Giant chunks of the Earth’s mantle are falling off and causing quakes across the southeastern US – and more are coming, warn researchers

N American Plate
May 2016GEOLOGY A new study found pieces of the mantle under this region have been periodically breaking off and sinking down into the Earth. This thins and weakens the remaining plate, making it more prone to slipping that causes earthquakes. The study authors conclude this process is ongoing and likely to produce more earthquakes in the future. ‘Our idea supports the view that this seismicity will continue due to unbalanced stresses in the plate,’ said Berk Biryol, a seismologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and lead author of the new study. ‘The [seismic] zones that are active will continue to be active for some time.’
The study was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research – Solid Earth, a journal of the American Geophysical Union. ‘Based on distinct variations in the geometry and thickness of the lithospheric mantle and foundered lithosphere, we propose that piecemeal delamination has occurred beneath the region throughout the Cenozoic, removing a significant amount of reworked/deformed mantle lithosphere,’ the team wrote.
Compared to earthquakes near plate boundaries, earthquakes in the middle of plates are not well understood and the hazards they pose are difficult to quantify. The new findings could help scientists better understand the dangers these earthquakes present. Today, the southeastern U.S. is more than 1,056 miles from the nearest edge of the North American Plate, which covers all of North America, Greenland and parts of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. But the region was built over the past billion years by periods of accretion, when new material is added to a plate, and rifting, when plates split apart.

North A Plate

Researchers initially suspected ancient fault lines or pieces of old plates extending deep in the mantle following episodes of accretion and rifting could be responsible for earthquakes in the area. ‘This region has not been active for a long time,’ Biryol said. But the shapes and locations of the thick and thin regions suggested a different explanation: through past rifting and accretion, areas of the North American Plate have become more dense and were pulled downward into the mantle through gravity.
At certain times, the densest parts broke off from the plate and sank into the warm asthenosphere below. The asthenosphere, being lighter and more buoyant, surged in to fill the void created by the missing pieces of mantle, eventually cooling to become the thin, young rock in the images. The researchers concluded this process is likely what causes earthquakes in this otherwise stable region: when the pieces of the mantle break off, the plate above them becomes thinner and more prone to slip along ancient fault lines.
Typically, the thicker the plate, the stronger it is, and the less likely to produce earthquakes. According to Biryol, pieces of the mantle have most likely been breaking off from underneath the plate since at least 65 million years ago.  Because the researchers found fragments of hard rocks at shallow depths, this process is still ongoing and likely to continue into the future, potentially leading to more earthquakes in the region, he said. –Daily Mail
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13 Responses to Giant chunks of the Earth’s mantle are falling off and causing quakes across the southeastern US – and more are coming, warn researchers

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Thank you for posting this information, Alvin.

    Just read this on yesterday and found it very interesting.

    Alvin, would be interested in a byte posted by you on this.

    Also, posted on is an interview with John Casey,former Nasa Scientist who wrote Cold Sun and Dark Winter(I’ve Read) believes that beginning in 2017-2030, based on past occurrences and research, that a drastic temperature change could (he said will) start to make its affect on Planet Earth. The start of a mini ice age that will effect not only the weather, but open the window for Catastrophic earthquakes. The reason is the sun going into hibernation is because of cycles

    Reason why I am being so wordy is that according to research and past recorded occurrences,
    The New Madrid Seismic Zone earthquake event took place, also The year without a summer and Napoleon’s failed invasion of Russia during the last solar minimum, I believe.

    Also, have read regarding belief’s that the earth is expanding. Don’t know how to explain that idea.

    But, do believe we are on the edge of major change. But do your own research and prepare accordingly.

    My opinion


    • IA

      In all honesty, I think Ice Ages are precipitated more by physical triggers than I think they are tied to solar behavior. Solar minimums definitely factor into climate equations but I worry more about a nuclear winter scenario being triggered by:

      1). a nuclear holocaust
      2). a prolonged or sustained super-volcanic eruption
      3). a asteroid or comet striking the planet

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      • Dennis E. says:

        An all three are a real probability in the time we live in. Strange how the world thought the cold war was over. It seemed to have taken a vacation and returned on steroids it seems.


      • HN

        True. It relatively safe to say everything is intensifying – fear, paranoia, conflict – even the wild pursuits of pleasure.

        It’s a world running away from its date with fate.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Clint Hunter says:

    + thanks team alvin , been have overselling challenge to finish telling the story in relevant harm reduction preparation ways of absolving all of deadly mass ignorance of the basic of Terra former Farming buds (: carry on @ will SIR ! )


  3. Irene C says:

    This is an interesting theory, but I would like to know what source Daily Mail used to get this, since I don’t think they’re always reliable. I read their article also but couldn’t find one. I really want to see the research behind this. But that’s just me.


    • Dennis E. says:

      Irene C: A blog long not seen Hope you are going well: Look at the reference I made in my comment. I think that is a clear statement than the Daily Mail. The research report is accessible there.


      • Irene C says:

        Hello Dennis E, I am doing well. Getting older but staying busy. I am heavily involved in the weather community now so when the weather gets busy, I get busy. Thank you for your answer. I was wondering if I had missed something since I was tired when I read this. Seeing a lot of wacky information on the internet, I like to see the research behind the theories. However, I do believe this is very plausible. I makes sense.


    • lectrikdog says:

      I saw this article from The Daily Mail too and did a little backtracking and a post at my blog. It seems Volcanoes are not a new occurrence in at least one Southeastern state: Virginia. read more at


      • Irene C says:

        Thank you lectrikdog. Very good blog. Geology is not my forte but it is fascinating and I am still learning. Our planet is a lot more active than most people realize.


  4. says:

    Paranoia is definitely on the rise as well as depression and anger in the world. These effect are directly related to earth’s electromagnetic field and as it weakens different species that survive based on its stability will continue dying off in great numbers … humans on the other hand will begin having memory loss and spiking emotions more often. Half America’s population is currently on some form of anti depressant or mood enhancing drug and I don’t think it’s the water they are drinking causing the offset in emotional stability.

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    • True. Magnetic fields are directly linked to depression. As Earth’s magnetic field continues to weaken, more and more people will struggle with mental depression.


      • Yellow Bird says:

        oh! thank you both for this explanation! i can see these things all around, and in my community, my own home, and myself… but could not understand why.


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