69: Nicaragua’s Momotombo volcano erupts for first time in 110 years, spouts ash and lava

Momotombo Volcano
December 2015 NICARAGUAA volcano in Nicaragua has erupted for the first time in 110 years, spouting ash and lava. The Momotombo volcano, near Lake Managua in the country’s west, began erupting this week, National Geographic reported. The eruption began on Monday, when ash and lava started to spew from the mountain. Local media said people began feeling tremors about two weeks ago.
An update from the Washington Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre on Friday said seismic activity in the area was decreasing. Momotombo erupted 10 times between 1849 and 1905 before going quiet for more than a century. It had previously erupted in the 1600s, forcing the relocation of the city of Leon Viejo by about 50 kilometers to the present-day city of Leon, closer to Nicaragua’s west coast. The mountain’s summit is 1,297 meters tall. –ABC News
TEP Radio Earth Crisis
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