Images coming out of the Fort McMurray disaster paint a scene of apocalypse

Canada Fire Apoc
May 2016 CANADA The situation playing out in the oil-built city of Fort McMurray right now is nothing short of a catastrophe: a wildfire that covers around 10,000 hectares of land has forced the 80,000 people that once lived there to pack their bags and flee. In the chaos, two people died in a crash on the highway. Entire neighborhoods have been razed, millions of dollars in damage has been done, and the fire—now almost five times the size it was when the evacuation began—shows no sign of slowing down.
Due to the size and heat of the blaze, firefighters are having a near-impossible time fighting the fire, with some experts saying that, short of an inland tsunami, only a severe change in weather will be able to actually quell the flames for good. With uncertainty in what might happen, images of residents and emergency responders have emerged on social media by the troves.
Dashcam videos from those who got out have been especially revealing. A lot of images coming out of the fire have been from the inside of vehicles on packed highways and smoky streets. One posted yesterday, from a YouTube channel that has a series of dash cam videos from inside Fort McMurray, shows the apocalyptic scenery inside the evacuation zone as ash and embers rain down on a parade of cars trying to make it to the highway.

The evacuation itself was swift but disorderly. In many videos, cars can be seen driving over grass, clearing curbs and even cutting through backyards to get away from the burning neighbourhoods behind them. First responders continue to arrive and the current number of firefighters on scene is around 150, according to the CBC.
Some locals have also come together to bring fuel, food, water, and clothing to those stranded on the outskirts of the city or on nearby highways. An Edmonton man posted on Facebook yesterday that he would be taking as much as he could towards Fort McMurray, asking anyone who needed help to put a sock on their antenna to alert him. The post received nearly 60,000 shares in less than 24 hours, and similar posts have emerged on Twitter since then. –Vice
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13 Responses to Images coming out of the Fort McMurray disaster paint a scene of apocalypse

  1. Whyte says:

    Intense times for Alberta snow melted quick been brown and dry for 1.5 months for most of Alberta with temps in the 20’s and 30’s. Yesterday 4 more areas were evacuated plus 2 other location NW High Level and West Central Lac St Anne were evacuated. The fire in Fort Mac has grown with high winds changing hourly, flames 60 feet high with the heavy bush. Yesterday was +32 the smoke created lightning and winds. Still many stuck north of the city staying in camps and they are becoming restless, been very hard for those living up there before and now… Albertans are hard workers, generous and adapt quickly unlike the insurance companies looking at the least 9B cost of this fire.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      thanks for sharing a local perspective, whyte
      so sorry for all the folks who are just trying to live life in an area thats not too gentle at the best of times… this is a really hard thing. what will they do? where can they go?
      into the cities, i suppose most have few other options 😦


      • Whyte says:

        Many are Edmonton and spread out Alberta every HWY has signs, every town has centers/temp housing/many giving their rentals to all the evacuees. Our folks put all religion, politics aside the movement has not really affected the large population the kids started schools in so they finish with on schedule. Many travelled up including myself to bring down animals while others took up food, water and gas. It will be a long road rebuilding but its not our first rodeo Slave Lake. We all know this is the new norm and Canadians are determined to become green and self sufficient.

        However finding space for so many the only reason its been smooth. Oil and gas fell hard many have left our province bankrupt and many suicides so this fire is a big hit for Fort Mac. So we all will be strong for this city for she has helped many people care for their families across the world for many years.

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      • Yellow Bird says:

        i’m so glad to hear of such a strong & compassionate response, you are good people…

        still, this latest update from Green Prophet sounds truly terrifying! what is your perspective on this report? is this accurate?? if so, its a Disaster so huge, it unfathomable!
        btw, Green Prophet is a Middle Eastern site meaning this fire is being watched around the world!
        “Alberta Canada’s massive wildfire, which has now consumed an area larger than Hong Kong and threatens to reach the border with neighboring Saskatchewan… became literally out of control after starting over a week ago… already displaced more than 80,000 people and destroyed thousands of homes and commercial buildings. Located in the province’s well publicized Alberta Tar Sands, the big question being raised now is whether this industry, deemed to be one of the most environmentally damaging projects in North America, may be attributing to making it spread so quickly…Oil tar sand production, involving the use of chemicals and high pressure steam to bring up the gunky oil tar from underground, has long been considered to be an environmental disaster in the making by many environmentalists; even rivaling oil production in Saudi Arabia, and seen as having a severe impact on global warming…”
        “The photo below shows what this oil sand tar goop looks like when brought to the surface.


    • Whyte says:

      Actually the oilsands emissions are lower than the farming for our food the chemicals sprayed on field is lethal that can only be applied by crop planes. Oil is apart of evolution a stepping stone to renewal energy. A very small group of humans could survive life without the comforts they know and have taken for granted. When it comes to harvesting this product by SAG Plants it is better than the old ways of stripping our surface and compared to the invisible gases example California this oil is far safer. Who’s guilty of creating all these chemicals we inject to feed the fire burning under our feet and yet to every chemical man makes we have no clear understanding how to cancel it? We all should be concerned who is buying our land and industry to except them to abide by the rules to protect earth is harder then pulling oil. Example one of our sites had a stop order the Chinese were very angry because it was to preserve a turkey frog Canadians value harmony for this planet which gives us life not oil/gas/money. For the world well I have never knew a team that doesn’t want to be the best, most powerful and controller of all which is easier when you have no completion.
      Every state/province has a dirty issue. To change the future one must change for the future.


  2. George says:

    Where oh where is America when Canada desperately needs our help? On the golf course?


    • Linda M says:

      The Canadian gov’t has not requested our help as of Sunday morning. They said they would if they need it, but to be honest I am impressed at how well the evacuations seemed to go. I mean over 80,000 moved in such a short time and no overly armed military types in body armor and geared up like a war zone anywhere in the photos I’ve seen. Shows what can happen when a gov’t puts real money and expertise into disaster planning and implementation. Helps that they didn’t have “Brownie” the former horse show FEMA guy in charge unlike our Hurricane Katrina disaster. Shows the character of most Canadians, they are generally a good hearted, pragmatic people.


  3. Ted Broer says:

    This is what happens when nano sized aluminum is sprayed via chem trails Aluminum burns extremely hot and fast. The forest is coated in aluminum. Almost impossible to extinguish until the fuel is exhausted. T

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  4. Dennis E. says:

    I would be interested in the weather conditions prior to this event. Was it overly, drought?
    What started it? I realize we have the wildfires in the west but we usually don’t hear about like fires in Canada.


    • Irene C says:

      Weather conditions were very dry and warm, mostly due to an El Niño effect. And the current belief is that this fire was cause by lightning. Although the United States is well know for it’s wildfires, Canada also has it’s wildfire season. This is just happening sooner than usual. I have a feeling this will be a very bad year.


  5. roman says:

    Heavenly Father…
    pleading for mercy through our intercessor Jesus:
    that in a moment like this man’s reality of being in your hand
    has full attention. By some work of the Holy Spirit I know your allowing
    redemption to come and for the many on the outside looking in…the whole creation
    is calling out getting man’s attention to look up: seek ye first and cry out Lord save me
    I believe because your very word is playing out. Your earth is shaking, the mountains
    tremble and because of your love for man allowing them to cry out save me…save me

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