Mexico: Colima volcano erupts again spewing smoke and ash

October 2015MEXICOMexico’s Colima volcano erupted late on 4 October and continued on until 5 October spewing ash and smoke into the air, authorities reported. According to Jalisco Civil Protection, the plume of gas and ash reached a height of 1,500m, heading north. Along with the ash cloud and gas, the volcano expelled pyroclastic flows that travelled hundreds of metres down the slope. The day before, a spectacular explosion was recorded at 6.29pm, sending clouds of ash and smoke 2,500m above the crater.
Located in the south-western Mexican state of Colima, the Fire Volcano has been exhibiting activity since 9 July. Over the past two months, nearby villages have been blanketed with thick coats of ash, prompting evacuations. Officially known as the Colima Volcano, it was previously active in January and February, and is part of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire. Mexico contains over 3,000 volcanoes but only 14 are considered active. The Colima Volcano has erupted more than 40 times since the 16th century and local authorities have an emergency plan that includes continuous observation of the volcano and mandatory evacuations. –IB Times
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