N. Sulawesi volcano spews lava 2 kilometers

Mt Karng
April 2016 INDONESIA North Sulawesi’s Mount Karangetang, which erupted on Wednesday, has continued to emit ash into the sky on Thursday. The volcano, located in Siau Tagulandang Biaro (Sitaro) Islands regency, North Sulawesi, sent hot lava as far as 2 kilometers from its crater when it erupted around 5 p.m. local time on Wednesday. “Mt. Karangetang has erupted again. There had been no volcanic activity in the last few days before it erupted on Wednesday afternoon,” said Abed Anthoni, a resident of Bebali sub-district, East Siau district.
He said East Siau residents did not consider yesterday’s eruption to be out of the ordinary, but remained alert in carrying out their daily activities. “I told my wife and our children that we have to anticipate the potential for greater eruptions,” Abed said. Sitaro Disaster Mitigation Agency ( BPBD ) head Bob Chalton Wuaten said the lava from Mt. Karangetang started flowing at around 5 p.m. on Wednesday. “It went toward the Kahetang River, around 2,000 meters from the crater. The new dome on its peak collapsed during the eruption, causing the hot lava flow,” he said.
Bob added that Mt. Karangetang’s volcanic alert status remained at Level 2, indicating the need for caution, despite Wednesday’s eruption. “We call on all residents in Boro, Tararone subdistrict, East Siau district, to stay alert because the potential for the volcano to spew pyroclastic clouds is still huge. The peak of Mt. Karangetang cannot be monitored visually because it is still shrouded with thick ash plumes,” said Bob. –Jakarta Post
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1 Response to N. Sulawesi volcano spews lava 2 kilometers

  1. niebo says:

    OK dudes just so ya know, yeah: In the Indonesian version of Webster’s dictionary, ‘Kurangatang” is defined as “gassy” . . . and, come on, it spewed ash into just a TWO (2) KILOMETERS high column. ? ? Really? Krakatoa blew up so loud that EVERYBODY heard it and/or felt the concussion in the dirt, and the column of its ash cloud darkened the entire earth. For example, the penguins heard it in Antarctica; they still cluck and pop and whirr about it to this day, “The Day of Boom” they call it. Well, coo it, is more like it. A Scots Highlander, engaged in a new game brainstormed by his mates, missed his first putt when the explosion blew his kilt above his waist. The apple fell on Newton’s head only AFTER the eruption shook it loose from the tree. They always leave out that part: a volcanic eruption is the actual causative event for the exposition of the laws of physics as we have come to understand them. So, without Krakatoa, we would not know why we get cold, or that, because the frequency bandwidth falls within a specific band within “light”, one theory suggests that it is possible for humans to watch the radio, and we could never explain why yard-darts hit people in the head. Krakatoa changed the world. In six months, Kurangatang will, er, still sound like “Orangatan” with a “k”.


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