Nights of terror: Some sleep in cars after two nights of quakes kill 41 in Japan – earthquakes now moving up fault lines

Japan P
April 2016 JAPAN The wooden home barely withstood the first earthquake. An even stronger one the next night dealt what might have been the final blow – if not to the house, then to the Tanaka family’s peace of mind. The Tanakas joined about 50 other residents of the southern Japanese town of Ozu who were planning to sleep in their cars at a public park Saturday after two nights of increasingly terrifying earthquakes that have killed 41 people and injured about 1,500, flattened houses and triggered major landslides.
“I don’t think we can go back there. Our life is in limbo,” said 62-year-old Yoshiaki Tanaka, as other evacuees served rice balls for dinner. He, his wife and his 85-year-old mother fled their home after a magnitude-7.3 earthquake struck Saturday at 1:25 a.m., just 28 hours after a magnitude-6.5 quake hit the same area. Army troops and other rescuers, using military helicopters to reach some stranded at a mountain resort, rushed Saturday to try to reach scores of trapped residents in hard-hit communities near Kumamoto, a city of 740,000 on the southwestern island of Kyushu.

Heavy rain started falling Saturday night, threatening to complicate the relief operation and set off more mudslides. “Daytime today is the big test” for rescue efforts, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said early Saturday. Landslides had already cut off roads and destroyed bridges, slowing down rescuers. Nearly 200,000 homes were without electricity, Japanese media reported, and an estimated 400,000 households were without running water. Kumamoto prefectural official Riho Tajima said that more than 200 houses and other buildings had been either destroyed or damaged, and that 91,000 people had evacuated from their homes.
Hundreds of people lined up for rations at distribution points before nightfall, bracing for the rain and strong winds that were expected. Local stores quickly ran out of stock and shuttered their doors, and people said they were worried about running out of food. Police in Kumamoto prefecture said that at least 32 people had died from Saturday morning’s earthquake. Nine died in the quake on Thursday night. More than half the deaths were in Mashiki, a town on the eastern border of Kumamoto city that was hit hardest by the first quake.

Japan Landslide

Japan’s Kyodo news agency reported that four people were missing in Minamiaso, a more rural area farther east of Kumamoto where the landslides were triggered by the second quake. One landslide tore open a mountainside in Minamiaso from the top to a highway below. Another gnawed at a highway, above a smashed house that had fallen down a ravine. In another part of the village, houses were hanging precariously at the edge of a huge hole cut open in the earth. –680 News

Mystery Foam

An unexplained carpet of foamy bubbles filled streets in the centre of the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka in the early hours of Saturday morning – shortly after tremors from a devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.3 shook the town. Twitter users posted pictures of the mysterious foam, with one calling it “disgusting. I saw it just after the earthquake,” said Kazuki Nabeta, who lives in the busy central district of Tenjin, where the bubbles were found. Some have speculated that the earthquake may have caused an underground pipe to burst.

Foam 2

At least 29 people have been killed by the earthquakes, which injured more than 1,500 and left many more homeless.  A spokesperson at the Fukuoka town hall said they did not know anything about the bubbles, which remain a mystery. –Independent

TEP Radio

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9 Responses to Nights of terror: Some sleep in cars after two nights of quakes kill 41 in Japan – earthquakes now moving up fault lines

  1. Yellow Bird says:

    “bubbles… what bubbles?”

    as always, the people can count on their authorities to be forthcoming and transparent.
    transparent as bubbles


    • Rain says:

      Could the foam be sea water foam?
      I’ll never forget after the eq and tsunami in 2011, seeing video’s of cracks in the ground moving apart, and back together like waves coming in and out.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      on GLP, a Japanese poster makes these descriptions of the foam…
      > “It has been 4 hours since we came into contact with the foam. Munakata is shaking!
      Here in Munakata earthquake tremors are occuring every hour. There is fear of a greater quake which will destroy the city. All over the streets and fields there is a strange white foam which burned my leg and that of my sister.
      It is hell here and we are thinking of leaving with our parents.”
      > “Whatever the foam is, it will burn your skin if you stand in it too long. It continues to build up and in some places it rises as high as my head. Chunks blow off in the breeze and settle in the trees. We have never seen anything like it.
      The sky dawned bright red this morning over the sea and there was a small tremor around six. Many are worried for our families and homes.”

      the thread is on GLP titled “It Has Been 4 Hours Since We Came Into Contact With The Foam” OP posted from Munakata Japan, but only twice. hoping he will post again.

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  2. Yellow Bird says:

    now Ecuador has had shallow 7.8 quake with no obvious precursors. some are wondering if it could be a “foreshock” like what happened in Japan.
    there seems to be lack of english news. leaving westerners to think it struck in the “middle of the jungle” i suppose.
    actually, epicentre was not far from one of Ecuador’s biggest cities (Santo Domingo DLC) there will be bad damage and possible injuries/deaths-

    one comment on GLP…
    “Just talked to friends in Manta, lots of damage, no power and sirens everywhere, lots of broken glass and one friend said collapsed buildings in his neighborhood!”
    Manta is farther away than Santo Domingo DLC, which will have been hit worse. There are reports that all power in Santo Domingo is knocked out…

    for better news results, google “Terremoto” with names of Ecuadoran cities, rather than “Ecuador earthquake”

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  3. Yellow Bird says:

    one more Ecuador news site, this one has more photos. at least one person reported dead at this time. some Twitter reports say up to 28 dead.
    some folks in Ecuador are wondering whether there is connection with Japans quakes.

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  4. Beano McReano says:

    The earth foaming at the mouth for the sins of mankind? They were never very responsible for releasing so much radioactivity into the ocean and polluting the Pacific probably permanently.

    I am shocked for such a caring advanced technological nation to do this. Don’t understand it. Has Japan lost its way???


  5. Methane can cause this kind of Foam and makes sense that it is getting released.


    • Rain says:

      In YellowBird’s post above, someone reported that the foam burned their skin after standing in it, so I wonder in methane would do that?


      • Yellow Bird says:

        you got me wondering same…
        found this video. VERY INTERESTING. he does it with Methane Gas injected into Soapy Water, and the comments below provide some addl clues


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