Fear of volcano eruption in Ukhrul, as fire gushes from the ground

June 2015 MYANMARA continuous flow of smoke and ashes from a swamp at a place near Old Wahong village of Manipur’s Ukhrul district has left villagers fearing of natural calamity in the form of volcanic eruption any time, a daily reported Tuesday. Villagers said that smoke radius of about two feet along with ashes have been seen gushing out from the earth’s surface at Shitru area, since last two weeks. Shitru is located a place border Manipur, Nagaland and Myanmar.
Villagers and onlookers feared volcanic eruption at the area in a short time. However, with majority of the villagers preoccupied with cultivation of seasonal crops, and coupled with incessant rainfall, they are yet to inform State authorities about the mysterious phenomenon till date. Yet, they are clueless and at the same time quite apprehensive in case the smokes and ashes turn out to be a prelude to a volcanic eruption. It may be mentioned that in 2013, a mud volcano erupted at the neighboring village of New Tusom due to the shifting of tectonic plates of India and Myanmar. –Nagaland Post
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6 Responses to Fear of volcano eruption in Ukhrul, as fire gushes from the ground

  1. Yellow Bird says:

    here’s a few more details, from IndiaTV:
    “Local newspapers report that the incident has created fear among the villagers of Old Wahong as the crater shows gradual expansion and more holes are being developed.
    The villagers said they first sighted smoke emitting from the crater in the month of April this year. They ignored it at first thinking that it was coming from the burning pine roots in the forest.
    A village youth, Wisdom Vashum, sustained burn injuries after accidentally stepping into the hole, The Sangai Express reported.”
    the brief article also goes on to say that higher authorities have been notified to investigate.


  2. Yellow Bird says:

    a few more tidbits of info on this mystery:
    from e-Pao Asian News site
    “Standhope Vashum who had visited Shitru said that three holes at the radius of 1 feet are now clearly visible and the surrounding area at the circumference of around 60 feets has sunk due to continuous emission of ashes. He further said that water of the nearby ponds gives a peculiar sour taste, which is really a mystery to them.
    “Standhope Vashum said that the villagers first noticed smoke coming out from the swampy area in 2007 and again in 2012 smoke was seen although there was no hole.
    “However, after a gap of three years, continuous emission of smoke and ashes has left them apprehensive that a natural disaster might happen in the village.
    “According to scientific experts, continuous outpouring of ashes and smoke indicates high possibility of sudden volcanic eruption or lava ejection.” …
    “According to reliable sources, experts from neighbouring State Nagaland are likely to visit the site soon. Old Wahong villagers appealed to the State Government and all concerned to take up immediate steps to avert any natural disaster.
    On July 5, a team of Manipur University’s Earth Sciences Department led by Dr S Manichandra will visit the site. They will bring necessary equipment to study the matter.”

    apparently it really could be a new land-based volcano in the making…


  3. Yellow Bird says:

    a smidge of new info in today’s Deccan Herald India News Service:
    ““… We have got the report of the eruptions. This incident has created panic in the area. We have sent civil authorities and also security forces have been alerted. We are keeping a watch. Proper investigations would reveal if it is a volcanic eruption or not,” said Modak Hrisheekesh Arvind, the District Commissioner of Ukhrul district…”
    “… the villagers, who are mostly farmers engaged in Jhum (Shifting Cultivation) are reportedly moving to safer place. Every day hundreds of locals from other neighbouring area are hiking the hill to get a glimpse of the eruptions… ”

    hum. it’s become a tourist attraction allready.
    well, Manipur U. Earth Studies scientists are scheduled to arrive tomorrow… it will be more than interesting to read their verdicts, especially given this is a region allready known for catastrophic tectonic shift and their verdict on the 2013 mud volcano:

    hard to find imagery of the area, but wikimapia seems a fairly useful resource for anyone wanting to gain a visual perspective [surely i cant be the only reader so curious about this phenomenon ;]


  4. Yellow Bird says:

    i meant to add why i found the 2013 “nothing to see here folks y’all go home” type Expert Opinion from Manipur U. scientists a little hard to swallow…
    here’s a paleontologist explaining that older eruption in a way that makes better sense:
    “…The eruption apparently comprised a loud explosion, followed by boulders rolling down a hill, followed by a ‘lava-like’ substance which scorched plants and trees.” “…possible that the source of the eruption is a mud volcano, the result not of hot magma rising up from deep within the Earth, but of liquids or gasses being released suddenly from rocks into soft sediments, resulting in dramatic upwelling of mud and gas. A number of such mud volcanoes are known in northern Myanmar, associated with gasses which are released from oil fields there during (fairly frequent) earthquakes. Since the gasses released by these events are highly flammable, explosions and burning of vegetation are a possible side effect of such eruptions.”


  5. I’m aware that, across Indonesia, forrest/jungle fires occur seasonally, sparked by underground coal fires that have been burning for decades if not centuries. could this be a case of mistaken identity?


  6. Yellow Bird says:

    i tried to post several updates to this story on July 3 & 4, still waiting moderation…
    it’s a very interesting mystery

    the most recent update i found was this from July 8:
    official word is “gas fire” but locals remain very worried as they do not feel they have much reason to trust their government’s rather patronizing attitude and minimal ‘yall go home now, nothing to see here’ explanations.

    “… Northern Raphei Students’ Union (NRSU) President Agarso Horam said that a team of the students’ body independently surveyed the site on July 5 last and found one of the three main sink-holes still burning and emitting smokes though the heat of the other two appeared to have dwindled.
    Stating that a joint team of the State Disaster Management-Imphal, Ukhrul District Administration, District Police and other officials visited the site recently, he continued that the official team had collected samples of the burnt soil for testing but did not enlighten the locals about the bizarre occurrence.
    “The team had only told the locals that the blaze was due to gas and not dangerous,” Horam said “We appeal to our Government that it comes up with a definite ways to either put off the burning blaze or validate the claim that it is not dangerous so that the public worry could be eased immediately, ” he added.”


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