Increase in activity, strombolian explosions, pyroclastic flows reported at Guatemala’s Fuego volcano

Fuego Volcano
December 2015GUATEMALA The activity at Fuego might be picking up towards a new paroxysm (eruptive phase with strongly increased effusion rate, resulting in lava fountaining and lava flows). We camped on the SW side of the volcano last night, and observed mild to strong strombolian explosions that occurred at intervals between 1 and 10 minutes. The strongest explosions sent incandescent material to heights of up to approx. 500 m and similar distances. One particularly intense explosion was accompanied by a very strong shock wave.
Although not seen directly from our location, a pyroclastic flow occurred around 10:15 (local time): we observed the co-ignimbrite ash plume rising from what was likely a collapse of a new lava flow on the southern slope. According to staff at the Panimache volcano observatory, who confirmed our observation, the pyroclastic flow could have reached a length of 7 km and seems to herald the start of the 14th paroxysm of Fuego in 2015… Following the initial sighting of the brownish ash plume, it gradually spread around the whole southern slopes and caused fine ash fall in the area lasting about 2 hours, graying all vegetation. –Volcano Discovery
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6 Responses to Increase in activity, strombolian explosions, pyroclastic flows reported at Guatemala’s Fuego volcano

  1. Thank you for all that you have shared Alvin.. Wishing you a Very Happy New Year, May we all have a blessed 2016.. xxx Sue


  2. Yellow Bird says:

    mother earth is setting off her fireworks
    looks like we made it to one more new year…
    CREATOR’s Blessings to you in 2016, Alvin- i pray HIS Gifts of Strength & a Steadfast Spirit over you, and over all who arrive at your site i pray for Awareness & Awakening


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Like to echo Sue Dreamwalkers comments, Alvin
    Happy New Year, be Blessed.


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