Series of powerful quakes could herald new MEGA quake, warns top scientist

Mega Quake
April 2016GEOLOGY A series of powerful earthquakes which struck Asia and South America in the past week could be followed by a ‘mega’ quake in the near future, a scientist has claimed. On Thursday and yesterday, two earthquakes struck Japan, killing at least 41 people, causing landslides and widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure. Today, a 6.1 magnitude quake struck southeast of the Pacific island nation of Tonga, with no immediate reports of damage.
‘And if they delay, the strain accumulated during the centuries provokes more catastrophic mega earthquakes.’ In addition to the four major earthquakes to have struck since Thursday, last week there were also shakes in the Philippines, Vanuatu and Myanmar.
All of the earthquakes have occurred in countries straddling the so-called Ring of Fire. This is a horseshoe-shaped series of trenches spanning the Pacific Ocean where tectonic plates are shifting and seismic and volcanic activity is common. The U.S. Geological Survey, an independent agency which monitors natural hazards such as earthquakes, says ‘mega’ earthquakes are rare, but not impossible.
It says there is no fault line – the areas where shifting plates that make up the earth’s crusts meet – is known which is capable of generating a magnitude 10 earthquake. However, scientists cannot completely discount a ‘mega’ earthquake because they’ve only been measuring seismic activity for the past 100 years. Meanwhile, Japanese rescue teams were today scouring the splintered remains of buildings destroyed by the shakes as time ran out for finding survivors.
The 7.3 magnitude tremor which struck yesterday, killing at least 32 people, injured another thousand and caused widespread damage. In the village of Minamiaso, 11 people were ‘out of contact’, said public broadcaster NHK. Rescuers pulled 10 students out of a collapsed university apartment in the same settlement yesterday. The country’s second earthquake hit on the same day as a powerful 7.8 magnitude shake rocked coastal Ecuador. It was the largest earthquake to hit the country for several decades and a state of emergency was declared for four of the worst-affected regions. Officials said at least 77 people were killed, over 588 injured and the damage stretched for hundreds of miles to the capital and other major cities. –Daily Mail

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12 Responses to Series of powerful quakes could herald new MEGA quake, warns top scientist

  1. Hom says:

    Well here we go, we just entered into a New Schmita Cycle based on God’s reckoning of time. April 7th was the beginning this new cycle. All the big quakes struck after the start of the new 7th year cycle. This cycle will complete its course in 2023. So if you were looking for the rapture to have taken place, it didn’t happen. Look for this again after 2023. Because nothing will happen in between the cycle except bad omens. I believe WW III will happen during this cycle to set the stage for the Second Exodus after 2023. Date might not be exact. We’ll have to see how God will deal with Pride parade this summer and with the Baal altar thing that the occultist will erect in New York.



    • Dennis E. says:

      They have changed there minds and will not erect the temple of baal. Going to erect instead A representation of the Roman Victory Arch, allegedly. I think the one in England will still go up.


    • Bob says:

      What are you even talking about? You’re making up your own time tables for these things. And you’re saying ‘we’ll have to see how God will deal with Pride parade this summer?’ What does that even mean?Seriously Stop using God to make your false claims of what He will do. please stop it’s not right.


      • Hom says:

        Bob, maybe God will do nothing good or evil during this coming Pride parade. But the stench of this sin will be unbearable in his nostrils that he might just do something bad. Now that Gay Marriage is legalized for the whole world to be accept perhaps the cup of God’s wrath for this sin is ready to be poured out, and it could happen during this time.

        God has a time clock and that time clock is Jerusalem! And he operates in cycles of 7th.
        6 days labor and 7th is Sabbath—6 years of growing crops 7th is rest or year of release. God also has set times for his people they are called the Feasts of the LORD. There Spring Feasts and Fall Feasts. Both of these has to be fulfilled. And we know that the Spring Feasts has been fulfilled, but the Fall Feasts has yet to find there fulfillment in the Second Coming of our Messiah.

        God promised what could not be understood in Daniels days would be revealed in the last days. And I accepted this as to be true as revealed to his servant Eliyahu ben David, at I had always wondered that there has to be exact timing for events to unfold so we can track Bible prophecy and not just assume. Now that we know how to read God’s time clock we can be in synch with his doings. Or put what has transpired into correct prophetic event. Sorry if my English is poor. Since man is fallible I’m free to be corrected if correction is needed.



  2. Yellow Bird says:

    alvin, over the last 12 hours or so- there has been a slew of little bitty but Very Shallow jigglers on the West Coast from AK down to Baja, and inland to NV, WY & MT. a lot of these are registering as only 0-3km deep. even more odd, 3 in WY/MT registered at a Negative Depth… the epicentres were above ground?


    • I’ve been watching that. And 6.0 magnitude earthquakes in Vanuatu and Sandwich Islands.


      • Yellow Bird says:

        oh good, i knew you’d be on it. they downgraded those bigger earthquakes, they are calling them 5.9 now… “it sounds better”…
        i feel really concerned by the sudden uptick in these “negative depth” things.
        > 3:02pm 2.3 / -1km Klamath Falls OR
        > 2:52pm 2.0 / -1km Bend OR
        > 12:17pm 2.0 / -2km Big Pine CA
        > 5:13am 1.9 / -1km Hogback WY
        > 4:08am 2.5 / -3km Virginia City MT
        > 12:56am 2.9 / -2km Virginia City MT
        > 9:46pm 3.0 / -3km Virginia City MT
        looking over the past month i saw Butte MT and quite a few spots in OR had more of these “negative depth” quakes. USGS labelled all the ones in Oregon as “explosions” but left the ones in other states as “earthquakes”. i could find not a lick of news on any such gigantic explosions large enough to register on the richter. no news on a single “explosion” that registered today in any of these states.
        Plus these “negative depths” just started showing up really recently- i looked back over 6 months for all of the western states, and found hardly any prior to the last 2-3 weeks. i feel like something is not adding up well…
        what are your thoughts about these?


      • Depth is negative. I’m not sure quite what you’re referring to by the terminology. Please explain.


      • Yellow Bird says:

        look at this Montana State Uni page “Recent Earthquakes in Yellowstone Region”
        Virginia City & Hoback had 4 of the negative depth occurences yesterday… looks like Virginia City is in the midst of a swarm of little movements- they show 20 in the last week


    • Yellow Bird says:

      sorry its been a few days… i just saw your question. well, that is actually my question too- i don’t know what i am seeing, how can a depth be shown as negative unless it originates above ground? but, that is how a number of these latest little quakes were rated.
      The last one i see was on 4/22: Butte MT 1.7 / -2km depth.
      Before that on 4/21: Bend OR 2.0 / -1km

      It makes no sense… there is NO news of so many above ground explosions in remote areas. Surely any booms intense enough to register on the Richter scale would be talked about… so i can’t think what these numbers mean? but they are clustering.

      Since 2 days ago, there are no more of those strange reverse depths- but i am still seeing a lot of 0km depths registering, especially in CA…NV…AK… Cobb CA is having quite a few very shallow ones. Bend Oregon area registered 4 of those “negative” REVERSED depth readings… all within the last 2 weeks, all along Hwy 97… and do look at Butte MT, the reversed depth readings began abruptly 8 months ago. In that case, there are SO MANY that i suppose it could be mining explosions… but even so- surely there would be some news of loud sounds?

      so, ive no idea what these measurements may mean… but they are appearing, in clusters, in certain areas, and recently. and they are not isolated, other “normal” small quakes are occuring in those areas too.


  3. Wiseguy says:

    Top scientist!!! It makes me laugh every time I read “scientist”. They are narrow-minded and can’t see the whole scenario unfolding in front of their own eyes!!! Earth’s evolution is always expanding and we’re living a period of major natural changes, stay close to nature and you’ll feel it. Human hate changes, they’re comfortable in their day by day routine, keeping their heads in the sand is easier than facing reality… They’ll be caught by surprise soon enough…

    Liked by 1 person

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