Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption could cause up to 90,000 immediate fatalities

August 2015 WYOMING If the massive volcano that lies beneath the Yellowstone erupts, 90,000 people will get killed. The eruption of the supervolcano would emit very high levels of molten lava on the Earth’s surface and very thick clouds of smoke in the skies. There would be no way out and two-thirds of the United States could be wiped out. However, there is an emphasis on ‘if’, as scientists cannot really say when exactly it will erupt, with the last one occurring more than half a million years ago. Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park, which is America’s oldest national park, is home to spectacular hot springs, bubbling pools of mud, unearthly ponds and the most celebrated Old Faithful Geyser. Five miles below the two million acres where one of nature’s wonders sits, lies the supervolcano.
The Yellowstone supervolcano has had three massive eruptions. The last eruption was 640,000 years ago, a thousand times the size of the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption that killed 57 people in Washington. The other reported eruption occurred farther back around 2.1 million years ago, and was twice as powerful as the eruption 640,000 years ago. It was two thousand times more powerful than the Mount St. Helen eruption. As powerful as the eruptions are, they are not as frequent. According to experts, chances of a volcanic eruption are slim – one in 700,000 each year. In the rare chances that an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would ever occur in this lifetime, the majority of the U.S. would be put to a state of ‘nuclear winter,’ where a thick layer of ash would cover the landmass and block the sun, leading to very low temperatures.
A supervolcano can emit more than a trillion tons when it erupts. If the Yellowstone supervolcano fully explodes, molten layer could go up to about 10 feet thick. From the explosion site, the molten layer could travel to as far as 1,000 miles. It would be impossible to send out search and rescue teams, as the area would pretty much be blanketed in very high levels of volcanic residue. Even air travel would be suspended. While the chances of an actual massive eruption in Yellowstone are very small, it’s always good to be aware of what could happen, if in case it does, experts say. –Tech Times
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8 Responses to Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption could cause up to 90,000 immediate fatalities

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Reports that 21 states would be destroyed/heavily damaged is what I’ve read over the years.
    To pile it on, there is more than one yellowstone type super volcano on the planet. To keep piling it on, you must consider earthquakes and hurricanes in the Atlantic and cyclones in the Pacific.
    To add to your terror, a scientist, Russian are saying that the sun is moving into low period of activity which means less growing seasons for farmers. However, scripture do say as long as the earth stands there will be seed time and harvest? But maybe not in our part of the world.

    Some people will boast that they will live off the land and kill wild animals. Well, news flash, animals die in natural disasters too.

    I would have some kind of water filtration system used by campers that had a reputation for filtering bacteria but would be used for several thousand gallons with replacement filters. A device that you can drive water from a stream. A person can live on a modest diet, but cannot live two-three days with out water.

    It could happen, but I hope it doesn’t.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    I feel the need to write. The next month of September and into October 2015 will be a pivotal time for Israel and the world, especially for The United States, a dying empire. In September we will have the final blood moon of the current tetrad and of which Nasa has said will not occur again on these certain Jewish feast days for the next 500 years. In case you may not know, the current tetrad that begin 04.15.2014 and concludes 09.28.2015. This Iranian Nuclear deal places Israel in grave danger and our country, our president has been an active enabler and it places our country in God’s bulls eye. I am not saying that an event will happen exactly on the day, but when you line up significant events over a six century period involving a certain nation/people, then you have to accept the fact that a significant event is going occur. The last event was the capture of Jerusalem in 1967. The Iranian nuclear deal may be the significant event, who knows? Something is about to change,

    In regard to this volcano, overnight the usa would become a third world country overnight and chaos and civil disorder will reign supreme. probably one reason for Jade Helm 15. This volcano just can’t stay out of the news.


    • Patty says:

      Here’s an optional scenario:

      All these September meetings – the UN council and the pope meetings in Cuba, US, UN, could bring about a dramatic announcement of PEACE (of sorts). The Fatima statue will be in Syria in September for some major intercessory prayer. Perhaps something good will occur in this regard.

      Here’s God’s Good in this: America has a lot of people who have woken up to how horrible the government has been and also are very, very wary of the N W O people. If not physically in church, a lot of Americans have returned to Jesus in their hearts – God would prefer conversions so God will allow this PEACE (of sorts) to happen. The blood of the martyrs currently may have satisfied a lot of Justice that God could be giving us and God is going to grant a period of respite for Christians (in a certain regard – He will expect the small seed in hearts to convert (change) radically).

      Here’s the Real Poison of the Serpent that will go on: Evil realizes that people will not buy their goods through the N W O. They could force it on Americans but perhaps they realize the fight might be too much. So instead they lure the Catholic Pope into their clutches. The US government already has many Catholics (who do not love Jesus and who use their position to vote for evil laws. These “catholic” people are going to be very apparent and loud when the UN and the Pope shake hands in agreement over the climate/earth deals. These “catholic” people are going to be very apparent and loud when Obama and the Pope shake hands in agreement. Obama will say “how good” the Pope will say “how good” and the world will say “how good.”

      The Media will announce that there is peace and some wars will end. (Maybe that is just my wishful thinking). Wars are bought and sold. We just don’t know the players. They’re making the deals right now as I write – but it is credible and possible that they will have the contract of “no war” by the time the pope and the UN meet. I do not think they are going to waste any time. I think it will be sudden.

      Then, the Media will flurry over all the beneficial peaceful climate and earth things going on and blitz the tv’s with the stuff. Everyone will think they’ve walked into heaven on earth by what the media will show. The general public will be stunned at all the good things brought about by the UN and Pope’s meeting.

      So – they create PEACE (of sorts). But the same stuff is still going on only without us seeing it. The N W O will then propogate their mission alongside the mesmerizing good things on t.v. and people will love it.

      4 Things in Apocalypse that could then occur (my conjecture as none of the above has happened yet)

      (1) The Beast that was slain and dead will rise again – Communism/Fascism will be economic force behind these PEACEFUL changes and if the structure we live in dismantles through economic hardships, the Beast will have the money, science & culture to gain souls.

      (2) The people will revel and wonder at the Beast. (because their minds have been deadened by sin and living through the t.v.) and the Media will provide a pretty picture of the “community” of UN-oriented climate/earth people and everyone will want “it.”

      (3) The Sanctuary will be given over to be ransacked by the gentiles – this is because the pope will allow sinners – gentiles to come into the church whether they are living in mortal sin or not…and they will think they are saved, but are not.

      (4) This deception by the Media (which may actually be the Anti-Christ Himself and not just one little human man) will be strong enough to almost sway the elect of God. The t.v. could be that statue that was given life by the Beast – it is truly just a box – electronics give it life)

      A PEACE deal would really rock the world, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t a lot of people think that it came from God Himself? Especially if a pope says so….but it will be the same ole same ole violence and such.

      We’ll see – just general thinking.


  3. niebo says:

    “If the massive volcano that lies beneath the Yellowstone erupts, eventually, everybody dies.”

    Fixed it.


  4. Kat Fischer says:

    Hi Alvin have you seen the story from noaa concerning the whale strandings in Alaska? Very disturbing.


  5. jeanette says:

    This would be more believable if the pictured showed the correct place for Yellowstone and Wyoming.


  6. TruthHunter says:

    People tend to forget that there have been several smaller eruptions in te Yellowstone area since the last large one. It is quite likely that the next major eruptions will NOT be an extinction level event. It will be more like Pinatubo. It will not cause lots of immediate deaths.


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