World edging closer to an apocalyptic conflict

Ad War
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5 Responses to World edging closer to an apocalyptic conflict

  1. Barrie Johnson says:

    All people in every country in the world want to live in peace – period. The only people, it seems, who wish to wage war are those who rely on war as a means of propping up their economies by printing new money. This is then NEW DEBT that will be passed down through the years to their children – ask the children if they wish to kill thousands, possibly millions, of people because they ‘don’t agree’ with someone. In every situation there is a compromise but if you are so thick headed as not to agree on one then agree to disagree without killing one another.


  2. tonic says:

    “All people in every country in the world want to live in peace – period.”.

    This is a wonderful concept but it is not true. Period.

    Who would like to hazard a guess, as to what the real number is… in every country that… wants peace?

    As long as some of us allow evil into our lives ( check today’s headlines) peace will live with the pig that flies by your house everyday.


  3. Kajajuk says:

    WWWIII has already started, first front was virtual, next was financial, and now unprecedented drills with unprecedented military build ups all over the world…
    The stage is almost perfectly set.


  4. Kajajuk says:

    Interesting developments for chess players around the world to note…



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