Guatemala’s Mt. Fuego erupts, prompting evacuations – Italy’s Mt. Etna grows more active

May 2016 GUATEMALAA volcanic eruption at Guatemala’s Volcan de Fuego, one of the most active volcanoes in Central America, has sparked the evacuation of the area surrounding the peak. Guatemala’s National Institute for Seismology and Vulcanology are reporting that an ash column reaching 5,500 meters (18,000 feet) above sea level has emerged, while “moderate” lava flow is pouring out of the mountain.
“This pyroclastic flow was accompanied by moderate rumble of the volcano [and] fallen ash is reported in the villages of El Rodeo, La Rochelle, Osuna, Panimache, Morelia, Sangre de Cristo and Yepocapa,” a statement by the government agency confirmed. –RT News


Massive explosions at Mt. Etna: Europe’s most active volcano has spent the last 24 hours sending huge plumes of ash and smoke hundreds of meters into the skies above Sicily. The 3350-metre high volcano began to stir on Tuesday, with emissions from its north-east crater growing in intensity throughout the day.“On May 17th we witnessed an increase in the amplitude of volcanic tremors and recorded intense degassing accompanied by occasional, weak emissions from the north-eastern crater,” explained the Catania branch of Italy’s National Vulcanology and Geophysics Institute (INGV).
Vulcanologists are classing the eruption as ‘Strombolian’ – a category characterized by explosive bursts of activity during which cinder, ash and smoke are ejected from the crater with great force. So far, thanks to favorable atmospheric conditions, the ejected material has only fallen in the immediate vicinity of the 1190 km² volcano and flights at Fontanarossa airport in nearby Catania have not been affected. But the eruption has provided people in the vicinity with a great photo opportunity, with many great snaps being shared on Twitter. –The Local
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1 Response to Guatemala’s Mt. Fuego erupts, prompting evacuations – Italy’s Mt. Etna grows more active

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Off post-comment-Alvin increase in numerous reports of fireballs,meteors some exploding in mid air
    world wide


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