Winter hits Chihuahua with 25cm of snow – climate change blamed for series of winter storms

Mexico Snow
December 2015MEXICO Winter struck the state of Chihuahua with a vengeance Saturday, leaving snow up to 25 centimeters deep and temperatures as low as -17 C in the mountain region of Tarahumara. It was either cold or very cold throughout the state, said Civil Protection operations director Virgilio Cepeda, with average snow accumulation measuring 15 centimeters in 52 of the state’s 67 municipalities. The snow began falling Saturday night and continued for some 16 hours.
Seven flights were canceled at the Ciudad Juárez airport and parts of many highways were temporarily closed. Three-hundred emergency shelters were opened. One fatality has been reported as a result of a motor vehicle accident on the Chihuahua-Parral highway. Civil Protection coordinator Luis de Jesús Luján Peña said the fifth winter storm of the season was a result of the conjunction of cold front No. 24, maritime air and a jet stream, and a consequence of climate change. The winter storm also struck Sonora, where four municipalities reported low temperatures. Lowest was recorded in Yécora, where the mercury dropped to -9.5 C. –Mexico News Daily
Mexico Snow 2
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5 Responses to Winter hits Chihuahua with 25cm of snow – climate change blamed for series of winter storms

  1. Helen Parks says:

    I wonder when people will realize our planet has tipped somewhat…the Inuit have been trying to let us know this for some time… our summer normally does not see us using our air conditioners until the second week in January – but that has been and happened in November – the moving of the seasons is nothing to do with human activity and everything to do with the activity of our planet

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  2. suez62 says:

    Climate change my rear end! Try Man made Chem-trails, and Harrp!


  3. Jimbob says:

    This “Climate Change” has a lot to answer to.

    At least ” Global Warming” is being given some respite.

    Is Pluto a planet?

    No Pluto is not a planet. So who decided this? Lots and lots of very clever people who decided that the planets needed “definition” . It needed to meet x,y and z to be classed as a planet.

    So,………… Is Pluto a planet?

    Does “Global Warming” cause “Climate Change”?

    Or does “Climate Change” cause “Global Warming”?

    (Or could it just be a strong El Nino year?)

    At least we have “Lots and lots of very clever people” to answer all these very important questions.

    So we have nothing to worry about.

    Lucky us.?


  4. George says:

    It’s Total Climate Chaos, which was to fall upon our heads in 500 days, but as of today was only 102 days late. Get ready for the Polar Shift, it’ll be a beaut.


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