians of impending earthquakes through their cell phones, radios and other devices. “California is earthquake country,” said Mark Ghilarducci, the director of the state’s Office of Emergency Services. “We must always be prepared and not let our guard down.”  –Bloomberg
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6 Responses to Southern California on heightened alert for major earthquake

  1. charking1946 says:

    Being a quake sensitive I will weigh in on this one. I can pick up quakes as small as a 2.0 on volcanoes and most locations. LA area had 2 very small quakes last night and I felt both of them but did not concern me. What I want to share is my network of sensitives many who live in S CA much closer to the areas of concern than I am here in OR.. these are people who really get sick when things are happening down there. I am reporting I am not picking up anything and in polling my group, they are not picking up anything either. I felt the first couple of quakes on Monday in the area of the Salton Sea but beyond that point, it was business as usual. So why I asked myself was I not totally sick? Then it hit me. These are not natural quakes. Meaning that it was not or is not a movement with one of the faults down there. I did my research and there are 48 geothermal wells that surround the Salton Sea. They are drilling and causing these quakes. The area is such a mecca for geothermal energy that a AU firm has arrived to build a ” Massive ” their words, Geothermal energy plant on the side of the Salton Sea. There are 3 volcanoes along this area as well which are the draw since volcanoes produce heat,,. besides that USGS was doing a drilling project blasting all along the Hayward fault about the early part of September and I said to many people including my media contacts, ” This is a bad idea and they are going to set off quakes just like they did in OR when they blasted to map the faults.” Furthermore I said ” It will take about 3 weeks to show up” So its been almost 3 weeks this weekend. The southern most tip of the San Andreas ends at the Salton Sea. So perhaps they have seen something or did something they are having some concern over. I have no idea but I do know if these were natural quakes I would be feeling them and I am not. But I also believe that if there is a major quake, I will know because other things come into play. I had no problem picking up on and identifying the 2 quakes in the last 18 hours at Coalinga, so I am definitely feeling quakes as usual. I hope this will help you, I think for the most part its a CYA move. COVER YOUR A- – its far better to issue a warning and have nothing happen, than to have a large quake and not have issued a warning. I will be updating my blog in the event something changes and will be posting a portion of my update as well when I get it done.


  2. charking1946 says:

    I have one more thing to say.. I am not saying this could not happen but based on 35+ years of experience I am saying I am not feeling anything and I am sure that I would.. could it happen without the symptoms, obviously yes but I don’t think it will. Just have all your earthquake kits ready and be sure to have your out of state contact number on speed dial for each of your family members through at least Wednesday.


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