50 small earthquakes have rattled northwest in the last week

Quakes NW
December 2015STANWOOD, Wash.The U.S. Geological Survey says our region has seen more than 50 small earthquakes in just the last seven days, including a magnitude 3.0 quake in Stanwood on Monday morning. “I did not feel the one today,” said Farmer’s Caf server Kylie Johnson. But, she said just the news of the small quake is still a bit unsettling. “It’s true that there’s been more activity than usual this week,” said seismologist John Vidale with the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network at the University of Washington. In fact, Vidale said there’s been more recent activity at Glacier Peak since they’ve been monitoring siesmic activity in that area over for the past fifty years. Recently, there was a 3.1 then a 3.5 an hour later and then aftershocks.
“We’re not considering it alarming, we’re certainly watching it more carefully in fact we look very carefully at that area and we could find ten little aftershocks,” said Vidale. Many of the earthquakes in the region have no relation to each other and sit on different fault lines. Scientists tell us all this activity really has no effect on the big earthquake that experts say is due anytime. “So if we were hoping to let up the pressure that magnitude six would release, we’d need a thousand magnitude threes,” said Vidale. Despite the fact that locally it’s been a busy week, geologically speaking, it gives geologists no insight into what’s next.
“It makes me feel like the world is just going to break apart it’s scary. It’s a scary thought,” said Johnson. Farmer’s Caf cutomer Evelyn Harrison isn’t terribly alarmed. But, she does plan to go home and prepare her earthquake kit. “I just go along for the ride but, I probably should be more concerned than that,” she said. You can monitor the most recent geological activity on the Pacific Northwest Siesmology Network website. –KBOI2
Earth Crisis
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7 Responses to 50 small earthquakes have rattled northwest in the last week

  1. I believe there was a 4.2 this morning…Is the Juan Defuca plate making a block against rising magma pushing it into already formed mountains? Is it from the shifting of other plate areas changing the pressure gradient in the western USA ?
    Only time will tell but it will be interesting to see what happens when tides again run very high later this month around Christmas. Right now tides are running low and calm.
    Around the middle of this month tides spike a bit but increase greatly about the 21st of December through Christmas. This also full moon and the Earth being near perigee with the sun and of course the winter solstice.

    Alvin; I am praying for you and your loved ones to be safe in the storm. Thank you again for enlightening us to what is happening in the world around us. Be blessed!


    • Large earthquake window: December 21 to the 25th

      Thank you, JSS. Wishing you the same.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      thank you so much for lining all these events up JSS, i have been wondering at the sudden uptick in mainstream new reporting “earthquake preparedness” and potential for a coming Big One At Some Point… obviously this is a thing that “woo observers” (such as we who value this board so highly) have been talking about for some time… but what, i wondered, could possibly be the motive for Mainstream Media to suddenly take up the alarm??
      reading your post just now… some pieces just clicked into place.

      metaphysically entwined somehow with our mother’s geologic drama… spiritual activity is also reaching fever pitch…. Darkness is falling fast across the land now… yes do you hear the Storm is Howling… Dreams and Awareness are increasing, even as the church age enters its final collaspe… HE is Calling to HIS children, all who will hear HIM through the raging of the Storm…

      my prayers for all here, and most especially you Alvin, whatever happens Hold Tight to the Life Rope… TRUST HIM… pray for HIS FULL AWAKENING…
      ITS TIME


      • Thank you Yellow Bird! I would also like to offer my wishes for everyone on board for peace in their hearts as we celebrate God sending his only begotten son to become incarnate to share with us sinners life on this planet existence, to teach us of God’s great love for us, and to die for us that our sins would be washed away..Because of God’s gift we have hope and we persevere with that hope of the promise of HIS resurrection for us with him..


      • Yellow Bird says:

        oh Joseph, YES… HE is the Very Best Gift of All!
        and today, we had one more day in which to Celebrate 🙂


      • Yes Yellow Bird and sometimes I see the ” mainstream government run media ” like the people in the time of Noah… Laughing at him and his family until the water got up to their noses and then tripping over each other to report on their own demise while all along the LITERALLY missed the boat! [ salvation ].


  2. B. says:

    Edgar Cayce said to keep a close watch on Mount Etna’s activity, as it could be a precursor to
    a big quake hitting L.A.


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