Earthquake strikes major volcano site in Iceland

Barabunda Volcano
April 2016ICELANDThere was a major earthquake on the northern edge of the Bárðarbunga volcanic craters at around midnight last night. The quake measured 4.2 on the Richter scale and is therefore the largest quake to have hit the famous volcano since it stopped erupting in February last year. According to Bjarki Fries, a natural disasters specialist with the Icelandic met office, the earthquake emanated from 3.5 kilometers underground. Around 15 aftershocks have already been measured, the most powerful of which was a 3.5 quake at 01.00 this morning.
Met office earthquakes specialist Martin Hensch told RÚV that there is no evidence of lava movements or of any eruption activity connected to the earthquakes, but that the situation will be monitored carefully. There were two quakes in the same location on April 3, measuring 3.4 and 3 on the Richter scale. The recent eruption at Bárðarbunga, often known as Holuhraun, lasted from late August 2014 to late February 2015, and despite not affecting aviation or physically threatening any human settlements, it caused dangerous levels of pollution around Iceland and produced more new lava than almost any other eruption in Iceland since the Vikings first arrived. –Iceland Review
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9 Responses to Earthquake strikes major volcano site in Iceland

  1. Thomas Criss says:

    Glad you’re posting again. Sure miss the info/updates.

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  2. Likewise good to see your posts again Alvin 🙂


  3. charlotte King says:

    I have to make a comment here.. this is not a put down but as one who is writing about quakes from one who has researched them over 37 years, a 4.5 quake is in no way or strength a Major Quake it would not even be a moderate quake.. it is a light quake. This from USGS
    Earthquakes are also classified in categories ranging from minor to great, depending on their magnitude.
    Class Magnitude
    Great 8 or more
    Major 7 – 7.9
    Strong 6 – 6.9
    Moderate 5 – 5.9
    Light 4 – 4.9
    Minor 3 -3.9
    I had some thoughts about the quakes and went on their website in Iceland to check out some information and then I did my back ground research. I believe this swarm is being caused by geothermal drilling at new or existing wells at the volcanoes Geothermal plant.
    This is from the link I was researching for geothermal drilling in Icelands volcanic fields.
    They are referring t the Bardarbunga volcano.
    I know this is true as we are having the same issues in the US mostly in CA but also in OR due to drilling for geothermal energy… CA Sierras near Mammoth Lakes and The Geysers the home of the largest Geothermal Plant in the world.. and Newberry Crater in OR where they are drilling and causing hundreds of quakes in Bend and OR they are drilling and causing hundreds if not thousands of quakes in Lakeview OR… many have been over 4.0 They are drilling in Turkey and causing thousands of quakes along the Turkey, Greece Dodecanese Border.

    This is where the quakes are taking place in Iceland.

    At Bárdarbunga nature did the cooling and hardening on a scale that is quite honestly well beyond what even a bunch of the world’s largest geothermal power plants could ever do. From this we can learn that a power plant situated on top of magma reservoir would minisculy harden the roof of the reservoir, and minisculy increase the risk of a flank eruption..
    Now back to the first rule of geothermal power harvesting. It is very hard to avoid doing this close to, or in a faultline, since almost all volcanoes exist at faultlines. In Iceland geothermal energy is harvested at faultlines or even triple-junction faultlines. This practice causes tectonic earthquake swarms as pressurized water enters the faultlines.

    This can’t be good can it? No and yes is the answer to that. Yes you risk having series of earthquakes from the faultline as the pressurized water lubricates the faultline. Because it is true that the water would cause the rock on both side of the faultline to slide easier and this causes more earthquakes. On the other hand, all of these earthquakes releases energy that otherwise would have been dispersed in one large earthquake.

    Yes, water-injection into a faultline would cause hundreds to tens of thousands of earthquakes ranging from M1 to M5. But on the other hand neither of those would cause widespread destruction. And it would lower the energy level of the next big natural earthquake, or even hindering a big natural earthquake to occur at all.

    One thing is though clear, no large earthquake (M6+) has ever been caused by water injection. The reason for this is that the water injection is taking place locally and a large earthquake happens as a long distance of the faultline rips open.


  4. curtis gustafson says:

    So wonderful to see you Alvin..Prayed for you this morning ..God Bless You !!


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