Super-gonorrhea outbreak could be out of control, as attempts to stop spread fail

September 2016LONDON An outbreak of super-gonorrhea in the UK is out of control and efforts to stop it have been unsuccessful, health officials have warned. It is feared the sexually transmitted disease may be becoming increasingly resistant to treatment, prompting concerns further rapid spread could occur. In April, it emerged an outbreak of so-called ‘super-gonorrhea’ had occurred in Leeds, with cases also noted in the West Midlands, London and southern-England. It began among heterosexual couples but has since been spread among men who have sex with men (MSM).
In a report issued today by health agency Public Health England, the group warned: “The outbreak of HL-AziR gonorrhea in England persists. There have been 17 cases of HL-AziR gonorrhea reported to date in 2016 compared to 15 cases for the same time period in 2015. Between November 2014 and August 2016 there have been a total of 48 confirmed and two probable cases. “The potential for rapid spread of HL-AziR N. gonorrhea among high risk sexual networks including MSM is of particular concern.” The disease can result in serious discomfort, pelvic inflammatory disease and even infertility. Among 1 in 10 infected men and half of infected women, symptoms can go undetected. Symptoms include a green or yellow discharge from the genitals, discomfort urinating and irregular bleeding between periods.
Chief Executive of sexual health charity FPA Natika H Halil told The Independent: “There should be statutory sex and relationships education, which the government has still not implemented, and easy access to sexual health services. With ever-shrinking public health budgets and increasing pressure on local authorities to meet people’s varied health needs, this is no longer a given and is a cause of real concern. “PHE’s report is a timely reminder, ahead of our Sexual Health Week focusing on STIs next week, how important it is for people to know how to protect themselves.
 It particularly highlights the importance of testing so that cases can be diagnosed early and as well as of partner notification to help limit infections being passed on. “Through a survey we have conducted for Sexual Health Week, we know some people struggle to use condoms because they don’t like how they feel and they impact on the pleasure of sex. However, condoms remain the best way to help prevent STIs being passed on.”  –Independent


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3 Responses to Super-gonorrhea outbreak could be out of control, as attempts to stop spread fail

  1. c.max51 says:

    Sodom and gonorea.or Sodom and gomorah.the same thing

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7.


  2. Yellow Bird says:

    Monogamy & Abstinance… 2 best measures for control of spread. But that’s not much fun, eh


    • S
      The world living by the law of Satan

      It may soon be a matter of sheer survival. It’s obvious the way things are going that before Jesus comes again, the near entirety of the human race will likely be infected with some type of STD. Most are becoming incurable and are resistant to all type of antibiotics. 1 in 5 people already have herpes.

      These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins.” Revelation 14:4 – Could be both spiritual and literal.

      Only a mentally-disturbed society bordering on nihilism would call the liberal, secular, moral decline of the world and the reinterpretation of the family, “social progress.”


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