Prediction of major earthquake in L.A. area sparks controversy

Los Angeles
October 2015 LOS ANGELES, CA The magnitude 5.1 La Habra earthquake last year was the biggest temblor to strike the metro L.A. area since 2008. Now, a scientific fight has broken out over how soon another similar earthquake could strike. The controversy began after a report, co-written by a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the journal Earth and Space Science, said there was a 99.9% chance of a magnitude 5 or larger earthquake in the greater Los Angeles area by April 2018.
But that forecast was immediately disputed by the U.S. Geological Survey, the nation’s lead agency overseeing earthquake science, which says there is an 85% chance of such a quake. The battle pivoted on two key questions: How certain can scientists be of when the next big earthquake will come? Can the dream of earthquake prediction come true? –KTLA
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6 Responses to Prediction of major earthquake in L.A. area sparks controversy

  1. Dennis E. says:

    This will happened. Will be worst than we can print now. It has been reported on this site and others
    of the strange sulfur type smells emitting from the cities water collectors and comments have been made that there could be a crack to the earth’s mantle or such,I forget.
    it will awful. Will change landscape forever.

    A comment made by Henry Kissinger, years ago, I think regarding an earthquake in LA and at the same time Aliens landing on the White house Lawn. Who knows?


    • Gerard Vallely says:

      Yes it will happen but when??? Who knows the secrets of the Earth. BTW there is NO CRACK to the Earth’s Mantle – the stench of sulfur is due to the mixing of sea water with the human waste in the sewers. It amazes me how someone makes a claim and every pseudo scientist immediately jumps on board and knows more than the real scientists do after all real scientist don’t use crystal balls, sea weed, smoke, dreams, feeling in joints to reach an answer – they research, experiment, model, refine, research and finally they may be ready to announce their findings so that the pseudo’s can then say to us “You don’t know what you are talking about.” Usually the pseudo’s have never progressed beyond elementary grade basic science but then real scientists have studied for a degree and a research degree – but then what do we knw?


  2. The Geologist says:

    The trouble with scientists making predictions is that when they don’t happen then they bring science into disrepute. The end result is that people become increasingly cynical, and refuse to believe what is being said – even when there is a sound basis for the claim. As a scientist my duty is to report facts not something that may or may not happen , after all I can write a program that predicts the universe will end at precisely 12:00 hours on the 28th February 2000. It didn’t but there are people who would believe that to be true only thing is they got the date wrong! We are still a long way off being able to predict when a quake will happen to the level of accuracy that the authors at NASA claim. Frankly there is more chance of me walking to Alpha Centurii than the prediction coming true any time soon. Yes a quake may happen but there again it may not and until we know precisely what precursory activity will occur and when then the prediction should be treated with a very large dose of scepticism. All it has achieved is to cause people to panic and worry!

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    • Pierric G says:

      (…) until we know precisely what precursory activity will occur (…)
      Everybody will agree on this point. The only logical conclusion drawn from such a precise prediction is that scientists have identified a “precursory activity” which will come to full effect on april 2018, and are starting to warn people on a scaled basis to avoid aforementioned worry and panic.


      • The Geologist says:

        Perric G I am sorry to disappoint you BUT scientist have NOT identified any precursory activity that will commence in 2018, let alone 2015, 16, 17, 19 etc.

        Someone has decided that he has developed a progam that will predict an earthquake and until such time as they can show proof that it is correct and foolproof it is no more accurate than Gypsy Rose Lee’s Crystal Ball – $5 and she’ll tell you your fortune, but the chance of it actually being correct are dubious. The only logical conclusion is that some scientist is looking for research funds and we all know the Federal Reserves are BIG and NASA wants some of those big bucks.

        I predict that tomorrow the Sun will set before 6pm in a southwesterly direction and will not rise until near 7am and will be seen rising in the southeastern part of the sky! I also predict that sometime within the next 24 hours it will rain, snow, that a volcano will erupt and an earthquake will occur. Oh and it will go dark tonight and if the sky is clear the almost Full Moon will be visible in the southern skies!


  3. tzyy yue says:

    we all know sth bad is gonna happen, we shld all be aware, be more awakened to things that are happening around us.


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