Is a Mini Ice Age Coming? ‘Maunder Minimum’ spurs controversy

Ice Age
July 2015GEOLOGY A scientist who claims waning solar activity in the next 15 years will trigger what some are calling a mini ice age has revived talk about the effects of man-made versus natural disruptors to Earth’s climate. Valentina Zharkova, a professor of mathematics at Northumbria University in the United Kingdom, used a new model of the sun’s solar cycle, which is the periodic change in solar radiation, sunspots and other solar activity over a span of 11 years, to predict that “solar activity will fall by 60 percent during the 2030s to conditions last seen during the ‘mini ice age’ that began in 1645,” according to a statement.
At the National Astronomy meeting in Llanduno, north Wales last week, Zharkova said that a series of solar phenomena will lead to a “Maunder Minimum,” which refers to the seven decades, from 1645 to 1715, when the sun’s surface ceased its heat-releasing magnetic storms and coincided with the Little Ice Age, a period of chillier temperatures, from around 1550 to 1850 in Europe, North America and Asia, according to NASA. “The upcoming Maunder Minimum is expected to be shorter than the last one in 17th century (five solar cycles of 11 years),” Zharkova told Live Science in an email. “It will be lasting about three solar cycles.”
However, many scientists are not convinced. Georg Feulner, the deputy chair of the Earth system analysis research domain at the Potsdam Institute on Climate Change Research, has studied the effect a solar minimum might have on Earth’s climate. His research has shown that temperature drops correlated to a less intense sun would be insignificant compared with anthropogenic global warming, according to the Washington Post. Regarding the Maunder Minimum predicted by Zharkova, Feulner said, “The expected decrease in global temperature would be 0.1 degrees Celsius at most, compared to about 1.3 degrees Celsius since pre-industrial times by the year 2030,” Feulner told the Post. Furthermore, this isn’t the first time research has predicted waning heat from the sun, to which experts also said that man-made global warming won’t be trumped.
Solar cycles rise and fall over an 11-year cycle, though each cycle is unique. The sun can emit extreme ultraviolet and X-ray emissions that heat the part of the sky where planes fly. “Although the change in total solar irradiance seems too small to produce significant climatic effects, there is good evidence that, to some extent, the Earth’s climate heats and cools as solar activity rises and falls,” wrote David Hathaway, a solar physicist with NASA’s Ames Research Center, in a 2010 review paper published in the journal Living Reviews in Solar Physics. The Maunder Minimum was named by solar astronomer John Eddy in 1976 after E.W. Maunder, an English scientist who, along with German scientist Gustav Spörer, first noticed the decrease in solar activity in the 1890s, according to the New York Times. “I have re-examined the contemporary reports and new evidence which has come to light since Maunder’s time and conclude that this 70-year period was indeed a time when solar activity all but stopped,” Eddy wrote in the Times. –Live Science
Extreme changes in climate, as depicted in science fiction more than 50 years ago
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11 Responses to Is a Mini Ice Age Coming? ‘Maunder Minimum’ spurs controversy

  1. chrissy says:

    hi Alvin I’m so glad to see your back, hope all is well. I think this may be true for what is to come. I listen to a guy on you tube who talks all about the sun and about the mini ice age he is very informative his name is ben davison but his channel is called suspesious observer. if anyone wants to learn about the sun check out this guy, he talks all about this!!!


  2. Dennis E. says:

    A gentleman from Nasa wrote a book Called the Cold Sun. In the 90’s I read that the Government that purchased an extremely large quantities of freeze dried food, shelter, much like we are seeing now.
    Some scientists believe that this past winter we had in the northern part of the nation was an indicator. Look at the drought situation in our country and the damage to crops by the weather.
    Then this happens.
    There is no way a person can store enough food,supplies during a period like this. So, what do you have? Social disorder, starvation and such.


  3. Barbara says:

    For the end time GOD said it would be fire. When is this ice age going to be before or after the fire and heat.


    • Dennis E. says:

      probably,if this happens and the evidence indicates it could happen, could be part of the end time heavenly events. When a person has a fever they report chills and at times fever which is the bodies way of destroying the virus. Not believing the earth is a living creature, entity, but i just made a comparison.


  4. Beano says:

    Yes, they have been saying hot and cold since the late 1800’s right up to 2015. First hot, then they said cold, etc.


  5. scooter says:

    If we take Sec. William Cohen at his word in 1997, that “we own the weather”, then why did we cause—or at least not stop or ameliorate the effects of Katrina or Sandy or currently the agenda 21 desertification of California? Why was the so called global warming data “altered”, requiring a subsequent adjustment in name to “climate change”? Perhaps the answer is they will sell and institute an anthropomorphic driven carbon tax by any means—because they are out to EXTRACT ever more money out of your wallet by any means they can contrive.

    What if the geo engineering of the weather, and all sorts of evil science applications and weapons used to create strategic calamities (scalar weapons perhaps used to create Fukushima?) end up creating ENORMOUS global problems due to their ignorance of unintended consequences? Allow me to answer via a scripture from someone who knew these arrogant fools were coming. Per Isa.24:5,6 NAS: ” The earth is also polluted by it’s inhabitants, for they transgressed the laws, violated statutes, broke the everlasting covenant. Therefore, a curse devours the earth, and those who live in it are held guilty. Therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men are left”.

    Just saying—-what if there is a Creator, and this is His 2700 year old warning? Then His other admonitions of entering into a repentant covenant with the only Savior Jesus, who has promised to retrieve His faithful before the coming war Jesus will have with Satan’s NWO (Rev.12;9,10) are critical. Soon it will result in a solar system induced, scorched earth judgment of these evils with few men left, and that prophesied consequence should require a thoughtful choice.

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  6. Adri Scholtz says:

    Hi There

    Thank you for all the insightful material.

    Have a look at the website for the the guy above, he is a physics prof and have some interesting view.

    Adri Scholtz

    Knowledge Centre Manager
    Kingswood College
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  7. omanuel says:

    Kepler’s 160 minute cycle

    Almost six years after Climategate emails surfaced in late Nov 2009, the Sun’s pulsar core is gaining attention as the creator, destroyer and sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system and controller of planetary motions and climates:


  8. James says:

    scooter says: “If we take Sec. William Cohen at his word in 1997, that “we own the weather”, then why did we cause—or at least not stop or ameliorate the effects of Katrina or Sandy or currently the agenda 21 desertification of California?”

    Scooter, 2 things to consider:
    1) there may be other countries that have the ability to modify weather and could use it against the U.S.
    2) the PTB (powers that be) may have “pushed” those storms off of California due to the Fukushima radiation contained in the moisture…which creates it’s own problem of desertification as you mention.
    Just speculation…


  9. Many times I have discussed this topic and offered my solution that works for all time, but not lending almost no one who wants to know the truth, related to the true causes of climate change. If you are reading this lady Zarkov, it would be nice to be interested in what I have as evidence, because it basically agree that the sun is the object that dictates all the changes on the planets, only Zarkov does not know how and why it all takes place in cikolusima of about 11.2 years, which is multiplied by several million cycles different in intensity and medejusobnim relations planets and the sun.
    It will not surprise me if this is what I write now, nobody is interested in, but once all of you will find that the time will come when I will prove it, but not so to declare and to pay the publication no matter how much this is worth.


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