World may see a bigger number of large quakes, says Singapore professor

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June 2015GEOLOGYNature’s wrath struck in 2004, when a tsunami hit the coasts of several countries around the Indian Ocean. This marked the beginning of what geologists call an “active cycle”, where the Earth experiences greater seismic activity. Professor Kerry Sieh, director at the Earth Observatory of Singapore said: “The Earth goes through cycles of seismic energy release, and less release and more release. We have definitely been in the active cycle in the last 11 years since 2004. All the magnitude-8.4 earthquakes and bigger, up to 9.2, they all happened in the last 11 years. Several of those have been in Asia.”
The previous active cycle was in the 1950s to mid-1960s, which saw several earthquakes with a magnitude of a high 8 and above 9. But for the next 40 years, there were no records of a quake with a magnitude above 8.3, until 2004. Since then, a string of devastating earthquakes has caused much destruction, like in Sumatra in 2005 and Fukushima, Japan, in 2011. “We don’t know whether we are at the end of the cycle or not,” said Professor Sieh. “My hunch is we will continue to see a larger number of large earthquakes. But that’s only a hunch because we don’t really have a way of telling whether we are at the end of the cycle or not.”
In response to the recent Sabah quake, Professor Sieh supported the call by Malaysia’s Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin to relook safety protocols for climbers on Mount Kinabalu and also offered his team’s expertise. He said the incident came as a “big shock” to the country. “This changes everything, because previously we’ve never had an earthquake with an epicenter so close to the mountain. I believe we will ensure that future climbers will be safe when the new protocols are in place. Meteorologists and geologists will have to assess the impact of seismic movements in Sabah as part of efforts to relook safety aspects, the minister added. Asked about the idea of restricting Mount Kinabalu climbers to 15 and above, Khairy said: “Before we come to a conclusion about limiting the age of climbers, we have to understand what’s taken place and seismic threats that confront us.”
“Once that’s done and once we have the comprehensive review of the situation, then we are able to put in new security protocols which may or may not include an age limit to climbers in future.” Eighteen people were killed in the 5.9-magnitude earthquake early last Friday (June 5), among them mountain climbers and guides who were trapped on Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia’s tallest mountain and a tourist attraction. Of the 18, six are from Malaysia, nine from Singapore (mostly students), one from the Philippines, one from China and one from Japan.  –Rakyat Post
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5 Responses to World may see a bigger number of large quakes, says Singapore professor

  1. If this scientist mentioned a specific reason why so many Earthquakes were rattling big around the world and then said for this reason large earthquakes would continue or increase then I would determine that he really had something to say but this sounds like he is just riding the wave.. Kind of like saying that the sun has been rising above the horizon for the last million years or so and I think this trend just might continue! Personally I think the core of the Earth is heating and expanding but why? I have read stories of cosmic rays penetrating deep into the Earth and the spin of the core slowing down..we will just have to wait and see. There have been predictions of Mt. Fuji eventually having a huge explosion but regardless we just don’t know. What we need to do is live for God. Can we appreciate what Jesus did for us? Can we thank God for many great gifts he has given us [ including our being created ]? Can we treat each other with compassion and empathy instead of using each other for selfish gain? If we do not then we tend to become part of the problem instead of being a part of the solution.


    • Northwestjeff says:



    • Yellow Bird says:

      Jss, i agree! regardless- or perhaps especially because of- our times, Compassion for one another and Love for our Maker are truly our grand commission.
      Self absorption (= Greed) always been the root of all humankind’s problems

      regarding your observation about earth’s core heating and expanding, i am reminded of an old country gal i met in passing some years ago, she was “uneducated” by the modern definition, yet possessed a depth of wisdom and insight remarkable by any standards…
      her feeling was
      “it’s all thet OIL thar pumpin out, our ole planet gone be like a big ole motor one o these day, with no more oil ta keep it a’movin… looks ta me we’ll jus burn right up”

      ive always thought she may be exactly right.


  2. Robert says:

    The cause is either global warming, or it’s George Bush’s fault (no pun intended~!)


  3. The Universe is an always a changing scenario of shrinkage expansion and explosion, then continues all over again. Those that orbit collide, those that grow old explode, and grains of sand join to form new massive worlds. Man has still much to know about the works of the Creator. Our Earth is simply taking its turn at whatever is in store for us, But if I were in on the decision making, and brought to the table the terrible things man has wrought upon this planet and its creatures, I would vote to accelerate whatever is our turn to behold.


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