The Extinction Protocol

The Coming Storm

Today’s forecast: A storm is coming 

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15 Responses to The Extinction Protocol

  1. Truthy1 says:

    10 am Washington Metro Area Hail just passed and now at 39.9 degrees we have snow showers ! Geo-engineering is unreal !

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    • charlotte King says:

      I find that fascinating.. I have only one comment, actually two.. first and foremost its SPRING and this is typical Spring weather in Oregon Washington? in April.. we have had in past years hail, snow, winds and freezing temperatures. This year its been very mild and we have had a week of above normal temps… the other point I will mention which I am not feeling at this time is beginning with the May 18, 1980 eruption of St Helens in Washington here in Salem we experienced a brief hailstorm 3 days before the eruption, this has happened every time, even in July, August. Why I am not sure, I know volcanoes can make their own weather but why Salem is beyond me.. Weather engineering is real I understand that but I think you are on the back edge of the recent storm that made its way down from Canada and experiencing the Spring Weather that I recall as being very normal.


  2. bobby90247 says:

    Sooo…what’s unusual about snow showers at 39.9 degrees? You do realize that dependent upon Barometric pressure and a host of “other” criteria, it is possible to have snow at even warmer temperatures and NOT have snow or hail at temperatures colder than 32.0 degrees…right!


    • charlotte King says:

      Thanks as a official spotter for the National Weather Service here in Salem, OR I am well aware of the strange weather phenomena that can happen, snow, hail and more. There are many reliable links that you can get a daily update on quakes, volcanic eruptions and solar flares. All can and at time do affect the weather but for the purpose of this post, I will only state my personal opinion, Snow in April May and June have happened here in my area and its not all that unusual. This year we did not get any snow at my elevation.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Sorely missed.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    I saw a report on the internet, one week there was 6-7 major earthquakes and no volcanoes
    The next week, 6-7 Volcanoes, no earthquakes.
    Can’t get folks at work to look at some sites that report earth changes and such.
    Going to catch many unaware.
    I am thankful I was able to get my parents an alternate source of energy.

    I am under the believe that April is going to be rough. They are going to post a Baal worship arch
    in New York City this month and one in London.

    In 2015, in Oklahoma City they posted a Satanic Statue sitting with children around what appears to be a throne. This year that state has had 3,000 earthquakes.
    Posted three days ago on Steve Quayles web site.

    Oklahoma, United States has had: (M1.5 or greater)

    3 earthquakes today
    40 earthquakes in the past 7 days
    217 earthquakes in the past month
    3,382 earthquakes in the past year

    .They moved the 10 commandments at night, after that.

    God doesn’t like being mocked or have anyone or thing be placed above him and regarded higher than him. yes a storm is coming.


  5. Yellow Bird says:

    Madness is growing…

    glad to see you posting again


  6. Dennis E. says:

    Good news out of this, but The alleged Temple Baal going to be reproduced in New York has been canceled and instead digital representation of The Roman Victory Arch.


  7. Wiseguy says:

    Alvin, glad to see you back again, what are your toughts about Planet IX sending debris from Kuyper Belt on us this april !!!


    • Kuiper Belt

      No, not a chance if such a body even exists at all. I don’t mind discussing exoplanets and TNOs as long as the gravitational laws, Kepler’s laws, and the force of pertubation are accurately accessed in such scenarios. A body , whose mass, was weak enough to be expelled from the inner periphery of the solar system is suddenly strong enough to dislodge objects in the Kuiper belt and send them hurling towards Earth and reaching us in just 19 days is even more preposterous. This sounds more like science fiction that fact. The Kuiper Belt is 4.5 billion miles (7.4 billion km) from Earth. The Voyager 2 spacecraft was launched on Aug 20, 1977 and it reached Neptune on Aug 24, 1989. So, Voyager 2 took about twelve years to reach Neptune. Voyager’s top speed was 38,610 mph or 17 kilometers per second. The average speed of a comet is between 10 and 70 km/second. The fastest comet we have ever observed was ISON which was clocked at 95,000 mph – reaching a top speed of 845,000 mph at perihelion. Let’s remember Pluto is a TNO in the Kuiper belt also. Objects are dislodged from the Kuiper Belt all the time but it has more to do with the gravity of the Giant planets and the Sun than anything else.

      Our greatest worries should probably be from dark comets, large asteroids, or very large comets with very high velocities like ISON that would be on a collision course with Earth. It would be impossible to divert, destroy, or deflect such a doomsday comet.

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