Sapientia: the 40 Principles of Wisdom


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8 Responses to Sapientia: the 40 Principles of Wisdom

  1. owlwoman911 says:

    I would love to see it… I love your site and have followed you for a long time. Thank you. }: On Jul 8, 2016 6:59 PM, “The Extinction Protocol” wrote:

    > The Extinction Protocol posted: “” >


  2. The first thing it does is set up the reader to accept the yardstick created by others. I hate that.

    What makes some people successful over-achievers, while the vast majority of people ever born in history languish in mediocrity and obscurity? The answer is: Purpose.

    No thanks.


    • If you’ve done ever thing in life you’re capable of becoming than you have nothing to worry about. However, I don’t know of any ultimate man who ever lived up to his full potential but Jesus. And if you haven’t done this, you’ll have to give an account of your life in the judgment:

      Therefore is the kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain king, which would take account of his servants.” -Matthew 18:23

      Other people should not be your goal, your creator should be…


      • I pretty much only said no thanks to the idea of using the yardstick of “purpose” as proposed within the article. It seems a whole lot more was read into my “no thanks” than I could have intended but okay, thank you for the feedback. It might have worked out better if I had marked my middle paragraph as a quote from the article rather than assume other readers would have known where it was from. I have a way of doing that though. Thankfully I trust everything will turn out okay. Kind regards.


      • No worries, John. I get what you’re saying friend. “And so on…”

        Kind regards,


    • YellowBird says:

      take heart John, there is nothing wrong with living an ordinary life…
      the only Purpose the Maker gave us is to LOVE HIM & ONE ANOTHER. Most of that is done in what human standards of success measure as “mediocrity and obscurity”

      the students of Christ in Macedonia evidently struggled similarly with that nagging sense of irrelevance, for one of their teachers offered this as encouragement and a means of focus:
      “…You are indeed giving of this Love to all your brothers across Macedonia, but i beg of you, my brethren, let your Love increase and super abound, knowing no borders…. And i pray that you would be honest and hardworking, peaceable and responsible to life’s many needs, doing good work with your own hands and living a quiet life… and That you would be walking in good form toward those outside of your culture and leaning too heavily on no one…”
      (from the First Letter to the people of Thessalonica)

      how many “successful over-achievers” of the world’s standard rise to this standard of success? Creator cares only for the LOVE that manifests through HIS Creation, that is the only currency every human will be required One Day to make personal accounting of. it is the only currency that truly matters, the only currency in which the more one spends on others, the richer one also becomes, with Joy. something that all the man-made wealth and prestige of the world can never buy


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