President Obama advises Americans to obtain emergency kits for upcoming disasters

Obama Disasters
June 2016EARTHCHANGESPresident Obama called for every American to put together a disaster supply kit and evacuation plan because climate change is bringing “more powerful and more devastating” hurricanes to the U.S. – even though the U.S. hasn’t been hit with a major hurricane in more than a decade. Announcing the June 1 start of hurricane season, Obama warned Americans to prepare for imminent climate change-caused hurricanes:
“All of us have seen the heartbreak, the damage and, in some case, the loss of life that hurricanes can cause.  And as climate continues to change, hurricanes are only going to become more powerful and more devastating. “One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster.  And that means taking proactive steps, like having an evacuation plan, having a fully stocked disaster supply kit.  If your local authorities ask you to evacuate, you have to do it. Don’t wait.”
Obama chastised Americans for their “complacency,” and told them to be ready to evacuate when the climate-canes hit: “And what we’ve been seeing is some public complacency slipping in; a large portion of people not having preparedness kits, not having evacuation plans.  We’ve been stagnant a little bit with respect to the number of people, the percentage of people who respond to an evacuation order.  All that has to pick up, because we want to make sure that, although it’s hard to prevent property damage, that we are doing everything we can to prevent loss of life.”
The president’s admonition is not just restricted to hurricanes. Major volcanoes have been recently rumbling in the U.S. Midwest, seismic unrest is growing in the Alaska region, Hawaii’s Mauna Loa (the largest volcano on the planet) appears to be awakening, the country’s major fault systems: The Cascadia Subduction Zone, San Andreas, and New Madrid appear overdue for quakes, and the Long Valley and Yellowstone supervolcanoes are still very much active.
There’s even an app to help Americans prepare for the destruction to come, Obama said: “If you need information about how to put together an evacuation plan, how to put together a disaster preparedness kit, as Craig said, we’ve got an app for everything now.  We have a FEMA app in English and in Spanish to help you prepare your family for a disaster.” Meanwhile, the U.S. has now gone a record 127 straight months without a major hurricane making landfall – and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting a “near normal” Atlantic hurricane season this year.
For the past ten-plus years, “normal” has meant no major hurricanes – even with the effects (if any) of climate change – so “near normal” suggests the U.S. will remain safe from climate-caused hurricane devastation. But, be prepared, because it is coming, Pres. Obama warns. –MRC TV, TEP

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26 Responses to President Obama advises Americans to obtain emergency kits for upcoming disasters

  1. Yellow Bird says:

    it is sound advice.


  2. sulah1 says:

    I’m shocked he issued this statement as the govt has purchased millions and millions of kits, ammo, etc for this very situation. ……almost to the point thst there were shortages in the E-food and ammo dept 

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  3. Dennis E. says:

    In the past, at the time of my mother, they canned food and some still do today which is a good idea.
    Some of these Climate change events he speaks of can be man made. Many do not know that the capability to create earthquakes(through use of sound,frequency modulation) tornadoes and even hurricanes. Some of these events will be used to herd people into camps.
    I know that sounds like paranoia, but often those who store or prepared have been condemned. So, this turn around is interesting.
    Wonder if a major earth change event can be used as a false flag?


    • Nereida zay says:

      True they control the weather patterns in every way..they do it through Haarp..don’t be deceived they are causing the disasters


    • Deirdre Morris says:

      Dennis E. I absolutely think a ‘natural event’ can be manipulated and used as a false flag!
      Watch for any anti Israel involvement from America..”those who divide my land, I’ll divide theirs’ scenario. The ptb, use the Book (Bible) to create a false end of the world scenario. But GOD will not be outstrategized. Lose your life for JESUS sake and you will find it! Hold on to nothing!


  4. davidh7426 says:

    This may seem like a daft suggestion but perhaps this site could do one or more articles on these kits, their contents, how to use them… Also other subjects like evacuation plans, how to make them etc.

    It’s no good warning people about something, if you don’t also explain how they can increase their chances of surviving it too.

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  5. Doctor Db says:

    This is a little odd-even for Obama! What does he know that we don’t?!


  6. Doug says:

    So I guess they will start using “climate change” anytime they need a boogie man the same way they use dictators who aren’t playing ball the way they want as boogie men who are to blame for everything.


  7. This site has some tips on how to Get Prepared . We all should have a plan and or at least a 72 hour bag,first aid, water, etc.


  8. Sara Fuller says:

    And, “preppers” were/are being criticized. Some preppers go to “extremes” (they say), but at least they are prepared for a variety of disaster scenarios.


  9. tonic says:

    This, like so many of his speeches just rings of “say this”.
    It is like.. really liking a person who has courage, but lacks the courage to express it. Easier to just be a puppet. (It’s the pension thing)

    I miss Kennedy. No angel, but he had courage. A bit like Kirk, played about, but when challenged, always was loyal to the Enterprise.

    Hope Thump gets in. Not because I like or dislike him. Just got a feeling he will dismiss any “say this”

    And economic wise, at least, he is no fool.


  10. cprrover4215 says:

    I guess we need to change the definition for hurricane so we can be Obama correct.


  11. Wasn’t Hurricane Sandy, 2012, considered a major hurricane? What about Hurricane Katrina? What is he talking about “even though the U.S. hasn’t been hit with a major hurricane in more than a decade.” That doesn’t seem accurate to me.


  12. jim says:

    Guess he has to make at least sound like he cares. Is anybody out there

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  13. niebo says:

    Hey, Alvin, sorry but this may be a duplicate submission; I lost service on my end (stinkin’ satellitical interweb provider!) about the time I hit the “post comment” button. Thank you.

    IDK, dudes, but this sounds of a li’l disingenuousity to me since, in 2012, he signed an EO (13603) that gives the “president and his designated Cabinet and agency heads . . . authority to commandeer (*) and control: all water, all human and animal food . . . .”

    Blurble blurble.

    * commandeer, according to Merriam-Webster online, means “to take by force”
    So . . . whatever emergency kit(s) you get, pay cash for them, and stay out of the “facial-scan-and-identify-and-cross-refer-to-purchases” mart. That way, YOU are prepared for an emergency rather than serving as a commodity-hub for any would be power-grabbers or over-reachers out there. And maybe get a dog with sensitive hear-bones that can’t bark but that hates everybody but you. Or an attack bear. And, no, I don’t have no links to support my last two suggestives.


  14. James says:

    This is just another fear-mongering tactic. Yes, everyone should have emergency supplies and at least a 30-day supply of food. But the government’s biggest tool to control the populace is by using fear. If we fear them, they win. If they fear us, we win. Simple as that.


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