Cliff collapses as 5.7-magnitude earthquake rocks New Zealand

Quake NZ

February 2016 NEW ZEALAND – A cliff near New Zealand city of Christchurch collapsed on Sunday after a 5.7-magnitude quake struck the South Island city. The New Zealand government’s GeoNet monitoring service said the moderate quake was centered 15 km east of the city at a depth of 15 km, Xinhua reported. The US Geological Survey put the magnitude of the temblor at 5.8 with a relatively shallow depth of 8.2 km. Emergency services said part of a cliff collapsed in Sumner district in Christchurch. A video clip posted on the social media showed a huge dust cloud following the collapse.
Police cordoned off nearby access to the fallen cliff and local electricity service said at least 450 homes were left without power. Earthquake Minister Gerry Brownlee said he has not received reports of injuries or deaths and engineers were on the ground to assess any damage. “It’s clearly not a state of civil emergency at the present time,” he said. The service of cable car in Christchurch was halted after the quake, according to Shu Pei, a Chinese resident in the city. The University of Canterbury evacuated its Christchurch campus as part of normal safety precautions but there were no reports of damage, a spokesperson said. The quake struck just a week before the fifth anniversary of a deadly 6.3-magnitude. –Business Standard
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3 Responses to Cliff collapses as 5.7-magnitude earthquake rocks New Zealand

  1. Hi there, l am from Christchurch, NZ l was there in Christchurch when this quake happened which was initially according to GEONET recorded at 5.9 at 30km depth at about 10-15 kms of the beach. It is not as bad as some where claiming. It rattled the locals more from a Psychological point of view.


    Jeremy Compton


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    • Katnea says:

      Good to know that the quake wasn’t as bad as the media reported. And yes, it’s good to hear that you, and everyone else, didn’t sustain any injuries from it. That said, the psychological impact due to living in a location that’s known as a quake hotspot, well, that in itself has gotta be stressful. And nor can I imagine the degree of fear that must be ever present in each and every person who maintains a home on that Cliffside either. Earthquakes can also trigger volcanic action as well. Afteral, in 2012, Mount Tongariro exploded into life after 115 years. Oh and the thought of Mount Ngauruhoe, (AKA Mount Doom) erupting makes me stressed out just thinking about it! (Hah)


    • Yellow Bird says:

      thx for posting that addl info, as ive been wondering whether earthquake scales might have been dramatically downrated as some claim…
      what you said is more consistent with my own experiences growing up in a region & period in which 4+ and 5+ earthquakes were fairly common, and rarely damaging until over 6+


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