Italy’s Mount Etna volcano growing more restless

Etna It
May 2016 ITALY Mt. Etna in Sicily, Italy has been active once again and some spectacular footage was filmed of its latest colorful eruptions. The video captured bright colors and plumes of smoke and a sea of gurgling lava. The mountain’s summit erupted at dawn Saturday, sending plumes of smoke and lava and ash into a burning orange/red sky. It was filmed by Italian journalist and videographer Turi Caggegi, who said he was filming from near the Voragine crater.
The snow-covered Mt. Etna has long been an active volcano with numerous eruptions throughout modern times and geologists from Italy’s nearby National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Catania expected this latest one. “On May 17th we witnessed an increase in the amplitude of volcanic tremors and recorded intense degassing accompanied by occasional, weak emissions from the north-eastern crater,” a statement from the Institute said.
Smoke and lava was catapulted hundreds of meters into the air. At 3200 meters tall (more than 10,000 feet) Mt. Etna is Europe’s highest active volcano. After some eruptions the height of Mt. Etna alters but it always remains the tallest active volcano on the continent. With interest in Mt. Etna rising again, last week NASA published an animation that uses radio satellite imagery compiled from 1992 to 2001 to make it appear as if the volcano is ‘breathing’ during those years. Geologists have theorized that if the volcano were to ever erupt at his full force it could do extensive damage to all of Sicily. The volcano last erupted in December of 2015. –Digital Journal

Sapientia by Alvin Conway

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4 Responses to Italy’s Mount Etna volcano growing more restless

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Six volcanoes erupt simultaneously around the world on May 24, 2016
    Sounds like may 13th 2016


    • It only happens once in a blue moon

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      • Dennis E. says:

        The term has traditionally referred to an “extra” moon, where a year which normally has 12 moons has 13 instead. The “blue moon” reference is applied to the third moon in a season with four moons,[2] thus correcting the timing of the last month of a season that would have otherwise been expected too early. This happens every two to three years (seven times in the Metonic cycle of 19 years).[3] The March 1946 issue of Sky & Telescope misinterpreted the traditional definition, which led to the modern colloquial misunderstanding that a blue moon is a second full moon in a single solar calendar month with no seasonal link.

        Owing to the rarity of a blue moon, the term “blue moon” is used colloquially to mean a rare event, as in the phrase “once in a blue moon”.[4][5]—-wikipedia

        Six is quite a number. Let shop noting else occurs “Once in a Blue Moon”.


      • Exactly, and if we lived on Mars…we would never be able to say “What on Earth are you talking about?” again.


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