Death toll from blasts in China’s chemical factory rises to 104, Xi urges changes

China Explosion
August 2015TIANJIN, ChinaThe death toll from two massive explosions that tore through an industrial area in the northeastern Chinese port of Tianjin has risen to 104, state media said on Saturday, as China’s president urged improvements in workplace safety. Chinese President Xi Jinping said authorities should learn the lessons paid for with blood in Wednesday warehouse blasts, according to the official Xinhua news agency. The number of people killed had previously been put at 85. China evacuated residents who had taken refuge in a school near the site of two huge explosions, state media said, after a change in wind direction on Saturday prompted fears that toxic chemical particles could be blown inland. It was not clear from media reports how many people were evacuated.
The evacuation order came as a fire broke out again at the site of Wednesday’s blasts, a warehouse specially designed to store dangerous chemicals, according to Xinhua. Evacuees were advised to wear long trousers and face masks as they “evacuated in an orderly fashion,” according to a post on the official microblog of the Tianjin branch of the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China. The streets appeared calm. But not all was clear amid emotional scenes as families of missing fire fighters sought answers about their loved ones and officials tried to keep media cameras away. Gong Jiansheng, a district official, told reporters there had been no evacuation.
In one piece of encouraging news, a 50-year-old man was rescued 50 meters away from the blast zone, Xinhua said. The man was suffering from a burnt respiratory tract but was in a stable condition after surviving three days in a shipping container, the official China Central Television (CCTV) and Xinhua said. Chinese police confirmed for the first time the presence of deadly sodium cyanide at the site of the blast as a series of new, small explosions were heard and small fires broke out. Police confirmed the presence of the chemical, fatal when ingested or inhaled, “roughly east of the blast site,” the state-run Beijing News said. It did not say how much had been found or how great a risk it posed but residents expressed concern about the air and water. An area three km (two miles) from the blast site was cordoned off, the Beijing News said. “I do feel a bit afraid,” said construction worker Li Shulan, 49, when asked about the air quality. “It definitely doesn’t feel good. As you can see our boss is making us wear masks.” –Reuters
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12 Responses to Death toll from blasts in China’s chemical factory rises to 104, Xi urges changes

  1. Yellow Bird says:

    latest reports finally past the “3x 35” limit, Chinese govt has acknowleged 112 dead, and many more missing- virtually all of whom are also dead.
    but the dead, missing & injured counts are only the tip of iceberg- like the WTC disaster, this has terrible potential for permanent devastating effects on all the worlds future. and in this case, it is as bad and far worse environmentally as economically… this was one of the world’s Major Chemical shipping & storage hubs. Many thousands tonnes toxic chemicals vaporised in the blasts, more is still smoldering. rumors galore of what precisely is involved, but what is allready named could not be worse: Cyanide, Toluene, Calcium Carbide which, when wet becomes Acetylene, and more. Rains are on the way, how much powdered Cyanide is exposed no one can say… but if/when it gets wet… possibly the worst global disaster in history. and rains are on the way. there are reports that china’s govt may be engaging in weather modification in a desperate attempt to avert potential utter doom. but a few things are certain, fires are still burning, smoke is still rising, this is a port city on the Pacific ocean and this disaster is not finished being made.

    ive been following reports closely since Thursday, i want to urge everyone to get on Twitter, YouTube and Reddit to know more of what’s going on…
    be warned the available information keeps changing quickly, as fast as contraband reports & recordings are posted, Chinese govt clamps down and things are revised or simply vanished.
    WeChat and WeiBu (sorry i think i misspelled) keep going up and then back down, what you might read today may well be gone tomorrow.
    i strongly recommend following twitter feeds of investigative reporters on location… best sources, most stable info so far tho not always.
    #Tianjin is now compromised, sometime this afternoon 10 days worth of tweets vanished, everything between July 30 to around midday today. but new tweets still post continuously, many from on site reporters.
    #TianjinBlast still has integrity so far and still posting new updates.
    also Arthur Han & Will Ripley
    and i hope absolutely everyone will see THIS: and soon, before it too disappears


  2. Yellow Bird says:

    Alvin… remember that strange little incident back when i was posting tweets from journalists on the ebola thing? well, it just happened again. i tried to give you a bunch of 1st person air quality reports but it got Disappeared even tho wordpress claims my comment posted and won’t let me repost it.
    last time i mistakenly accused you of banning me. well, now i know better, but… i did just get Censored mightily.

    btw, reports i read earlier- mostly vanished from Twitter now- were saying words like “lungs uneasy” …”sore throat” … “eyes hurt” … “headache” …”nausea” &/or “vomiting” …”no appetite, sick” … “skin affected”


  3. Yellow Bird says:
    after you’ve seen all the Officially Sanctioned shots that you can stomach…
    this image begins to put the full magnitude into perspective. all those 1000s burned out autos are the little blobs up in the left corner of the picture, way behind the burned out shell of the one standing migrant worker building still standing, which we’ve seen repeatedly from the other side.
    against that backdrop, now we see the massive pileup of shipping containers, and a part of the vast crater which in this image appears only as a darkened shadow.
    India News has a shot of the bottom of the crater… something the other photos circulating really don’t show. but there are clearly dozens of charred steel shipping containers down at the bottom, which allows an idea of how huge the hole really is.

    btw on #Tianjin, all tweets have now been deleted between July 26 and 3 hours ago! that is several hundred more, from countries all around the world. the news is out, there is now global coverage, so my new advice is hunt down the foreign papers, Al Jazeera is reporting, also France, Brazil, India, England, Germany, Russia, lots more… its all there- if you can find it.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    There are other articles on the internet proclaiming that this was .5 kiloton nuke strike from a orbital space platform called “Rod of God” deployed by the secret US space plane that the us air force has added to its arsenal. Looking at the crater from above, some have suggested that it was a sub ground burst.
    It is possible to have an explosion with a resulting mushroom cloud without it actually being a nuclear explosion. I am not speaking about a mile high cloud. In the 1980’s, there was a recorded
    explosion at a Soviet Weapons Storage Facility so powerful that it triggered our satellites and some thought it was a nuclear explosion.


  5. niebo says:

    According to The Guardian, the amount of Sodium Cyanide (NaCN) on site may have been 70 times the legal limit:

    In any of it forms, cyanide is extremely toxic. “People exposed to a small amount of cyanide by breathing it, ABSORBING it through their skin, or eating foods that contain it may have some or all of the following signs and symptoms within minutes:” (So the worker MAY need to wear more than just a “mask”.)

    Sodium Cyanide’s main use is in mining gold. . . .

    AND “. . . China is now the largest miner of gold.”

    AND, since 2010, they have been buying gold mines :

    (AND, btw, on Friday, after all this other stuff, they announced an additional 19 tonnes added to their reserves. )

    Yet, they devalued their currency two times this week (which caused instability in markets across the world), and “On Wednesday, the Chinese central bank indicated it had no immediate plans to stop the yuan’s decline.”

    But then they “tried Thursday to quell fears its yuan would fall further,”

    I wonder why they changed their minds?

    Oh, sorry, what was I mumbling about? Oh, right, about Tianjin: hours afterward, “the cause of Wednesday night’s blast remained unclear.”

    Jus’ sayin’.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      Fergus Ryan ‏@fryan 3h3 hours ago
      Official confirms #TianjinBlast site contains 700 ton sodium cyanide, 800t ammonium nitrate & 500t potassium nitrate
      ABC News ‏@abcnews 2h2 hours ago
      #Tianjin warehouse firm operated without licence until two months before explosion, Xinhua agency says #TianjinBlast
      Will Ripley retweeted
      C.A. Yeung ‏@WLYeung 5h5 hours ago
      C.A. Yeung retweeted FMN 自曲新闻
      Reporter at #TianjinBlast now says white foam appear when rain falls on road. Feels burning sensation on face etc.


      • Yellow Bird says:

        last night my drive that i was saving news reports & tweets on inexplicably became corrupted. a bizarre coincidence. but, no more saving files for this interested world citizen
        chinese censorship is in hyperdrive, tweets vanish almost as quickly as appear.
        i will continue to post what important updates i can find here.
        “Officials fear that the water could further spread the chemicals, and are cleaning up a 1.8 mile (3 kilometer) radius closed to the public.
        “We are paying high attention on the rain forecast for the coming couple of days,” Bao Jingling, chief engineer at the Tianjin environmental protection bureau, told AFP.
        When rain evaporates, there is also a risk that it could also disperse hazardous residues on the ground, which may set off chemical reactions and further explosions.
        Sodium cyanide is a poisonous white crystal or powder, used in industrial processes such as gold mining, as well as for gas executions in the US. It can create combustible substances when mixed with water.
        >> According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, even exposure to lower concentrations can cause weakness, nausea and eye and skin irritations. Chronic exposure can impact the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. <<
        While officials have declared Tianjin's water and air safe, locals and victims' families are doubtful.
        Eight of 40 water testing points, all within the clean up area, showed excess levels of cyanide on Monday, with the highest exceeding 28.4 times official standards, said Bao. The hazardous substance was found at a further 21 points.
        The engineer announced the agency would monitor the air at 18 testing points. He emphasized that the public would be immediately warned if excessive levels of cyanide were found.
        Deputy national fire chief Niu Hueguang revealed that more than 40 toxic chemicals were being stored at the warehouse with a total volume of about 3,000 tons, as reported on the official website of the China Fire Services.
        This number included 800 tons of ammonium nitrate, which can be used in explosives, and about 500 tons of potassium nitrate, used to make rocket fuel and fireworks."

        Word is that key officials of Logistics firm are now "detained' and at least one govt official is also. Company was evidently new on chemicals scene, brand new facility. Official Word is that the strange white foam on the streets at it rained is "Normal, does this All The Time" yet many tweets from worried citizens saying "never seen before"
        Greenpeace is following closely


  6. Yellow Bird says:

    this is also very interesting, discovered in topic search on CNN main:
    Despite prominent “Unverified by CNN” disclaimer, CNN evidently felt there was a certain amount of merit in posting this info:
    “China under estimated the power of the Tianjin explosion. In this YouTube video from PhD Philip E Mason (You Tube user Thunderf00t). Mason calculates the power of the explosion at Tianjin from witness video. Mason calculates the power of the explosion to be equivalent to 300 tons of TNT. China’s 21 ton TNT equivalent is an extreme under estimate. ”
    which if accurate would place these explosions in another category altogether, occupied by only a few others in history…


  7. Yellow Bird says:

    Quartz just posted this Hi Rez Aerial imagery, more complete than any ive seen so far
    the crater is said to be 200 meters across

    i am finding NO UPDATES from ON SITE reporters since this morning’s rains…
    only endless rehashing and a few official statements.
    this seems very concerning


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