Activity at Sabancaya volcano increases in Arequipa

Peru Volcano
July 2015 PERU About a year ago, Sabancaya volcano became active again after about 15 years of silence. The volcano located in Arequipa, is just one of a volcanic complex including Hualca-Hualca and Ampato. The Geophysical Institute of Peru reports that in the period of July 1 to July 6, the volcano has registered an average of 13 events per day. And it has reached a peak of energy of 601 MJ as observed on July 2. The IGP affirms that in this period, the fracture quakes located less than 6 kilometers from the crater (also known as VTP or VT for Volcano-tectonic) are numerous but declined relatively last week.
The maximum magnitude of the fracture quakes was 3.3 ML according to their report. The LP seismicity (passage of fluids) decreases, resulting in an average of 72 events per day, while energy reached a peak of 131 MJ on July 2. The IGP does not expect any violent eruptions unless a drastic change occurs in the activity. If that occurs, the Observatorio Vulcaonológico del Sur (OVS) will examine the report. It is recommended to avoid approaching the summit of the Sabancaya volcano in Arequipa. Sabancaya last erupted in 2003. –Peru this week
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