Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano settles down after late March eruption

Pavlof Volcano
April 2016ALASKA A remote Alaska volcano has settled down more than a week after it sent an ash cloud 37,000 feet into the sky. Officials at the Alaska Volcano Observatory in Anchorage say in a Wednesday release that eruptive activity at Pavlof Volcano has ended, and they downgraded its alert level to advisory status.
The volcano 625 miles southwest of Anchorage on the Alaska Peninsula erupted with little warning on March 27. It sent an ash cloud about 7 miles into the air, which later drifted across interior Alaska and into Canada. Alaska Airlines canceled nearly 70 flights because of the ash, which can damage plane engines. Authorities say Pavlof is one of Alaska’ most active volcanoes, and it could again start erupting with little warning. –ABC News

TEP Radio Earth Crisis

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