The Extinction Protocol: Signs of a changing planet

Earthchanges Chapter 1
Do you think earthchange events have been increasing in intensity or frequency? If so, tell us – we’d like to know.
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40 Responses to The Extinction Protocol: Signs of a changing planet

  1. omanuel says:

    Society is at a turning point and will probably chose on of two paths:

    Path # 1. Society will continue the post-WWII path to avoid the reality that humans live exactly 1 AU (one astronomical unit) from a pulsar that made our chemical elements, birthed the solar system five billion years (5 Ga) ago, sustained the origin and evolution of life on Earth after ~3.8 Ga ago, and maintains dominant control over every atom, life and planet in the solar system today [“Solar Energy,” Adv. Astron. (submitted 1 Sept 2104; published privately 17 Mar 2015)]:

    Society is now on path #1, a return path to the Dark Ages.

    Path # 2. Society will merge scientific and spiritual insights into a Higher Level of Evolution, as Nobel Laureate Max Planck explained the matter that orbits the Sun’s pulsar core in his 1944 speech in Florence, Italy:

    “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much: There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together . . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”


    • omanuel says:

      Society was led down Path # 1 after the end of WWII, trying to save the world from nuclear annihilation by forbidding public knowledge of NEUTRON REPULSION the source of energy that:

      _ a.) Destroyed Hiroshima from the cores of Uranium atoms, and

      _ b.) Made our elements, birthed the solar system and sustains our lives from the pulsar core of the Sun

      To move safely from Path# 1 to Path # 2 will require totally independent evaluations of Galen Winson’s damning report on the post-WWII “Nuclear Scare Scam.”

      I agree with several comments below that the Sun’s pulsar core may induce earthquake activity and also changes in Earth’s magnetic field.


  2. Michael Schoombie says:

    I do not think it would take a rocket scientist to realize that there has been a huge increase in volcanic activity in the last few years,I would expect this trend to continue.However we are seeing more and more extremes in weather pattens as well.

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    • Lulu says:

      I agree Michael 😉
      There is an interrelation between many earth elements (also involving elements beyond the Earth – solar etc.). I feel we are witnessing this interrelative behaviour playing out as a natural cycle of a planet (Earth) which has been around alot longer than ‘man’. Our understanding of these cycles is fairly primitive in relation to the Earth’s history. The substantial volcanic activity is a hint to all of the genres of ‘science’ that they need to blend their understandings to fathom the truth about our beautiful plant’s reality.


  3. Dorothea says:

    The earth is in birth pains; the events are getting more intense.

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  4. I think we will see every thing Revelations tells about.

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    • Daryl says:

      “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places.
      All these are the beginning of sorrows.”

      Matthew 24:7-8

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  5. Jaco says:

    With the polar caps melting it must be releasing an immense amount of pressure on the poles. Therefor the increased quakes with volcano’s getting more active. Time for change.

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  6. I am reminded that Earth is a powerful being herself, held together by the gravity of love. My heart tells me that she is holding us, waiting for us to wake up and stop the madness. What if she has to save herself from us? She could just shake us off violently and give herself a “Reset,” you know? Can we smarten up in time? She is ascending and forcing us to ascend as well, and in that evolution is Earth’s weather way of adjusting to our often thoughtless and mindless rape and assault of her resources and beauty and all the other beings that live in her biosphere. Is weather change the result of this evolution, or the changes effecting the entire solar system, or the imbalance of pollution and weather modification, or pollution, or spiritual bereftness polluting the collective consciousness? Earth is ascending and growing pains abound.


  7. George says:

    Earthchanges have been happening to the Earth since the very beginning, some days more, some days less. Right now we are in the “more happenings” and there is nothing that humans can do to change the outcome. We are not gods.


  8. III de Gloriae Olivae says:

    +++++YAmA+++++YHwH+++++ A cause du désordre mental des cerveaux déviés de vos dirigeants et des états profonds qui dirigent les pays à leurs places, notamment en instaurant un nazisme de classe social, vous avez déclenchés sur terre la mise en oeuvre des fléaux climatiques, vous précipitant si rien ne change, vers une sixième extinction.
    Vos formes pensées chaotiques sont captées par les Devas de la nature et traitées en conséquences par des actions adéquates…..L’instinct de préservation.

    +Bâtissez la Civilisation+

    Message de ceux d’en haut:
    Une Civilisation ne se mesure ni par ses écrits, ni par ses constructions, ni par sa domination. Elle se bâtit, elle éxiste et se manifeste par la seule sensibilité de toute un groupe d’âmes qui évoluent selon un même souffle.

    Sachez donc qu’il y a autant de civilisations dans l’Univers qu’il y a de types de consciences.
    Votre intelligence est une goutte d’eau dans l’océan de l’Intelligence…..

    Si vous percevez ou l’essence de ces paroles vous mène,
    c’est une voie d’accès à cet océan que vous ouvrez dans votre Coeur.

    Je citerai l’une de mes incarnation, Victor Hugo, ce prophète:

    Victor Hugo.
    William Shakespeare.

    Les Esprits et les masses I

    Depuis quatre-vingts ans, des choses mémorables ont été faites.
    Une démolition prodigieuse couvre le pavé.
    Ce qui est fait est peu à côté de ce qui reste à faire.

    Détruire est la besogne; édifier est l’œuvre.
    Le progrès démolit de la main gauche, c’est de la main droite qu’il bâtit.
    La main gauche du progrès se nomme la Force, la main droite se nomme l’Esprit.

    Il y a à cette heure beaucoup de bonne destruction de faite; toute la vieille civilisation encombrante est, grâce à nos pères, déblayée.

    C’est bien, c’est fini, c’est jeté bas, c’est à terre.
    Maintenant, debout tous, à l’œuvre, au travail, à la fatigue, au devoir, intelligences !

    il s’agit de construire.

    Ici trois questions :
    Construire quoi ?
    Construire où ?
    Construire comment ?

    Nous répondons :
    Construire la civilisation.
    La construire dans le progrès.
    La construire par la Lumière.

    +Dieu Vous Observe+


  9. Dennis E. says:

    I think earth changes are on the increase. You must look over the hype of speculation of soon or anytime a super volcano will/could explode. Also, from those who are promoting or have an agenda to promote global warming and write articles that are not completely true and may even photo shop(enhance) certain events such as beaching of sea creatures and such.

    That is not to say these reports are not totally accurate from the reporter, but sometimes people have the habit of adding tidbits here and there to spice up a story……..and to make people afraid and to make some rush out and purchase survival food.

    My point is that we are living in a time of change. It is how we look at this change. Some will blame
    human activity as the cause and they have a reason to believe that up to a point. Considering Biblical scriptures, what is occurring world wide validates what has been written to occur. Another
    point, is the earth is suffering from the effects of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden when sin entered the world.
    On the other side, some believe that the earth is a living entity and is revolting against the human infestation and abuse.

    I tried to put things in perspective. We have entered, it seems a time of chance on this planet.
    All of us need to prepare provisions. All of use need to be aware. All of us need to prepare to have our normal lives interrupted by not only earth chances, but the social unrest that is birthing and the coming economic disaster. I believe events are in motion to completely chance how we live.


  10. Rosemary P Macgregor says:

    I read by 200%.


  11. Andrew Tanas says:

    The question asked was, “Do you think earthchange events have been increasing in intensity or frequency?” Based on irrefutable scientific measurement, namely the dramatic increase in the percentage of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, the answer is yes. Climate change, frequency of volcanos, earthquakes, etc are the norm if measured since the arrival of humans on this planet.
    Happy trails!


    • niebo says:

      And how much CO2, sir, is in the atmosphere at this present moment? Do you know? Because I do . . . which is why I question the validity of blaming CO2 for “global warming”, er, “climate change”, er, “whatever sells”:

      That’s +/- 403 ppm . . . or 0.403 percent . . . less than 1 percent. And it fluctuates with calming regularity. YES the earth is changing; the weather is whacko (official term); oceans are warming (and acidifying); mass extinctions are underway; this fact is impossible to ignore, but, please, DENY THE LIE. Research elsewhere* and refuse to buy the “official” story, because someone is making a fortune by selling it to you, by mandating your compliance, and by taxing your “footprint”.

      *please peruse the comments and “chase” the links provided therein by Alvin:


      • Daniel says:

        I apply available information which any moderately mentally retarded person with the manual skills to use a computer could do, tabulate and interpolate gradually finding out as I go along planetary relationships versus quakes. An Astrologer might have trouble with CHANGING patterns but I simply notice it and revise some forecasts. My background is Industrial Chemisty and we have a mixture subject to energies. The Earth and all its contents in the planetary induction field of the electrically charged massively heavy planets. Now Thomas Townsend Brown was an observer of the way electrically charged mass behaves differently from non electrified mass, the field of gravitational interaction is multiplied maybe by a factor of “c”. Different polarities can change a pull into a push and indeed spacecraft and aircraft are made and being made using this effect. Patiotis Varotsos found the electrical potential that erupts like a geyser of energy at the epicentre of quake 24 hours before it happens. I have put a framework over the top allowing estimations of seismic events up to the year 3003. Your I.Q. won’t change a thing YOU HAVE TO OBSERVE FOR FIVE YEARS AT LEAST TO GET A WORKABLE DATABASE. Then you can predict a quake now and then to the tenth of a Richter point. Now my partial understanding links an electric field with piezoelectric rock and when the field is high the rock has to do knee bends and pressups. That is fine for interactions among Basaltic planets like Mercury Mars and the Earth. Land quakes. Ocean waters are an ionic medium having electrolytic halide presence and appear to collect their power from similar planets, Venus and Jupiter in particular so there is your force 8 seaquake. The Moon pulls mountains up and drops them back giving Australia a force 4 or Turkey a force 6 quake merely from tidal forces and Newtonian gravitational interaction. There are still unknowns. Sulphur is triboluminescent. What can trigger a quake in Italy can also make a gunpowder plant explode, Saturn. So the chemical nature of interacting planets enters the equation. Now an Astrologer gives up by associating planets and colours and magical stuffs. IF HE NOTES WHICH PLANETS AND WHICH ANGLES THE RESULTS TABLE INTERPOLATED OVER FUTURE RECURRENCES OF ANGLE TO PREDICT EVENT TYPE WILL HOLD. Astrology has an empirical base and it will likely unleash future secret weapons programs to unearth exactly what makes what.
        Now nature did not make atomic bombs explode underground. I see that as asking for more volcanic eruptions and we can stop exploding the bombs once a chain reaction has started up the Earth is apt to explode at some point.
        Recklessly mining iron ore is apt to disturb the magnetic balance of the planet and nobody has done the sums on that but the magnetic field of the Earth is weakening.
        If you take the pole piece off a horseshoe magnet it demagnetizes over time. Scientists are threatened with dismissal if they don’t obey orders and gagged with non-disclosure so called agreements. ” Shut up and let us blow the planet up we are making money”. There needs to be some law compelling truth being shared in spite of company interests. Science people need to be more in number and your choices to let things slide in this respect reflect your wish for food poisoning and illegal importation of nuclear weapons. People don’t like being told the truth but a Scientist could tell it IF HE DOESN’T MIND NOT PAYING RENT. This needs fixing. Cop it sweet to give up more tax dollars for independent bodies of Scientists to have a say, such as the CSIRO in Australia which keeps notching up the Science changes. You want to pay less tax, get food poisoned blown or whatever you won’t pay qualified men to prevent. This will need protests in the street and long term stirring and maybe special political parties.


  12. Todd Goins says:

    Over the past 3 years, both earthquakes and volcanoes have increased tremendously. In fact earthquakes where a Major one was something on the scale of 6.0 just a few years ago, is nothing these days happening almost weekly in several places. Now we are seeing 7’s and even a few 8’s at times in random places. And it appears all the volcanoes are re-awakening up. As a Believer in the Bible and not science, I’d say we are seeing the latter times come to life right before our eye’s.


  13. Noirfifre says:

    More intense heatwaves, increasing decrease in water supplies, more frequent earthquakes, less tropical storms but when it happens more intense, dieing plant species… this is based off my observation from a child and various talks with much older family members. I know it is not scientific but it matches with various reports from the Caribbean Basin.


  14. Dave says:

    I believe in association with earth changes there is a frequency shift. As we approach September this shift will be collectively noticed by many on a global scale. Most people say that the earth is just moaning and groaning and these events are “normal” and nothing to take seriously. I have to disagree. Earth changing events have been increasing over the years and will continue more frequently as we approach 2016. A reversal is underway I believe, the last reversal took place 790,000 years ago. Some believe we are overdue. With mysterious magnetic blasts, intense electro-magnetic interference, earth wobble, changing weather patterns, worldwide drought and deluge conditions, extreme cold and heat fluctuations, crop failures and food shortages, increase in major earthquakes and tectonic plate activity and shifting ground inducing havoc with humans and mans infrastructure, is just the beginning of what is to come. Collectively we can make a difference. But we’re not all on the same page.

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  15. Linda says:

    Yes, mother earth is changing, this is very clear. Geopolitical, economic, and many other changes are happening at the same time as physical changes. Ecological degradation has been ongoing, as the profit motive and control seems to trump a more highly developed consciousness and spirituality. It is the last dance. I believe its the perfect storm and the thunder and hard rain starting is experienced in some places right now (California, Greece) soon to be experienced in full chaotic fury in all places. But it is all part of renewal. New more harmonious conditions will arise for this galaxy and beyond, earth is but a small part, as the changes are necessary, as the death cult of humans, in what they eat, what they entertain themselves by, how they live, will be there, right in front of them to experience the choices they have collectively made. Transition is the name of the game now and its all part of a larger movement rebalance.


  16. The poles are shifting and a new ICE age has already started…


  17. yes,i believe we have abused mother earth to the point that retaliation is to be expected ,and is becoming more relevant on a daily basis.-it is quite possible that our carbon based infestation will come to an end to make way for the next would be well deserved.

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  18. Whyte says:

    A sign of change seeing mainstream media and leaders starting to acknowledge facts. To bad people still drive industry by consummation living beyond their needs, encouraging slavery for crap and ignoring how we allowed the corruption of society on all levels.


  19. Patty says:

    “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together . . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.” (through Omanuel)

    This is the ultimate truth of the physical world as we know it…if the vibrations of the original creation atom change one iota – one miniscule change – matter will burn up – then, because we have a loving God who loves his ignorant and corrupted human creature – the promise is a new heavens and a new earth that will be created for the eternal time of this WHOLE CREATION of this particular world, besides a resurrected body in the manner of Jesus’ Holy Body. How will humans process through this? The mystery of the TRUE GOD, THROUGH JESUS CHRIST is “entered into.” This is directly a mystical avenue. One cannot touch the very clear path of Total Loving Irradiant Light because any sin or darkness on the soul weighs down the spirit and muddies the soul’s sight so Who Exists in All cannot be seen and God’s Light cannot enter into defiled darkness.

    Yes the weather is really changing, the climate, the seas, and all very fast, but God hasn’t dimmed His Light, Enter into the True Gate with the True Sheperd and none of this should disturb you, but only be part of you existing in each moment.

    Personally, I still have a ways to go on my journey, but I know it exists!


    • Yellow Bird says:

      thank you Patty… i journey with you!


    • omanuel says:

      Thank you, Patty, for repeating the quote from Nobel Laureate Max Planck about the “conscious and intelligent Mind” that is the “matrix of all matter.”

      That and Einstein’s 1905 report that the rest mass of particles is stored energy (E = mc^2) convinced me that spirituality and the physical sciences are separate paths to the same reality, God, universe, truth.


  20. James Gillespie says:

    Dear Extinction Protocol, I definitely believe that earth changes have been accelerating. That is especially true of earthquakes and volcanoes. Animal die-offs are concerning also. Sincerely, James R. Gillespie


  21. Yellow Bird says:

    what everyone else said…

    and also, my own eyes and memory bear witness … i see the absence of birds and pollinators, and remember the trees being filled… i see the shrinking yield of my home garden, and remember a bounty… i see the tracks & trails, modern smallpox blankets, strewn across the sky, and remember both when there were none, and the stories of more literal smallpox blankets in another time… i see my dry, dusty, parched & wrinkled skin, and same of so many around me, and premature aging even of young people, and remember when it was only the elders who visibly carried the weight of years upon them… i see strange new things happening everywhere, and remember when day to day life remained a thing to count on, a time when Change was slow and occasional…
    i see trees dying
    i see rivers and lakes and carefully built reservoirs dying
    i see mountains dying in flames
    i see the oceans dying, and some of their inhabitants committing suicide
    i see the cities dying by degrees, all the while their populations are exploding
    i see perhaps the Sun and the Earth dying, or at least both are crying out in torment

    on the radio, it is now commonplace to hear newscasters & commentators utter the phrase
    “Scientists have said, we have entered The 6th Extinction…”
    they say it glibly as always… they should be weeping instead

    at church or at the supermarket or in the parks, i hear the subject never mentioned at all.
    no one wants to see. i don’t blame them. i don’t want to see either…

    and Alvin, now human life looks set to change in a whole new way, as never before
    as usual, official pronouncements are glib & expert opinion is smug:
    “April 12, 2015 – CHINA – Scientists around the world are anticipating the results of a Chinese study that would mark the first time DNA in a human embryo has been modified in a way that would carry into future generations.
    Although the embryos would be for study only, and not intended for implantation, the research would mark a significant milestone: the first time human DNA had been altered so substantially that it would change the “germ line” — the eggs or sperm of any child produced from the embryo.”

    “FOR STUDY ONLY”. As if that were even true, and somehow removes it from the realm of Lovecraftian horror. Dr Mengele did not die, his spirit has been laboring onward all this time. and Mary Shelley was a Prophetess.

    may GOD have mercy on humankind for our arrogance and wretched, evil abuses done in the name of almighty Science. and may our Great Creator put a STOP to what is being done once and for all, lest we succeed in Un-Creating HIS very Creation.

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  22. philippe says:

    Hey I french and sorry for weak in english – but nevertheless I would like to share whit you few ideas – so please use the google translator like I use sometime. thank you

    une augmentation des phénomènes sur la Terre ? mais avec quel recul ? depuis 20,
    50 ans ? qu’est ce que cela représente à l’échelle de l’âge de la Terre ? rien,
    pas le demi cent millième d’une fraction de poussière.
    Connaissons nous tous les changements qui ont eu lieu depuis que la Terre existe
    ? non , nous n’en savons rien ou quasiment rien.
    Mais la question qui saute aux yeux est : pourquoi autant de personnes,
    attendent, voir espèrent, s’excitent, quand à un événement catastrophique ?
    Selon moi la réponse serait que depuis l’après 1ére guerre mondiale, la société
    de consommation et les lobbyings nous (adultes et enfants !) matraquent sans cesse pour nous conduire à croire que la vraie vie c’est la facilité.
    Nous en arrivons à ne plus savoir, rien faire, rien penser, rien créer, nos
    mains (outil magnifique) ne servent qu’à acheter.
    Que vous enseignaient vos grands parents ou arrières grands parents ?
    Que la vie se gagne par le travail, la pénibilité, se donner du mal pour arriver
    à un résultat.
    Ils n’avaient pas ce nous appelons faussement, notre confort de vie, mais dans
    la modestie et l’humilité ils possédaient de la noblesse, de la dignité et de
    Face à cette lascivité, savamment et insidieusement inculquée et finalement
    acquise, s’ébranle notre besoin humain d’exister. C’est normal en tant qu’humain
    nous avons un besoin fondamental de nous réaliser.
    Alors au lieu de fantasmer en tant que spectateur, devenons acteur de nos vies, et prenons nous en main, pour créer, imaginer, chanter, cultiver, la vie c’est la production de quelque chose qui doit être personnel à chacun.
    S’il devait y avoir avoir un chaos , se serait l’arrêt de la consommation, là se serait véritablement la fin de tout. Si des CME doivent endommager les transmissions télévisées, je m’en réjouis, et souhaiterais que cela les détruisent définitivement.
    Je vous aime dans la capacité qu’un être humain à de penser par lui même.


    • Daniel1 says:

      —-I have not found a translator that works.- Original Message —– From: The Extinction Protocol To: Sent: Monday, November 23, 2015 12:50 PM Subject: [New comment] The Extinction Protocol: Signs of a changing planet

      philippe commented: “Hey I french and sorry for weak in english – but nevertheless I would like to share whit you few ideas – so please use the google translator like I use sometime. thank you une augmentation des phénomènes sur la Terre ? mais avec quel recul ? depuis 2”


  23. says:



    • Daniel says:

      There are three things people have done to cause trouble that are not hard to pick. During the 2nd World War whole cities were burnt down plus ships burnt at sea which was noted in the South Polar Icecap then since the 2nd World War a lot of nuclear weapons have been tested underground which is not the good idea as it contains radioactive basalt that fuels volcanoes so this is like pouring on petrol and giving it a nice strong draught, and a slow chain reaction is a slow chain reaction and volcanoes appear to be increasing in activity exponentially, however people appear to think they can get away with anything on a massive scale. One more thing nobody has worked out but my training in Industrial Chemistry has me looking for mass and energy balances, the magnetic field of the Earth is weakening and that can make Earth like Mars. Now what have we done to tip that balance the wrong way? WE HAVE MINED IRON. So maybe what we ought to do is take all the iron we have mined or a large part of it and replace it where it was mined from. The effects of surface deposits of iron in terms of the overall planetary magnetic field can be worked out. Cosmic rays can tear the atmosphere and oceans from the Earth. Nobody appears to have done their sums but Australia has been supplying a lot of iron to China. Brazil sells iron. With magnets a piece of iron known as a keeper goes across a horseshoe to stop the magnets becoming demagnetized. It may be that removing the iron ore has effectively taken the keeper from the magnetic system of the Earth and it is demagnetizing which ultimately can mean nothing to breathe and nothing to drink. Time to work out how much iron has been mined and calculate how much magnetic field strength it was causing the Earth to retain. We may have done it three ways, a Greenhouse Effect so we stop burning fossil fuels belatedly correcting the fuel overload from the 2nd World War, now what can we do about the planet going to explode? This one looks harder we could be using Mole Machines to drill holes deep into the crust to push in moderator rods with diameters of a mile, toss up on evacuation anyway. Stripping the iron away and allowing cosmic rays to do their work as on Mars likewise is going to raise a protest. I suppose the rich can build pressurized bunkers to live in. The poor can suffocate. A mass evacuation of the Earth was going to be necessary due to solar expansion in one billion years time maybe the notice has been taken away from us. Anyway if it would be possible stop pumping carbon into the sky, quench the nuclear chain reaction that is slowly gaining momentum, and plan to rebalance the magnetic field of the Earth. Maybe it will be enough to bury scrap iron in mining areas and let rust do its work. We might have to resynthesize haematite. From now on very small demands on the environment. I think we got the wrong command system, Scientists should tell Politicians what to do and not do. Scientists have got to be upgraded into some kind of ethical Priesthood dedicated to absolute truth and responsible action not bought and sold like prostitutes for cheap wages bound by non disclosure agreements slaves below the respect level of livestock. This abuse of knowledge is guaranteed to cause stupid things to be done.


  24. Old Guy says:

    Yes indeed the weird weather and clatyclismic events are on the increase in both frequency & magnitude. And its not caused by mans activities. For every action there is a equal & opposite reaction. So for every so called bad end result of mans activities there will be a equal number of so called good rend results. All that is happening is a shift in the earths magnetic field. The magnetic poles are shifting. and they do so on a interval of about 3600years. It would be happening even if man had never walked the planet. Its not god punishing sinners. its not the mother earth shedding parasites. Its simply a magnetic pole shift. Its not a shifting of the earths axis. and it wont be a complete reversal of the poles. Man didnt cause it and man cant mitigate it. You cannot take something and turn it into nothing. You cannot take nothing & turn it into something. likely 90% will die before its complete.


  25. susan says:

    i have lived in alaska for 45 years. many year ago, you would always expect to go through weeks of 20 -30 below weather. its been many years since i’ve seen -30 or even -20 degrees. in fact. the most we have seen is -10 before and that only last a couple of days. 10 – 20 years ago, the warmest summer month was july. now it is May. we use to go out blueberry picking in August, now we have to pick the berries in July. the other day we had an earthquake. its pretty unusual to have a quake in the summer. they mostly hit in spring or winter when the ground is either freezing or thawing. i watch the usga for earthquakes around the world, and the frequency does appear more and larger ones.


    • Daniel says:

      Nuclear testing underground has likely started a chain reaction. It is spreading slowly and can blow the planet into pieces. The Russians had a tast of slow chain reactions with radioactive waste gradually going critical. I don’t see anybody drilling huge holes in the Earth to put reactor control rods weighing more than 50 million tons down to slow it down. Maybe pretend it isn’t there and deny responsibility. Nuclear reactions underground drive the heating within the Earth that makes volcanoes erupt and if more or them are erupting more often in more places we can suspect a progressive nuclear chain reaction and we might try to slow it down with some kind of moderator say all the water in the oceans, or just build spaceships much more quickly and get another planet. Well there is another choice. Die. Have a look at and maybe get interested in interstellar travel for real and urgent.


  26. Wethaman12 says:

    I definitely think that earth change events are increasing dramatically. However, that doesn’t really mean anything because, everything including the earth goes through changes and faises, just like teens going through a pubessant growth spurt and the earth going through an ice age. The earth will change but it won’t end just because it changes. Teens don’t die because they go through puberty.


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