U.N. climate agency says ozone hole at south pole getting wider

October 2015 ANTARTICIAThe U.N.’s weather and climate agency said on Thursday there was no cause for alarm about a record-size hole this month in the ozone layer that shields life on earth from the sun, as it should shrink again. The ozone hole that appears over Antarctica fluctuates in size, normally reaching its widest in the polar spring as extreme cold temperatures in the stratosphere and the return of sunlight unleash chlorine radicals that destroy ozone. Last year, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said it detected the first sign of ozone recovery, largely thanks to a 1987 ban on gases that cause ozone depletion, but said it could be a decade before the hole begins shrinking. This year, a colder than usual stratosphere widened the hole to a peak of 28.2 million square km (10.9 million square miles) on Oct. 2, bigger than Canada and Russia put together.
 It was a record for a hole recorded on Oct. 2 of any year, and the hole has remained at daily record levels on every day since then, the WMO said, citing data from NASA. Over the 30 days around the peak, the hole averaged 26.9 million square km, making it the third largest, after 2000 and 2006. “This shows us that the ozone hole problem is still with us and we need to remain vigilant. But there is no reason for undue alarm,” WMO Atmospheric and Environment Research Division senior scientist Geir Braathen said in a statement. “Overall, however, this does not reverse the projected long-term recovery in the coming decades,” the statement said.
Ozone depleting chemicals, including the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) once widely used in refrigerators and spray cans, were banned under the 1987 Montreal Protocol. The U.N. Environment Program has said the treaty will prevent 2 million cases of skin cancer annually by 2030. “The Montreal Protocol is in place and is working well,” Braathen said. “But we may continue to see large Antarctic ozone holes until about 2025 because of weather conditions in the stratosphere and because ozone depleting chemicals linger in the atmosphere for several decades after they have been phased out.” –Reuters
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10 Responses to U.N. climate agency says ozone hole at south pole getting wider

  1. The Geologist says:

    “But we may continue to see large Antarctic ozone holes until about 2025 because of weather conditions in the stratosphere and because ozone depleting chemicals linger in the atmosphere for several decades after they have been phased out.”

    I will lay any money you want that long after 2025 we will continue to see a hole in the Antarctic Ozone layer. Even if by 2025 the man-made CFC gases have all depleted there is a massive source of CFC gases in the Antarctic. To quote one “Green protect the environment group” – “We’ll close it down!” I really would like to see them do it because you will need more concrete than exists in the world, you won’t be able to pour it down the “stack” fast enough and when it spits it out the effect will be amazing – just don’t be standing anywhere nearby. Mount Erebus is an active volcano which has been releasing CFC gases for over 150 years and will continue to do so for many years to come – the hole will continue to appear for as long as Erebus continues to vent CFC gases!


    • Katnea says:

      While I 100% agree with you that the Antarctic Ozone layer will still be around by the year 2025 and beyond, I also disagree with you that volcanic activity is playing a major role for the Ozone hole development. Below are a couple of links that proves this. Btw- The 2nd link offers an example of the ozone hole volcanic myth that was sent in 3 years ago by someone called, ‘Sharkbait’. However, please note the response given to ‘Sharkbait’ via someone named, ‘dachs’ as well. = )


      • The Geologist says:

        You need to read what I wrote. I wrote that in “…2025 WE WILL STILL SEE A HOLE IN THE ANTARCTICA OZONE LAYER…” The claim that Erebus cannot be the source of the Ozone hole is not supported by the scientific observations, namely that each year Erebus is known to release to the atmosphere a minimum 4000 tonnes of Hydrogen Fluorine – HF gas, this is known to have a maximum value of 6000 tonnes; it also vents a minimum of almost 7000 tonnes of Hydrogen Chloride gas and this is known to reach a maximum of 13300 tonnes, and there is also the almost 8000 tonnes of Sulfur Dioxide gas which also is known to reach a maximum of almost 26000 tonnes. This is each year and these figures have been proven by different workers from several research institutions. You cite a Government source, but that has been known to disagree with research information because it did not suit their view point. However,the paper which is peer reviewed and is the datum for all other records of gas emissions from Erebus is: Volcanic gas emissions from Mount Erebus and their impact on the Antarctic environment, 1997. Grazyna Zreda-Gostynska, Philip R. Kyle, D. Finnegan, & Kimberly Meeker Prestbo. J. Geophysical Research, 102-B7, 15039-15055. I rest my case as you have not proved your case but have tried with non-scientific Government data as a basis for your claim. If you cannot accept proven scientific research then I suggest you don’t comment upon matters you clearly don’t understand.


      • Katnea says:

        RE:”If you cannot accept proven scientific research then I suggest you don’t comment upon matters you clearly don’t understand.” – It is for the very reason of wanting to understand and learn more that I continue asking my questions. Btw- I wanted to share a link with you that talks about so-called scientific research vs. what the public is being fed. https://theconversation.com/in-targeting-exxon-on-climate-new-york-puts-all-corporations-on-notice-50366 I also plan on reading the book called: “Bending Science” by Tom McGarity as well. And you wonder why people are skeptics regarding the climate change topic….


  2. Yellow Bird says:

    although this article is about another subject, the comment section has some discussion of the polar methane phenomenon…

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  3. The Geologist says:

    I am fully aware of what scientific research is providing which may seem strange as I am a scientist, and what the politicians are passing out to the public. The scientist reports proven facts, the politicians massage figures to satisfy their own agenda. That the climate is warming is disputed by very few scientists these day, yet politicians on the right claim it is not or if it is it won’t be as bad as predicted, whilst politicians on the left claim the climate is changing and that it will be worse than is predicted. BTW Global Warming is an absolute fact of life – without it most of North America, Europe and Asia would be covered by ice sheets a kilometer or more thick. That teh climate suddenly warmed about 12000 years ago caused the ice sheets to retreat and the landscape we have to day is the result of global warming and man made interference. That the climate is being overloaded by carbon dioxide is a fact, but the people who should be listened to are ignored or shouted down by politicians and action groups who deliberately pursue a non-scientific agenda but choose to ignore the facts, or they present them in alarmist ways – such as the ozone hole is bigger that it was last year, but not as big as it was several years ago!


  4. VVG says:

    Perhaps it could be interesting for you to read this (Open Access)


  5. The Geologist says:

    VVG – Yes I did read it when it was published and it categorically states that Erebus is the source of the Antarctic Ozone Hole. As there never was a CFC producing factory in the southern hemisphere the source was suspected and since proven to be Erebus. I rest my case.


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