Elon Musk says human race should go to Mars before WWIII or cataclysm destroys life on Earth

Earth Evac TEP
December 2015SPACEMankind may only have a brief window to set foot on Mars before a disaster such as a third World War makes it no longer possible, Elon Musk has warned. The founder of SpaceX, which was the first private company to resupply the International Space Station, fears such a war could set back technological advancements. His company is preparing to announce its ambitious plans for rocket and spacecraft technology to carry humans to the red planet.
Speaking in an interview with GQ, he said such a mission may be important to help ensure the long term survival of mankind. In particular, he believes a Martian colony could help to ensure humanity survives if there is ever a calamity on Earth that destroys life here. ‘You back up your hard drive…. Maybe we should back up life, too?’ he said. However, Musk, 44, who co-founded PayPal, insisted it was important for mankind to seize the opportunity to visit Mars while there is currently the technology and the impetus.
He warned there may only be a brief amount of time to accomplish this mission before something like a war or religious extremism causes a move against technology. Musk said: “I think we need to acknowledge that there’s certainly a possibility of a third World War, and if that does occur it could be far worse than anything that’s happened before. ‘Let’s say nuclear weapons are used. I mean, there could be a very powerful social movement that’s anti-technology. There’s also growth in religious extremism. Like, I mean, does ISIS grow…?’ SpaceX is currently one of two private companies providing cargo resupply missions to the International Space Station.
He said: ‘I think it’s gonna seem pretty crazy, no matter what. It’s really big. There’s not been any architecture like this described that I’m aware of. Earlier this year NASA employees revealed a ‘budget’ plan to send a SpaceX capsule to the red planet in 2020 to return samples left by the next Mars rover. Musk also recently discussed an idea to make Mars more habitable by using ‘nuclear pulses’ in the upper atmosphere to heat the planet. –Daily Mail
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26 Responses to Elon Musk says human race should go to Mars before WWIII or cataclysm destroys life on Earth

  1. suez62 says:

    Ha Ha!


  2. sulah1 says:

    Another man trying to out-do God

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    • yea, outdo the higher powers – he has great visions and I think he is on point with his opinion on war and cataclysm but living in space? How about lets stop the evil bastards on earth and help repair this earth. I am tired of people running from problems.


  3. sharonstjoan says:

    Does this mean that since we have now destroyed our own planet, we should go destroy other worlds as well?


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Wonderful fantasy. There are people here on this planet who are looking/expecting the appearance of extraterrestrial life “seeds of the gods”. Those beings “Ancient Astronauts” who allegedly came and seeded this planet. It is possible humans may place a colony on Mars. In my opinion if the current Middle East Crisis is not settled, much of the population is going no where except into eternity.


  5. Suzanne says:

    I agree that it’s logical, but he’s wrong to say that the technology exists to get us there. We have yet to solve the twin problems of radiation shielding and protection from micro-meteors, space junk, etc. Mars is a very long way from earth and many calamaties could occur during the voyage from which the astronauts could not recover.


  6. David says:

    Instead of talking about Mars how about we solve the problems we have here on earth. The funds of all our governments should be going to enhance human life and bring us closer together. All I see is a decrepit State surrounded by corruption which pushes for an illusionary monetary system and a military complex that loves crisis and wars to push the ill advised agenda of a Fascist not socialist State. We need to wake up!! We are not free but still in chains.


  7. Yellow Bird says:

    hi alvin…
    this made its way to my inbox today:

    “The Paris Conference of Parties has officially ended with 195 nations signing up to a partially legally binding program of measures for curbing climate change. Green Prophet’s read the 31-page agreement and we urge you to do the same. Find the full report here, saving you an unnecessary online search (which Google estimates as producing 0.02 grams of CO2), but what’s it boil down to?
    1. It’s a global pact that for the first time asks all countries to limit their GHG emissions
    2. Between now and the year 2100 participating nations must commit to keeping average global temperatures from rising another 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit between now and the year 2100.
    3. Wealthy developed nations are to give financial support to developing countries involved in the pact, to the tune of $100 billion USD per year by 2020. According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change website, funding may come from bilateral or multilateral, public or private sources, including creative financing (such as the French contribution to the financial transaction tax). Public financing may take several forms: multilateral funds such as the Green Climate Fund; multilateral or regional institutions such as the World Bank; government contributions; and bilateral institutions such as the Agence Française de Développement. (This scheme stands apart from the Green Climate Fund: only part of this newly agreed sum will pass through the Fund.)
    4. The pact now heads to the national legislatures of the 195 involved countries. At least 55 countries representing 55% of the world’s emission must sign on before 2020.

    The first UN Climate Change Conference was held in 1995 in Berlin, this international treaty to curb climate change has been twenty years in the making. But the heavy lift remains as nations decide which parts of it will be legally binding. Absent clear legal language to guarantee compliance, will COP21 be any more effective than previous climate agreements which fell flat over performance monitoring and enforcement.
    “A lot of that language is still in brackets,” Greenpeace representative Naomi Ages at told FRANCE 24 on Friday.

    Watch this space.”


  8. Hom says:

    No worry! man will not destroy this earth but the Creator will. Think about this you who believe in the end times, if man could destroy this earth by his most powerful weapon available how could God get the glory when its time for him to pour out his 7 bowls of wrath upon earth? And there;s that chance for the sinners for repentance after each bowl of wrath is poured out – if they survived that wrath. Though I believe WW III is likely but to think that nuclear weapons are going to explode in every part of this world is unlikely. Because it is estimated that when the 7 bowls of God’s wrath are through there will be around 1 billion survivors who will enter the Sabbath Millennium. It could be 1 billion people will perish during WW III, but I do not think God will allow too many to die during WW III. If half earth population die during WW III, people cannot say it was the wrath of God but the doing of man.



  9. You are all nuts if you believe that you can escape the wrath of God .Now you cannot .The reason that we are in this mess it is not because of any religious freaks but it is because man has become worst than in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, and God will not be mocked .You believe that just because you erased God from your lives:You can survive? no you will not! .When you renounce your God Satan takes over and he is a liar and deceitful serpent as he was from the beginning of the world ,He broth death to us in the time of Adam and Eve and he is doing it once again.You people are so gullible .Do you actually believe that Satan gives a rats ass about us? no he does not! in fact he hates all human being because we carry the Holy Image of God and so by manipulating us into following him :he is actually defacing the Holy Image of God .wake up children .Jesus is the way the Truth and the Life; without Jesus there is only one place you will go to and that is to hell with satan as your lord for all eternity and guess what he is going to make you relive and torture you with all the evil you have done on earth for all eternity.So be wise and choose life !


    • suez62 says:

      Amen, for the most part. Although to me, the torture will be the complete separation from God Almighty! 🙂


    • suez62 says:

      Well, I hope your right Edward, but I doubt it. No man knows the day nor the hour. Besides the antichrist hasn’t made his appearance as of yet. The two witness haven’t been here yet, and they will minister for 3 1/2 years! So, no, I don’t think so. Many, many things will happen yet. Lots that isn’t to pleasant to think about.


      • suez62 says:

        Says you. I don’t take a man’s opinion. I go by the word. Oh and by the way. Your know it all attitude and put downs will reach no one…:(


    • suez62 says:

      I don’t think so. So your a predesist then?


  10. George says:

    Wow! NASA Help Wanted Ad For Mars Astronauts
    Salary range: 66,026.00 to 144,566.00/Per Year
    Open period” Monday December 14, 2015 to Thursday February 2, 2016
    They aren’t kidding but there’s one drawback….it’s a one way trip.
    We’ll probably be into WWIII or the Cataclysm before all is ready for blast off.


  11. Tony says:

    The one planet that supports our life and run to how knows what seems silly to me. God put “Man” on this earth to live. When Jesus Christ returns He will rule and fix the mess we have made. Same old story line from a SiFi movie, man not God will prevail.


  12. Noirfifre says:

    Is that ‘nuclear pulses’ safe? (Notwithstanding the crazy Mars trip).


  13. Beau says:

    What a waste of effort
    Here’s a cheaper alternative,return society to the core values of the book.Which ever one you want
    Ten years of love and peace will see our world improve beyond imagine.
    Sigh,Supertramp song keeps ringing,”your nothing but a dre….”
    “We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for”-Hopi
    Lets do it.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      WE would, if WE could…
      but we cant. we are lost beings.
      We need CREATOR to Walk among us. We need HIM to Live within us.

      We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for… to cry out to HIM in sorrowful humility.

      Liked by 1 person

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