Mysterious space junk hurtling towards Earth crashes into Indian Ocean

Space Junk
November 2015SPACE A mysterious piece of space junk that was detected hurtling towards Earth about a month ago splashed down in the Indian Ocean this morning, scientists said. The space debris, named WT1190F, entered the Earth’s atmosphere and landed off the coast of Sri Lanka, according to NASA. Scientists first spotted the object on Oct. 3 and have been tracking its movements since then so they were able to predict when and where it would hit. “It was never a threat to anyone on Earth because of its small size,” NASA spokeswoman Laura Castillo told ABC News today.
The object landed in the Indian Ocean about 50 miles off the coast of Sri Lanka at roughly 1:15 a.m. Eastern time today, Castillo said. Though the exact nature of the object remains unknown, and likely will for a long time, Castillo said that it is believed to be a “low-density” man-made object. “So that would suggest something like panel as opposed to something round or more dense,” Castillo said.
In terms of size, Castillo said that it is believed to be roughly 3 to 6 feet long. Detlef Koschny, the head of the European Space Agency’s Near Earth Object office, told ABC News that they have determined that it was definitely “something artificial” as opposed to being an organic piece of matter. –ABC News

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2 Responses to Mysterious space junk hurtling towards Earth crashes into Indian Ocean

  1. Judyc says:

    Where did they get the statement, “I was never a threat to anyone on earth”? what crap, if it hit the ocean, it had the capability of hitting a human being, and taking them out, e.g. a boat with people on board, going off course to hit land. Dont say NEVER because that is totally untrue.


  2. Mr. J. Mario Pellegrino says:

    Are we going to have to contemplate walking around the earth wearing protective helmets (with our cellphones and cameras built inside the helmet) so we’re not hit be space debris? Any amount of debris could hurt flying down from space, yes? How does the USA government keep track and monitor such events? THANK YOU NASA AND OTHER FEDS FOR PROTECTING US, the WORLD! GOD BLESS THE USA! I like radio monitoring, need any help?


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