Powerful 6.1 magnitude earthquake hits Australia’s southern coast

Australia EQ
July 2016 AUSTRALIAA 6.1 magnitude earthquake has struck off Australia’s southern coast, according to Geoscience Australia. The quake hit just before 7.00 pm local time on Monday about 1700 km off the coast of Queenstown in Tasmania. It was reported that the earthquake was ‘potentially tsunamigenic,’ but as it turns out the quakes posed no tsunami risk.
Initial information suggested the quake had a depth of 15 km but the US Geological Survey put the quake at a depth of 10 km. It comes after another huge earthquake struck Western Australia three weeks ago.
That quake hit near Norseman in WA’s Goldfields region, and was felt as far away as Esperance on the state’s south east coast. While there were no reports of damage, people in high rise buildings in as far away as Perth experienced some of the aftershocks. There have been more than 30 earthquakes reported near Norseman in the past month.  –Daily Mail
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2 Responses to Powerful 6.1 magnitude earthquake hits Australia’s southern coast

  1. Mavis Stucci says:

    Queenstown is in Tasmania not South Australia



  2. Yellow Bird says:

    i felt confused by that reporting too so i looked it up…it wasn’t on the mainland, it was on the underwater ridge a long way below Australia. guess that was the DailyDilly’s best effort to tie it to a populated area, lol
    GeoScience Australia http://www.ga.gov.au/earthquakes/recentQuakes.do?when=1&where=3&which=false&x=25&y=11
    USGS appears to be down, map isn’t updated. Earthquake Tracker reported it as a 5.9 , on the Western Indian Antarctic Ridge.

    googling Norseman Earthquakes tho, brings up lots of reports on the whole earthquake cluster which began May 29. something unusual seems to be going on in the area


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