Los Angeles grows nervous about the ‘big one’ as helium found leaking from faultline

Fault 2
June 2015 LOS ANGELESWhen hi-tech movies are then replicated in life – we see it as a positive step forwards. However, no-one wants to see disaster movies repeated in real-life, but it looks like LA may be on the verge of getting the ‘San Andreas’ treatment. Geologists from UC Santa Barbara have found helium leaking from the Newport-Inglewood fault in central Los Angeles increasing the potential damage of an earthquake on the mega city. This discovery comes after the US Geological Survey warned that the city is building up to a ‘big one’ in the next 30 years with chances of a magnitude 8 earthquake hitting the mega-city increasing from 4.7 to 7 per cent.
UC Santa Barbara geologist Jim Boles was reported by MailOnline saying: ‘The results are unexpected for the area, because the LA Basin is different from where most mantle helium anomalies occur. ‘The Newport-Inglewood fault appears to sit on a 30-million-year-old subduction zone, so it is surprising that it maintains a significant pathway through the crust.’ An earthquake registering 8 on the Richter scale will produce major damage to buildings, transport and energy infrastructure…not pretty stuff. All we need now is a more accurate way to predict these monsters. –Yahoo UK
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12 Responses to Los Angeles grows nervous about the ‘big one’ as helium found leaking from faultline

  1. ron89711234 says:

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    From:”The Extinction Protocol” Date:Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 10:16 AM Subject:[New post] Los Angeles grows nervous about the ‘big one’ as helium found leaking from faultline

    The Extinction Protocol posted: ” June 2015 – LOS ANGELES – When hi-tech movies are then replicated in life – we see it as a positive step forwards. However, no-one wants to see disaster movies repeated in real-life, but it looks like LA may be on the verge of getting the ‘San Andreas’ “


  2. kimber says:

    Awsome video directly relating these leaks to FRACKING..watch this by Dutchsince that reports latest EQ/exact locations and then reports of the methane leaks…we need to test all the EQ sites in Midwest for these leaks…before it is to late..It is coming, big Gov’t and the destroyer is hard at work..http://blackburnnews.com/sarnia/sarnia-news/2015/06/17/natural-gas-leak-under-investigation/

    God be with us all and we ask our Father for mercy….peace.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    After the recent supreme court ruling, don’t be surprised at anything. You just don’t thumb your noise at God and expect him just take it from one of his creations.

    Question: How would you react if one of your children (or creations) thumb his/her nose at you defying your authority? Something to ponder.


    • Trisha S. says:

      Dennis E. Right you are!!!


    • Katnea says:

      Dennis E. – I actually had to look up recent (2015) Supreme court rulings in order for me to assume that your thumbing our nose at God comment, is probably referencing the same-sex marriage ruling…eh? Hmmm, I guess I have a really difficult time accepting that a creator of the universe(s) would consider same sex marriage as a contemptuous gesture? And while I’m at it, while I tend to agree with most of your viewpoints posted on this website, I am going to have to disagree with ya on this one tho. For I truly cannot bring myself to believe that a loving God would look at two people who love each other as a so-called act of defiance? (Shrug) I also don’t believe that gay people intentionally seek out this type of lifestyle either. Yup, I do believe they are born gay. And as far as two adults (same-sex or not) making the decision to spend the rest of their lives together, then yes, why shouldn’t they be allowed to announce their love via marriage?

      As to your question: How would you react if one of your children (or creations) thumb his/her nose at you defying your authority? God is not human. Therefore it is impossible for me to answer your question.

      Btw- I too have something for you to ponder upon as well. ; )

      “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
      Then he is not omnipotent.
      Is he able, but not willing?
      Then he is malevolent.
      Is he both able and willing?
      Then whence cometh evil?
      Is he neither able nor willing?
      Then why call him God? – Epicurus, Greek Philosopher, 341- 270 BCE


      • Dennis E. says:

        Katnea: Dennis E. Here: I ponder the thought you provided from Epicurus, Greek Philosopher.
        if you consider that Lucifer, The Chief Angel of Worship was able to get 1/3 of The Angelic
        beings in heaven to revolt against God, then that proves that Angels have free will, can choose and that Lucifer (Satan) is very pervasive and we all know how pervasive words can be. But when God created man, he later created woman as a help mate but the point being that was the order God set.
        With the decision by the man and women to eat the forbidden fruit, being promised by Satan(Lucifer) that they would not die, sin and corruption came into a perfect world,
        Since then all men/women have been born into sin. Since then we all with the exception of two prophets, have died.
        I believe we have a choice. I believe it beings in the mind. The power of the mind and its ability,I cannot put in words. But, from the mind, thoughts and desires become reality. It can be argued that a specific stretch of X chromosomes called Xq28 holds a gene or genes that predispose a man to being gay. That would be science answer to that issue and an argument for the case of being born that way. I would like to see the chromosome research on those who murder, rape and so on.
        But the important point here is this. God is a freewill God. Every person has a choice.
        God will not force himself upon you. The reason why you and I and millions of others are not dead from willfully or unwillfully commenting sins is The Day of Grace we live in.
        God is patient and long suffering and wishes all to be saved. God will not violate your or mine free will. So, the Gay life style and marriage is opposite of what God has ordained.
        Look at the condition of this planet, God never ordained it to happen. He gave man the deed to this planet and man chose to follow a fallen angels advice and gave the deed to him.
        No need to be angry at God. God has not changed. What many miss, to include Christians is Grace and Mercy. Question, would you prefer God’s Law or his Grace and Mercy? Man can kill your body, that is all. God can kill your body and your soul.
        Your comment the Philosopher and I have heard that type of criticism from my own family
        in personal matters of their own.
        I do not judge a person where God has already judged or stated his position. if you are going to speak words that are judgmental, then they should line up with scriptures and not your personal opinion. I try to have a humble spirit.
        I know people in same sex relations. They may even say they love one another, but they are wrong according to scriptures, but, I do disrespect them or have social contact with them. In my profession, I speak with transgender people and they are convinced they are right. Supposed they are all wrong?

        Have a nice day


  4. Katnea says:

    Hmmm, I wish I knew how in the heck Geologists are alerted to helium leaks coming out of the ground in the first place? I mean if helium leaks are ‘unexpected’ in the LA Basin due to this area being ‘different’ from where most mantle helium anomalies occurs, then what tipped the Geologists off? Did everyone in that area start talking with really high-pitched cartoon voices or what? (heh) But all kidding aside, is this something that can be detected via Satellites?


  5. Rozee says:

    Hi Alvin and friends.
    In Long Beach California on Wednesday 15July manhole covers started blowing in downtown. This morning the crowds around the downtown Walmart started becoming unruly. My friend left because she was scared. Finally SCE arrived with free water, ice, flashlights, etc. Fortunately we are prepared to shelter in place.


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