At least 4 dead after Mexico hit by apocalyptic hailstorm

September 2015MEXICO Authorities in Mexico State said Monday that at least four victims were killed when an unusually strong hailstorm hit the capital suburb. A 45-day baby and two homeless people were amongst the victims of Sunday night’s storm, state government said in a press release. Gov. Eruviel Avila said the baby died in a car accident but the parents and another five-year child survived. The most affected towns in the region received 53 millimeters (2 inches) of precipitation in 50 minutes – an amount three times more than the municipalities’ ability to drain.
By Monday afternoon, piles of hail were still blocking streets in the towns of Coacalco, Tultitlan and Ecatepec. Avila estimated that 100 houses suffered damages, and 35 trees and two billboards were also damaged by storm. The rising waters also carried vehicles and streetlights. State government has advised residents in the region to continue to be careful. More precipitation is forecast for Monday night. –Turkish Week

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7 Responses to At least 4 dead after Mexico hit by apocalyptic hailstorm

  1. Tom says:

    Welcome back Alvin!


  2. Rozee says:

    Tasha delek Alvin.


  3. Rozee says:

    Tashi delek Alvin.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    A lot of hail on earth


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