Flooding kills dozens in Europe and Texas, displaces thousands more

Flooding Europe
June 2016EUROPEFlooding across Western Europe this week has killed at least 15 people and displaced tens of thousands. That figure includes 10 dead in southern Germany, two in France, two in Romania, and one in Belgium, with more rain expected this weekend, the BBC reports. The storms have also hit Austria, the Netherlands and Poland, with officials saying climate change is likely to blame. A study released in March 2014 predicts climate-change related flooding in Europe will double by 2050, with costly damage that spans borders.
In Texas, floods have killed at least 12 people, including seven who died late last week and five soldiers from Fort Hood who died Thursday when their Army truck overturned in a flooded creek. Four other service members are still missing. CNN notes this is the second year in a row for 500-year floods to hit the state. “It just so happens that parts of Texas have seen them now in back-to-back years, and maybe even twice this year,” CNN Senior Meteorologist Brandon Miller told the network. “The odds of that happening are infinitesimally small.” –Huffington Post

Life Sapientia by Alvin Conway

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6 Responses to Flooding kills dozens in Europe and Texas, displaces thousands more

  1. Wiseguy says:

    As usual some will say it’s normal, nothing to see here, it happened before!!! France, Belgium, Germany, China, Texas… and the list goes on and on… In Quebec, Canada, we had the worst ski season in 20 years, it’s over, our winters will never look snowy as before and it’s sad. But, again, human doesn’t want to join the pieces of the puzzle together, it’s too frightening, better watching reality shows on tv and daily routine… until…


  2. niebo says:

    “The odds of that happening are infinitesimally small.”

    We may be in an “interesting time” where we will be compelled to reconsider the historical statistics about, well, everything.

    Grace from God to all who were/are/will ever be “there”.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      i agree…
      the odds are always based on patterns of the past. what happens when Everything Changes? new odds


  3. grenfal says:

    A big problem is mans interference with natural water courses. Straightening rivers, building cities on flood planes and draining swamps is only going to end up a disaster. Large floods like this have always happened but the damaged caused is now amplified by man’s interference.


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