Guatemala’s Santiaguito volcano blows its top

Santiago V
June 2016 GUATEMALAGuatemala’s Santiaguito volcano put on a fine show for people in the west of the country Friday. The country’s government newspaper, Diario de Centroamerica, reported the volcano blew its top Friday morning. After a loud bang, the volcano spewed smoke and ash 5,000 m into the atmosphere. The volcano has been showing increased signs of activity since February, with more than 50 eruptions, but had been quiet since late May, according to the Miami-based Diario las Americas.
Aside from the ash, pyroclastic flows were also reported, and emergency officials told Diario las Americas that some debris had been blasted up to two kilometers away. Though the skies in the images above are clear, Guatemala’s national institute of volcanology, seismology, hydrology and meteorology, INSIVUMEH, said in a Friday bulletin that recent heavy rains have raised the risk of lahars, flows of mud, water and pyroclastic material that can cascade down the volcano’s side during an eruption. Though social media pictures posted Saturday morning showed the volcano in a much calmer state, INSIVUMEH and government authorities recommended a state of alert, warning people make sure to pack supplies for 72 hours in case called on to evacuate.  –Weather Network


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