Scientists mystified by ever-rising San Francisco Bay area seismic swarm – 450 quakes in two weeks

SF Quake Swarm
October 2015SAN FRANCISCOThe earthquake swarms in one San Francisco Bay Area city keeps rising, and according to the US Geological Center’s past historical data, has shattered all previous old records. As of Wednesday, the USGS noted that San Ramon, about 45 miles from San Francisco had experienced 446 quakes, including 86 quakes that were a magnitude of 2.0 or higher, since Oct. 13. A total of 28 earthquakes have been documented alone since Tuesday. San Ramon had previously set a record in 2003 when a swarm of 120 earthquakes struck there over 31 days.
Before now, the biggest swarm on record in the same general area had been in 1990 in neighboring Alamo, about 30 miles east of San Francisco. That’s when 351 earthquakes struck over 42 days, with the largest recorded at a magnitude of 4.4. The current numbers in San Ramon top both those historical swarms. However, Senior USGS Senior research geologist David Schwartz said there’s a big caveat to the old numbers: The technology wasn’t as good then. So there’s no way to know if there were more quakes smaller quakes that struck 25 years ago, because the equipment back then wouldn’t have detected it. A small quake is anything than less than a magnitude 2.0. Still, the current San Ramon swarm surpasses the old record set in 2003.
What Schwarts is more interested in is how large the earthquakes have been, not simply the number. And in that respect, the 1990 Alamo swarm beats the current San Ramon one. Back then, the largest Alamo quake was recorded at a magnitude of 4.4, and people reported having their chimneys knocked down. None of the current San Ramon quakes have risen to that level or caused any reported damage or injury. But some people – and pets – have felt the ground rumbling.
“I’ve not felt so many tremors in decades,” Mark Stone said outside a San Ramon Starbucks on Tuesday morning. “My dog, Gimmel, she’s the first one to know a couple of seconds before.” Gimmel might be a busy pet for a while. The USGS noted that “based on the characteristics of historical earthquake swarms in this region, the current swarm may continue for several more weeks.” Scientists, however, added that it is unlikely that the swarms are a foreshock to a large, damaging earthquake. –NBC Bay Area
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15 Responses to Scientists mystified by ever-rising San Francisco Bay area seismic swarm – 450 quakes in two weeks

  1. Kevin Hester says:

    A combination of natural seismic activity, lunatic levels of fracking and the destabilisation of the tectonic plates due to anthropogenic climate change reducing the weight on the plates through lower flow levels in our rivers, depleted aquifers, melting glaciers all changing the balance on the sub strata.
    Jennifer Hynes covers this in her You Tube presentation entitled The Demise of the Arctic.


  2. william says:



  3. Tom says:

    And, just like nothing major came of the 351 EQ swarm in Alamo and it just vanished away, so it will be with the current swarm in San Ramon, once the pressure is released for another twenty year’s time. People living in Bay Area are used to tiny EQs all the time and it is no big deal. Building codes are the best in the world for surviving such quakes, including the occasional large one happening every century or longer. So there is nothing with these ones to be concerned about, it will just as soon be over and things back to normal in no time. This article is just worrying about nothing from someone who does not live in Bay Area to know how common this sort of thing is and has been, since forever. There is no need to panic over tiny EQs like this, they are of no significance or indicators of anything.


  4. cathryn7 says:

    Exactly what kind of fracking or drilling is being done in that area at this time, that would affect little quakes as in Oklahoma?


  5. jonathon scientist says:

    I think that some invisible, gigantic cosmic entity, a transgendered entity, is ball grinding earth right around san francisco. Probably trying to get us to wiggle a little, maybe loosen up a bit. I think this entity is going by the name of Cedric von Porkenpounder, but it will respond to friendly queries as Iggy.


  6. Cecil the Lyin says:

    Nature always gives warning signs. These are one of them.

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  7. Weatherman says:

    It’s called HAARP , being used like a force field to deflect the jet stream around the US west coast.
    Every time HAARP is turned on it causes quakes, and either deflects winds and storms or pulls the storms and builds them. Depending on the magnitude,, 3-,, usually deflects,, 3+ pulls and builds storms. The multiple quakes show that a pulse is being used to force the winds around the US, also allows storms to travel from south to north without being blown east to quickly.


  8. Dennis E. says:

    People are asleep. Walking wide awake with eyes open. There is something happening to our planet. We live in change because the earth changes in its cycle. God has used weather to judge a country, cities and of course man in interfering and I believe is using weather as a weapon.
    And just when did 3.0 earthquakes become normal in San Francisco area? And i wonder if they had earthquake swarms prior to the 1906 event?

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  9. dewie2014 says:

    Perhaps, there is a corelation between the HAARP activities and these quakes. I tend to thing along the lines of greater forces versus co-dominant forces: What ever manmade technology is being exploited to give those who possess it a sense of power and control over Natural patterns, only creates more false explanations for events which far exceed the capabilities of powers gifted to humanity through the scientific advancements. Absurdly, any effort to lay claim to the knowledge of how to exploit those technological advances also makes these entities responsible(in the minds of masses) for any and every event that can be even remotedly attributed to scientific capabilities. Hasn’t any one noticed-these days you can’t even have an astroid skimming the horizon without the masses presuming it to be ‘manmade’, simply because some presumed ‘astroids’ turned out to be man-made space debre.


  10. jim says:

    To Shelly Really do you believe that. Did the government tell you that ????


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