Growing unrest at Masaya volcano: Is another Nicaraguan volcano getting ready to erupt?

Masaya Volcano
December 2015 NICARAGUA According to local press articles referring to information from INETER, the volcano’s activity is on the rise, with “lava being close to the surface.” The main crater of the volcano appears covered with debris from rockfalls from the crater walls, but visible incandescence, strong degassing sounds and small flames (from combusting gasses) jetting from between cracks on the floor, suggest that lava might be not far underneath and could again lead to the formation of a new lava lake, last observed in 1999.
On the other hand, seismic activity has been at low levels and not shown significant variations recently, not suggesting that significant movements of magma towards the surface have taken place. Also, the incandescence of the vent at the main crater has been there for a number of years already. The volcano’s last major eruption was in 2208. –Volcano Discovery
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One Response to Growing unrest at Masaya volcano: Is another Nicaraguan volcano getting ready to erupt?

  1. Hom says:

    I wonder at the climate change summit past week if the globalist address volcanoes as part of the cause for climate change? Not that believe in climate change, the only change I believe in is the globalists taken over other sovereign nations rights to govern its own affair through their make belief of global warming.



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