Crane collapse at Mecca’s Grand Mosque kills at least 107

Crane Collapse Mecca
September 2015 SAUDI ARABIA Strong winds were on Saturday blamed for knocking over a crane at one of Islam’s holiest shrines in Mecca, killing 107 worshippers in what John Kerry described as a “horrific accident.” An investigation has been ordered into the disaster by Mecca’s governor, Prince Khaled al-Faisal, according to Al Arabiya. “Heavy rain and strong winds of unusually high speed led to the uprooting of trees, the fall of panels and the collapse of the crane,” General Suleiman al-Amr, director general of the Civil Defense Authority, told the Saudi-owned channel.
The number of deaths may increase, al-Amr said. Many of the 238 people injured in the accident were only lightly wounded, he said. It came at the start of the annual hajj pilgrimage, which has seen a string of deadly incidents including a 2006 stampede that killed hundreds. In a statement, Kerry said it was “a horrific accident at such a peaceful place.” He added: “During this hajj season especially, the United States will stand with Saudi Arabia and all Muslims around the world in the aftermath of this dreadful incident at one of Islam’s holiest sites.” –NBC
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9 Responses to Crane collapse at Mecca’s Grand Mosque kills at least 107

  1. I recently received The Lord in my life in the past 2 months I had a dream which reminds me of this horrific incident in my dream I saw a big crane but someone was inside the machine controlling the crane and when this man got a hold of this machine he said in loud voice prepare for The Great Fall and he smashed a very important building but I couldn’t describe in my dream why the building was so important, so seeing this touches my heart prayers for those who were worshipping The Lord when this happened may The Lord have them in his Glory



  2. suez62 says:

    I’m not saying I want people to be hurt and killed, that part is sad,,,but could this have happened at a better time? Marching around to their false god!!! And does Kerry speak for all of Americans? I think not!


  3. Kat Fischer says:

    Is this judgment or just a freak accident? Very sad.


    • Daniel says:

      Galatians 1;8 warns of Islam, Enochianism, and Mormonism some demon can look like an Angel and bring solid goods to “prove” utterances. The demon appears to grant luck including fame and material prosperity and having multiple wives in return for basically toilet religion about niceties rather than respect for the work done by Moses and onward to bring our very dangerous God into social interaction with humanity. I suppose demon kissing is a way to get off the dole. Mohammed, Dr. Dee and Joseph Smith got a name and a life out of it. That bringer of heresy is no doubt fishing about for the right contact to start another cult. A true religion ought to focus on redistribution of property and gun control not about giving one man privileges to have sex with many women and should support the Gospel not minimize the role of Christ. True power is given by Christ (John 14;12) now if you go to Revelations you might find the text in which God promises to make people Satanists if they falsely profess faith, and faith means working miracles, and of course that is impossible. If you press on anyway and work miracles you start wanting to phone the Union about God doing scab labour. Well then you look back and realize that doing exactly nothing as God did the work is an acceptable form of being idle and could get you an invitation to Heaven to watch Him do more work. Now this is a real crisis you got so much to prove if you really have faith and working your miracle is like opening a hidden door. On the other side you do feel lazy. This is common among people who work miracles. As being a Christian is impossible we can see why most people want to do an easy deal with a demon and get on by following rules. Of course some people read the Bible and do the impossible anyway. If you do the impossible you might find somebody else on the verge of belief has the same impossible things happen. Do it tell it show it share it. You said you were Christian now do you want God to make you a Satanist or will you mean it and work miracles? In the mean time some people don’t even want hard never mind impossible. Demon provided easy roads to Hell exist for lazy and cowardly and “sensible” and “rational” and “normal” and “conventional” people.


    • The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross makes no distinction between the Redemption and the acts required to achieve that Redemption, nor does it reduce Christ to being a mere prophet.

      Here is the text of the Kontakion of the Feast : “Willingly raised upon the cross, O Christ, our God, You bestowed Your mercies upon a new people bearing Your name. With Your power grant joy to our Church giving her victory over enemies with the invincible standard, Your weapon of peace, as an ally.”


  4. This event coincided closely to flooding in Japan and probable drowning deaths. That it occurred near the centre of a religion based on a deal between a man and an Angel which could be called in question under Galatians 1;8 and which appears to have been repeated by Dr. Dee and by Joseph Smith each time launching a cult no doubt that proficient salesman of an Angel is looking about to do another deal, but during a popular crusade to rid the promised land of the Infidel a group of Crusaders formed the Vehm. This Christian terror group has survived into modern times although the Nazis tried to shut it down. Weather plus a flood gives me suspicion that the Vehm might have crossed the bridge with the Templars and learned some of the Art. This is a token for the slaughter of Christians in Syria but might be a trial by the Vehm to take vengeance to the heart of Islam. If this practice shot has got them enthusiastic more is to follow. No horror will be enough and no fear too deep if that ancient murder cult has exchanged knowledge with the Templar Knights. Christian countries no longer outlaw such acts as might bring problems in Islamic countries and of course “nobody believes in that nonsense anymore” well; UNLESS THEY ARE GETTING GOOD AT IT. The signs are all there if you look at them. A targeted evocation of Focalor appears to have been unleashed. Will they try Agares next? Will the next Haj have to deal with crevasses opening under the faithful? Will the Vehm resort to their more conventional means of making people disappear? Christian terrorists coming out of the woodwork does not solve anything it will however share the pain.


    • The Holy Koran is the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St. Mohammed, though the text contains a confession by the evil one towards the end of it (Every knee shall bow).

      As Mohammed was told to recite when the Holy Bible had already begun to take shape, the Holy Koran takes on something of an adjunct approach, like the way “Pilgrim’s Progress” can be seen as the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St. John Bunyan.

      I recently had occasion to spend several months with the resurrected Mohammed : his mirth and visions are at an all time high.


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